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221 Uchiha Obito

Obito no joke should be in the top 15-top20

Yah he should be top 20

He should be in the top ten

Top 15 or 20

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222 Cosmos

From xenosaga the animation she can destroy almost all enemy force space ships or monster

223 Nova
224 Choushin
225 Schiffer Ulquiorra

He's quick, deadly and doesn't care about what he's going to do to you or what's going to happen to him, he has no emotions and that triggers his fearless attacks. Lanza De Lerampago is probably equivelant to a Nuke! And he can fire as many as he likes, not to mention, extremely fast self healing. Underrated, should be in the top 10

Well to be honest I vote for whoever I like

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226 Hades

Really? He's a universal level character (Surplice)...

He is pretty much a god, nobody of the god main saints could've defeated him without the help of Athena. He created the whole Hell, in fact when he got beaten by the 5 god saints and Athena the world he created disappeared.
It's stated to be the strongest god between them all in the saint seiya universe. His strenght is bigger than the ultimate attack "Athena Exclamation", and as we all know that attack is considered as strong as the Big Bang explosion that created the universe. Hades wins this.

227 Yujiro Hanma (Baki the Grappler)

I can't believe no one has put him on the list, he has never been seen injured.

Strongest man in the world beside whitebeard.

228 Clow Reed

Supreme Power, Reality Warping, Time Distortion, Omnipotent Wishes, Dimensional Collapse and Creation, Instantaneous Warping, Infinite Energy, Can Only Die by a Wish from himself

229 BlackStar BlackStar

This boy is so wired and crazy I don't really know what to say about him other than how he is funny and really strong and most of the time stupid. No affiance Black Star. LOL

He's like... a better version of Naruto. And isn't super emo about the loss of his clan like Sasuke.

Black star is awesome he is the last asain in his clan

230 Yoshikage Kira

Yoshikage Kira, a man who just wants a normal life. His stand Killer Queen allows him to explode anyone who finds out about his secret. Killer Queen has three different attacks. Killer Queen's primary ability can turn any object into a bomb that will explode on touch. Killer Queen's second ability is a heat seeking bomb called Sheer Heart Attack. Sheer Heart Attack cannot be destroyed, and will actively pursue any heat sources unless recalled by Kira. After being stabbed by the stand arrow a second time, Killer Queen gains a third ability, Bite the Dust. If Kira tells anyone his secret, he can plant Bites the Dust on that person. If that person reveals the secret to someone else (intentionally or not), Bites the Dust will activate and the other person will explode. When that person dies, time goes back several hours, but only the carrier of Bites the Dust will remember what happened.

231 Tatsuya Shiba

Mastery of combat magic? Check. Seeing attacks before they are activated? Check. Regenerative properties? Check. 10800 degree flips? HELL YES.

232 Reborn - KHR
233 Indra

"So Strong capable to be anyone in this list! - Nathanielf

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234 Ashura

Brother of Indra and stubborn like Naruto and son of Hagomono is also strong - Nathanielf

235 Hao Asakura

Godlike antagonist in shaman king, omnipotent and omnicient. So powerful that writers of the manga went on a hiatus to think of how to kill him and ended the series by making him the shaman king and kill everybody else. However, hao regretted his actions and revived all of them including the main characters and turned good.

236 Luckyman

He should be the strongest as he can make anyone in this list die of a heart attack cause his luck is so good

No the only perso that can defeat him is hisan because he can't die

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237 Darkseid Darkseid

Worshipped as the "God of Evil", Darkseid is the supreme monarch of planet Apokolips. Considered one of Superman's greatest adversaries and the greatest threat to the DC Universe, he seeks to control all living things with the Anti-Life Equation.

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238 Doomsday Doomsday Doomsday is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, usually depicted as an adversary of Superman.

Dooms day doom name naw


239 Dormammu Dormammu
240 Hiei

Hiei should be in the top 25 the dragon of the darkness flame is one of the strongest attacks there is.

He is incredibly fast, he moves at the speed of light

There are characters on this list that can teleport. Instantaneous is faster than light.

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