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Vegeta is an anime fictional character from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, created by Akira Toriyama.


Vegeta should be #2. If Goku can take out Naruto, so can Vegeta seeing as they're pretty much on par power wise.

Why is Vegeta behind Naruto,he is only slightly weaker than Goku. During the Saiyan saga, he had enough power to Easily destroy planets. This is demonstrated when he effortlessly destroyed Planet Arlia with a power level of 18,000 (Although power levels are meaningless) Since then he has gotten thousands of times stronger, capable of performing superman like feats with ease. (Superman would beat him in a fight though) He is even able to hold his own against (but not defeat) GODS! Sure my opinion here is pretty biased towards Dragon Ball Z, but I don't think Naruto (Who is ridiculously powerful, with his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode and all) would be able to hold a candle to Vegeta.

To be honest I don't know why naruto is in front of vegeta and when you say they didn't work BS AS FK. They worked to the point that they pushed themselves to the limit and when you look at saitama who also worked and is ahead of Naruto in fact naruto is only so popular that people lie on how they vote for strongest and goku trained as well. He was weaker than a human baby but learned from grandpa gohan and became bullet proof as a teen and as he grew older, he became stronger while still working. Screw you and your BS by saying goku doesn't work and vegeta almost destroyed his body via gravity chamber intensity to get stronger while naruto only took breaks if it got too intense and didn't try as hard. He doesn't even have ambition to train as he feels like Kurama will help him. Naruto doesn't decide to go farther while he knows he can and vegeta had ambition that placed him ahead and same with one punch man who wanted to be strong enough to be a hero and he did. Thus why naruto ...more

Why are you all thinking so much? Man vegeta is a saiyan and Naruto could never defeat vegeta. So vote for vegeta instead of Naruto

What's this? Yamcha on his own could take down all other anime characters with his pinkie. Common sense, all DBZ characters should be first AND THEN others.

Vegeta can kick Naruto's butt. Why is he above the prince?

Well, dragon ball z characters should be top in list.. , With their powers, they would crush anyone.. , no offense but true.. , I am a one piece and Naruto fan but I'm just saying the truth.. ,

Vegeta is one of the strongest anime characters because with an adrenaline he surpassed the God of destruction then became a God himself

I think vegeta should be number 2... honestly he's fought strong opponents side by side with goku and prevailed in every battle with him

Vegeta can become MORE than a god. He can increase his lower past that of a god. He could destroy countless worlds. Frieza, in his base form blew up planet Vegeta. He transforms into a huge version of himself. Then, he transforms and becomes stronger. This happens again. In that state he's defeated by a super Saiyan. There's super Saiyan 2, 3 and God that are all weaker than ssgssj. Goku is defeated while in a ssgssj form, which means Golden Frieza, which is the form above the one that's defeated by ssj Goku, is stronger than ssj2,3 and God. Frieza destroyed a planet in his base form. Vegeta could one-hit a world destroyer and not even put in effort as a ssgssj. If you think it through, this means Vegeta, in ssgssj form could destroy a planet with ease. How can Naruto fight with that?

He's right behind Goku. Quit lying to yourselves.

Vegeta and Goku should be the top 2. There is no character who can be a competition for them

This is stupid don't compare a country buster to a planet buster like vegeta why is Naruto 2 on the list? Well he is because the anime is very overrated with an idiot fanbase And bills is even below vegeta Naruto and Goku?! Now that's just insanely stupid. Note if Goku gets any stronger than bills than it will be ok but below Naruto and vegeta LOLZ for right now whis and bills screw everyone on this list even though there's still more characters in anime that can wreck all of these guys.

"Idiot Fan base? " You really know how to talk trash. The Two Anime were based on an entirely different ideology. So, comparing NARUTO and GOKU is a stupid thing to do. - chukwjus000

Vegeta is amazingly stronger than Naruto, Naruto is strong I'll give him that but putting him above Vegeta is a bit ridiculous Vegeta at the beginning of DBZ could destroy entire planets and now he's become a god right now him and Goku are neck and neck for the strongest. Right under Whis than Beerus.

Vegeta can take down Naruto and Goku at anytime if only he could drop his pride and learn new things from others just like Goku

He's a powerful guy he has often surpass Goku as he has beaten golden Frieza which was not possible for Goku in that time.

Vegeta would wreck Naruto easily Naruto is a fly compared 2 vegeta and Goku

This is embarrassing for Naruto, who is most likely to eat the dirt under Vegeta's royal boots.

By sheer determination and a badass genius wife. Vegeta gets my vote.

Vegeta is way more powerful than Naruto in everything. He is faster, stronger and smarter there is no way Naruto would beat him

50% of all dbz characters should be after Goku. Vegeta is the only other to compete with Goku. It is only right to put vegeta second.

This is weird. Vegeta is on Goku's level but he's #3? Y'all crazy. He should be #2

Vegeta should be on second place... why? Because Vegeta is The Prince of All Saiyan And Naruto is just a stupid human ninja... Vegeta is A god And Naruto is just a stupid nine tailed monster... Vegeta can transform into multiple transformations that greatly increases his base power each time he changes And Naruto just turns into a ugly beast when he transform... And Vegeta damaged a god of destruction in His SSJ 2 form,Can Naruto do that? NO!

Vegeta is weaker than Naruto? Like the Hell!?!? Vegeta is barely even weaker than Goku, there are sometimes he even surpassed him!

Naruto is no match to vegeta's super powerful moves and speed in super saiyan god super saiyan mode.