Top Ten Strongest Armors of Erza Scarlet

The Top Ten

Nakagami Armor

And they say Natsu could beat her without Dragon Force. If she whips out this thing, he's so screwed it's not even funny.

I think Natsu would win but not without the dragon force what are people saying but yes natsu would win WITH the dragon force

She can shred anyone with one blast

Oh yeah, Natsu wouldn't stand a chance

Armadura Fairy Armor

She says that this is her strongest armor because it is her "Fairy Tail" armor, and I think I'm gonna believe her. I don't want her to hurt me lol

She even admits that this is her most powerful armour

If she says that it is doesn't that mean it is? This is confusing, she said it's her strongest but you are putting it on number 2... Doesn't make sense

She said it is her strongest

Purgatory Armor
Plot Armor

No offense, but this IS her strongest armor. She and Natsu possess the two strongest plot armors in the entire series.

Even though it's not physical armor, it is very true. Should be number one.

Sadly, this is very true.

Definitely her strongest armor. The powers of this armor include following: With every bone broken except your one Hand, pushing yourself from the ground into the sky, destroying a big fat meteor with that hand and casually in the same jump killing a 400 year old half dragon that is able to wipe out the whole guild.

Morning Star Armor
Japanese Cloth

She always kicks someones butt with this armor. It should definitely be higher on the list.

Best offense armour 100 percent in attack

She always destroys someone in this

One of my favourite of Erza's armour.

Heaven's Wheel Armor

Remember when this used to be her strongest armor shown?

Really good

Lightning Empress Armor
Fire Empress Armor

This armor is so pretty !

Black Wing Armor

She kicks but with this armour at least once a season

This is my second favorite armor

The Contenders

Wingblade Armor

This is pretty cool armor

Just amazing I think top 5

This should be her 3rd strongest

Adamantine Armor

She blocked the Jupiter-Cannon with this armor.

Blocked a whole freaking Jupiter canon shot


Seduction Armor


Uuhh this should be 1st

Robe of YĆ«en
Wind God Armor
Giant Armor
Heart Kreuz Armor

I love this armor 'cause, she looks normal and less exposed the rest are really exposing, also this kind of suits her. She looks more beautiful in this form, and calm. I really like this armor; next is Japanese Cloth, Robe of Yuen, Black wing, Flame Empress, Nakagami, Heaven's Wheel, and Morning Star or Lightning Empress Armor.

Sea Empress Armor

She beat Juvia with this

Piercing Armor
Wedding Dress

This is a regular outfit, not an armor. That's why Coordinator wasn't able to dispel it.

It still counts as armor, technically. Sho commented that Erza's Clear Heart armor was regular clothes, but Erza still kicked Ikaruga's ass using it. So if that counts as armor, why not her dress?

Flight Armor
Nurse Armor
Rabbit Armor
Sexy Lucy Armor
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