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21 Four Arm

4 arms, mean double the punch, He could fight any monster and win! The strongest by far.

I love four arms he can kick everyone s butt

Because he was chosen for a feat of strength when competing.

I love him

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22 Vilgax Vilgax Vilgax is a fictional character and one of the main antagonists of the American animated TV series and media franchise Ben 10 created by Man of Action Studios and produced by Cartoon Network Studios.

A powerful villain which if it weren't for articguana he would have defeated ben 10 and ben 10,000

He is very foolish and could not beat Ben 10 at any limit

23 Heatblast

He made a fire tornado, and can reach the temperatures of the sun!

I love Heatblast, because he's super powerful. Also, my favorite element is fire.

Heatblast has been my favorite alien since I was three years old.

He beat vilgax

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24 Gravattack

Gravattack could move a planet and a sun, I'm pretty sure he'll soon be able to move a solar system

His power is he can end gravity

GRAVITY POWERS, just send the others aliens into space using the power.

Gravattack should be first because he can control gravity he can make objects as light as a feather and heavy as a freight train so he could just control waybig and he could kill it with ease

25 Evil Way Big

Super intelligence, super strength, enhanced durability and cosmic rays I say no more

26 Fasttrack

He is way better than xlr8

He is the fastest

Xlr8 is faster then fastrack because ben knows more abilities of xlr8 than fastrack...He known xlr8 more t han fastrack.

27 Ultimate Alien X

How is non ultimate better than ultimate

It should be number 1

He is the 5th best

He is the my best 👽 alien because he do all things he

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28 Ghostfreak

He can take over other people and turn completely invisible. He also has telekinetic powers and can survive even when he's just a few bits of dna... How is he 27 should be at least top 15

He can be invisible and go inside everything

He can move through people and can scare his apponents to make them forget what he's doing.

He is strong

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29 Brainstorm

He is very intelligent and can make electrical storms

He can made storm just by thinking
He is very intelligent
He can open his brain and produce shockvaves

30 Jetray

Jet is not that powerful but he is reliable. He can fly and swim at the speed of light and can also survive in the vacuum of space

the manta-like jetray can move throught air or water at several times the speed of sound

31 Gwen Tennyson Gwen Tennyson Gwendolyn "Gwen" Tennyson is a deuteragonist of the Ben 10 franchise. She is the human/anodite hybrid Plumber, the paternal first-cousin of Ben Tennyson, and (along with Kevin Levin) a frontline member of his team.

She can use her mana for protection, levitation, flying and picking up things!

Gwen should be number 6

Gwen is not an alien she is a character

Gwen is the 6th most powerful character next to alien x, dagon, paradox, verdonna, and sunny

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32 Armodrillo

This mechanical animal is able to pass throw rock like we pass throw air and is able to cause earthquakes

Just imagine how much it must hurt to be hit by a fist that can create earthquakes.

33 Articguana
34 Ultimate Feedback

He is awesome

I love ben 10 and I thick you should make a new ailen with the power of a

He is waaay better than alien X

He is better than regular feedback! Actually he is better than alien x his color and his style he awesome dude! He is one of best alien in Ben 10 history! He sucks attacks two times faster he is even taller then before isn't it awesome

35 Ultimate Rath

He is like a wrestler

How many times do I have to say this,"there is no power greater than omnipotence"meaning to say no alien is more powerful than alien X and that's a fact

Ult rath is the mist powerful alien ben ten ever had because he has no weakness he can defeat alien x very easily

Ult rath is the most powerful alien of ben ten ever. He can defeat alien x very easily

36 Ultimate Spidermonkey

What is stronger than eon

They made him weaker then spider monkey

They didn't

He is not here is higher! ¡! ¡!

37 Professor Paradox

Professor paradox has total control over time, even IF he loses in a fight, he can rewind time over and over again until he wins, yes, I can understand that alien X is better, but I chose paradox because he's like the ultimate version of 'prince of Persia' and I love prince of Persia. I love anything that talks about controlling time and all of that!

He is a meddling time traveler has been seen warning ben and gwen in troublesome times

Hey parradox is the best...

How is Gwen higher in the list than PP? He should be on top next to Alien X

38 NRG

He can melt any thing. And if he puts something knits full head it can swim.

Wait a minute. He should be number 2 strongest alien. I know that atomix is what you think is the second strongest, but when he battles this hothead, HE CAN ABSORB HIS ATTACKS. HE IS NOT JUST GOING TO FILL UP HIS STOMACH, HE CAN INCRESE HIS POWER. ATOMIX CAN'T ABSORB ENERGY, BUT "NRG" CAN, because HE'S "NRG"

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39 Kevin Levin

This guy can absorb anything and redirect it however he wants osmosians are bye far the most dangerous species even an anodite would die if they touched them and they would have all their powers because they are made of energy they can kill any alien if they want, it does not matter how strong they are. Need any more reasons?

He is the strongest
He should be at first
Cause when he absorbs ultimatrix he gets the power of all the aliens
Alien x too!

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40 XLR8

Wow that dude can make a whirlwind with that kind of speed he might even beat usain bolt

A classic character with a faster speed in my opinion.

He can made tornados and walk and 500 km per hour
Very fast
And my favourite

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