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261 Shaft
262 Teresa
263 Pain (Yahiko)

Very strong and epic!

I didn't boots for him for strength, only for the fact that I love the Akatsuki. And Pain is Nagato, not Yahiko

Pain almost killed naruto

He is a water style genius,He should be in the top 100

264 Yamcha Yamcha Yamcha (ヤムチャ, Yamucha) is a Bandit and a main protagonist in the Dragon Ball manga and in the anime Dragon Ball, and later a supporting protagonist in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, with a few appearances in Dragon Ball GT. He has black hair and has a scar across his eye and cheek.

Hell no he's so weak even a fly could beat him

Yamcha seriously ugh ok he's strong but he can't turn into ssj

Strongest person in existence

Laugh out loud hell nah! Lmao!

265 Marshall D. Teach

For me black beard is the strongest of all anime because he can manipulate the gravity. he can create a black hole on the ground that can absorb everything. he can absorb someone's attack. he can also nullify other powers.
Black beard is so great because he just control his powers in just 2 years unlike others they learn their power after how many years. he did not need help in using powers and trained him.

He's power is to manipulate the gravity for me he is the strongest of all the characters in the history of anime. he can nullify someones powers and absord it. when he fights goku, goku will die using his black hole.

266 Lelouch Vi Britannia Lelouch Vi Britannia

Light yagami is way higher than Lelouch on this list, and honestly I must question why... Lelouch' power is higher than Light's power. Firstly, light can lose his death note. Lelouch yields his power in the form of geass- it cannot be taken from him. Secondly, light needs a name and a face, not to mention he needs a writing device and he needs some time to write down a name. All Lelouch needs is eye contact and less than a second to say "kill yourself." And now, not comparing to light- but to the "most powerful" on this list which is Goku. Come on, Goku is awesome but all Lelouch has to do is look at him and say "be my slave". And then basically not only does he own geass but he also has an OP slave that will kill everyone else for him.

However, there's always an exception. No matter how OP Goku, Luffy or ichigo or Lelouch is, there's always a counter out there. We already know this, but if nunally could walk or wield a knife, Lelouch would be dead. All it takes is a blind man ...more

Lelouch Vi Britannia should be the strongest Anime Character he can control anyone with the power of his geass Absolute Obedience and you cannot outsmart him

He has the power of absolute obedience and he can command all characters above to die just by looking at their eyes and speak.

This boy can control your mind he is also amazingly strong and cute but he needs to be in the top ten

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267 Accelerator Accelerator

You can kamehameha him and it wont do anything you can use planet shredding stacks and it wont hurt him do I even need to explain, I mean every attack you use will come back to you and you can't block his attacks its simply pointless to fight unless you have prepared yourself to kill him like the academy city scientists who created weapon specifically to counter him, and this is supposing you know his abilities so you won't punch him and get you body into pieces before you even realize the mistake you did

Weird, accelerator should be higher than this... Naruto, goku, ichigo, their all use vector based attack to damage their opponent. accelerator simply stand in "stand by mode", and he will deflect anything. oh yeah, did I mention he can use magic too? Should be top 5 considering he can deflect all top 5 characters attack... and check out the lv6 version of him, simply majestic

Accelerator is the best. He can just sleep through a fight and not get a scratch, all the while injuring his opponents without moving (assuming they would be brave enough to attack him) all he needs is to gain control of vectors and you're screwed the second he comes in contact with you

Man this is complete trash compared to Demonbane. This entire list can take it on and instantly lose.

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268 Robin - Teen Titans Robin - Teen Titans

This guy is weak he's so serious of all missions he said "titans go"every time there's a trouble and not an anime character he's weaker than chichi/wife of goku

This Guy should not be on the list at all

Not an anime character!

This is an anime... - catlinelizabethlaufeyson

269 Chi-Chi (Dragon Ball) Chi-Chi (Dragon Ball)

He is Goku's wife and the only one who can destroy Goku... Goku is afraid of her!

A super Saiyan 3 is terrified of his own wife. - HeavyDonkeyKong

What why wendy from fairy tail is lower than her

ChiChi is a BEAST. Nobody can beat her. Nobody. No one in all 12 universes can beat her. Goku is scared of her. She is the strongest person EVER.

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270 Uchiha Obito

Obito no joke should be in the top 15-top20

Yah he should be top 20

He should be in the top ten

Top 15 or 20

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271 Cosmos

From xenosaga the animation she can destroy almost all enemy force space ships or monster

272 Nova
273 Choushin
274 Clow Reed

Supreme Power, Reality Warping, Time Distortion, Omnipotent Wishes, Dimensional Collapse and Creation, Instantaneous Warping, Infinite Energy, Can Only Die by a Wish from himself

275 BlackStar BlackStar

This boy is so wired and crazy I don't really know what to say about him other than how he is funny and really strong and most of the time stupid. No affiance Black Star. LOL

He's like... a better version of Naruto. And isn't super emo about the loss of his clan like Sasuke.

Black star is awesome he is the last asain in his clan

276 Tatsuya Shiba

Mastery of combat magic? Check. Seeing attacks before they are activated? Check. Regenerative properties? Check. 10800 degree flips? HELL YES.

277 Reborn - KHR
278 Nami Nami Nami is a fictional character in the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda. She is based on Ann and Silk, two characters from Oda's previous manga Romance Dawn.

Nami would kill chi chi

Her powers is to manipulate and to control the climate. when she fights goku, goku will die because of the climate change.

279 Indra

"So Strong capable to be anyone in this list! - Nathanielf

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280 Ashura

Brother of Indra and stubborn like Naruto and son of Hagomono is also strong - Nathanielf

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