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1 Alien X

Alien x can do anything. He can fix every thing. His power is unbelievable. He is the strongest of al

Ben is afraid that alien x may be too powerful to control. And only uses in dire situations

alien x has extreme power which allows hin to destroy any thing in his way, but because of this immense strenght he freezes for a long time

Alien X is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of a Celestialsapien from the Forge of Creation. Celestialsapiens are infinitely powerful, capable of controlling both reality and space/time to their will. Their reality warping is so powerful, that their mere thoughts become reality. However, a Celestialsapien cannot do anything unless at least 2 out of 3 or all of its personalities agree on it. They have spent eons debating before using any of their powers (Alien X was so backlogged by debates that it was still undecided on whether it should save the dinosaurs from extinction).
Ben acknowledges Alien X as his strongest and most powerful alien; however, he cannot afford the cost that comes with becoming the alien.

2 Ultimate Way Big

Ultimate way big is the most powerful of all because he has the ability to fly and is three times bigger than the old form and can shoot from his arm instead of crossing it

He is big enough to throw waybig

ultimate waybig defeat any alien even ultimate humungsaur

Ultimate way big is basically tripled the size of way big and all the abilities are better.

3 Ultimate Ben

This is so damn stupid ultimate ben the power of alien X and every other alien! So how are way big, ultimate way big, and alien X better than ultimate ben!? Ultimate ben is the best! People can go on and on but this guy is gonna come out on top. For the last time, ultimate ben is the best

He is every alien! He should be number 1!

He should be on top those are all is aliens at the top he can even be better than them

Ultimate Ben is him turning into an alien but him just looking the same so alien X is the most powerful

4 Ultimate Humungousaur

At the peak of his power he will beat the thing, hulk, and even the juggernaut.

No he can't are raving mad hulk is strong like thor and thor in old days was invincible

He is very strong. He can turn his arms into firing missiles. He is the best

He is the best he can even defeat way big he should be the third

One ultimate humunasour was able to take on hundreds if not thousands of Regular humunasours

5 Atomix

Its true that Alien X is the most powerful, but what's the point if you can't even use that power? Atomix defeated Ultimate Albedo, even when he used 2 Ultimate Aliens! Now who can beat that?

Atomix is explicitly noted by Derick J. Wyatt to be Ben's second most powerful form after the omnipotent Alien X. The surface of his power hasn't even been scratched, and considering that he has the power to make tiny, stable green stars with minimal effort, that's saying something.


Atomix is stronger but not stronger from alien x but when are united they can destroy anything atomix need to be on 2nd place because he is the only alien that can fight with alien x and the fight will tie

6 Waybig

Way big threw vilgax into space and toppled a giant vilgax

way big can cause an earth quake just by punching.

way big is the biggest alien

he is the biggest alien that use in strong aliens like huge vilgax

7 Diamondhead

Diamond head is the best cause he can do anything with his crystal body including regeneration which makes him pretty much unkillable

Diamondhead is made of hard crystals and can morph his arms into effective rudimentary weapons.

Diamond head is indestructible
He can destroy anything he defeated vilgax when humungousaur and chromastone failed he should be number 4

He can reflect all energy attacks and can go toe to toe with strongest aliens.

8 Ultimate Echo Echo

He could have killed ultimate Kevin when no other alien could even get close. Sure, Alien X can control the universe, but what’s the point if the power is impossible to use

Ultimate Echo Echo can knock almost anything out easily

Ultimate echo echo sound wave is op making his enemies fall unconscious or even worse deserves to me in the top five or more

Defeated ultimate kevin levin, superpowerful

9 Eon

Eon is awesome! He can travel through time! He can destroy every time line and can rebuild them in his image!

He is villain! Dude

Eon even vanished way big and swampfire so he should be no 4


10 Upgrade

When there's ben 10 and generator rex crossing episode, ben upgrades rex's building machines! And that's so awesome!

Honestly, I think upgrade should be number 8, Upgrade is one of the best aliens to get ben out of sticky situautions or trouble. Upgrade can control almost everything that is metal or a object that moves. He has a beam that blasts out of his head that can melt anything, hotter than lava.

If he can morph into anything that makes him insanely powerful

Upgrade is a loser

The Contenders

11 Rath

Rath may not be one of the strongest aliens but he is still very strong and tough.
Someone wrote "Rath sucks", well, he's a complete MORON for having written that.

Lemme tell ya something! Rath is the strongest alien and don't try to argue because you'll just make him ANGRY!

Rath can rival Fourarms and overpower him with brute force (fact from the official page of one of Ben 10 magazines) and while not being the smartest alien out there, he's more durable, faster and more agile and will never give up, he's a fighting pro!
Ben should have used him way MORE often!

I think Rath has a great potential considering the fact that that he has a lot of serious advantages as a fighter let alone inhuman strength.

12 Clockwork

Just saying Clockwork is unreasonably downplayed. This alien is somewhat durable, but it can apparently be damaged by Captain Nemesis's arm cannon, which isn't that strong. Also, damage taken will be permanent. Also, it took 2 Clockworks to take out Eon, where one Alien X could probably decimate Eon.

He is awesome he can stop time I mean he's basicly invincible he could be ben 1 and just have clock work clok work is much better than alien x

He can't destroy alien-x as alien-X doesn't need time and it won't matter if time is stopped or not Alien-X will never move but even when it is frozen you cannot make a scratch on alien-X

Clockwork should be much higher

13 Feedback

My best alien FEEDBACK! Do you know how he kicks his opponents on the face dude he's awesome! But do you know before he was bens favorite alien

He connects with Ben the most and beat a giant malware who even way big couldn't defeat

He and take energy away and dish it out 10 times stronger

It can suck opponents powers

14 Benvicktor

Ben victor has an electric body that is a good advantage for his body

He is avery strong and full of electricity

That is so not true

Good but look crazy

15 Chromastone

He is way cooler than dimondhead why do we need dimond head when weve got this beast

If he's more powerful than alien x why is he not number one I think he should

CHROMASTONE IS A POWER ABSORBING, LASER BLOCKING, INVINCIBLE CLONE. did you see how IN THE GAUNTLET he took on every single attack by cash and wasn't harmed at all. He must be made of crystal. All his energy bolts sting the baddies. No matter what attacks him he will survive.

He is awesome he is the original feedback but 10 times better he brought ben back to life and then HE CAN FLY feedback can't do that he is just a cheap remake of chromastone

16 Humongausaur

humongausaur is strong enoung to bench press pick up truck. and his strenght only increase with his size

He's getting bigger and stronger

Humongasaur is strong enough to hold way big
The strongest at ultimate

He is the tremendous dinosaur

17 Swampfire

awesome one of my favorite aliens I wish he was in ever season

swampfire might look a walking compost heap. but he's the one of ben's strongest alien

swarp fire is powerful alien because he never broke

Swampfire is cool in omniverse

18 Big Chill

He is frikin awesome he is a frozen ghost dude and he is really strong

He is my favorite alien and the strongetst he is a ice ghost crazy rhight he can become seathrow witch makes him invicble

Big chill can pass through solid matter and drop the temperature of anything he choose to nearly absolute zero

I love how he talk and also I think that big chill could beat up ultimate way big because he can invisible and go through anything

19 Goop

there's more to this giant glob of goo than meets the eye. goop is able to change of his body at will

Goop is the best alien ever. I mean seriously he is made of acid and goo he is the BEST! You can not damage him! PERIOD

It is the best alien it should be first the most powerful alien who produces dangerous acid su

He can produce a poisonous acid and can change shape

20 Atomic-X

He is more powerful than alien x bexouse he is a cushion of alien x and atomic

He is good and should be higher on the list below possibly alien x.

Atomic-X does not need to negotiate with itself and it has the plasma powers of Atomic, he should be the best seriously

He can do anything he has all the power of bens most powerful aliens and since he's half Atomic he doesn't need to debate

21 Vilgax Vilgax is a fictional character and one of the main antagonists of the American animated TV series and media franchise Ben 10 created by Man of Action Studios and produced by Cartoon Network Studios.

Even if he was an alien he can't find his place in the top 30

He is very foolish and could not beat Ben 10 at any limit

A powerful villain which if it weren't for articguana he would have defeated ben 10 and ben 10,000

I hate octups

22 Heatblast

He made a fire tornado, and can reach the temperatures of the sun!

I love Heatblast, because he's super powerful. Also, my favorite element is fire.

Heatblast has been my favorite alien since I was three years old.

He beat vilgax

23 Four Arm

4 arms, mean double the punch, He could fight any monster and win! The strongest by far.

I love four arms he can kick everyone s butt

Because he was chosen for a feat of strength when competing.

He is strong so much than big chill

24 Gravattack

He could just move his hand and defeat any villain and should be number 3

Gravattack can control gravity to manipulate the weight and motion of objects, allowing him to suspend and levitate targets in the air, send them flying back or fourth, or slam them down to the ground with hand gestures. His control over gravity allows him to change its direction, allowing him to telekinetically send targets flying upwards or across the air as if they were falling. He can also place objects into an orbital track, causes them to fly in circles at various speeds. When using his powers, he emits an aura of hazy energy. He can even form this energy into walls, barriers and domes.

He is so cool he can lift up alien x or crush him with gravity he is probbily my favorite ben 10 character

Gravattack could move a planet and a sun, I'm pretty sure he'll soon be able to move a solar system

25 Evil Way Big

Super intelligence, super strength, enhanced durability and cosmic rays I say no more

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