Strongest Ben 10 Aliens

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81 Erza

Because she control any people and aliens

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82 Ship

Ship is basically a mini upgrade so if upgrade is on the list so should ship.

An gloop of technology which came from baily (he can turn into some amazing weapons

83 Yeti

Although only a very short appearance the yeti, where in the episode where ben 10 meets terraspin, almost beets four arms up in the north pole

He's cool and brain storm helps him by destroying the hypno head band that dr animo used to defend himself

84 Albedo

He deserves to be number 1 even though he's not my favorite character he has all the abilities of the great ben 10 himself

Albedo is good but ben 10 and Ken 10 is better

How is he 99?

85 Coach Finn

Much like a transformer he is a robot in disguise and has two shoulder plasma guns (with a whole team of robot people a robo president too)

86 Exo-Skull

A robo-rhino created by dr animo with an electric net an a plasma horn charging at high speed

87 Highbreed

The most serious threat that Ben has ever seen

88 Spellcaster

Destroyed all life in 1 demention including ben 10 gwen and kevin 11 but the spell deal swopped and her dad died again and ben 10 lives (gwen and kevin too)

89 Ultimate Swamp Fire
90 Forever Knight

He should be 76th

It is they!

91 The Mummy

The mummy is just the same as a ghost mummy he uses his taped cover to fight and knows dark magic.

92 Galvanic Mechamorph
93 Darkstar

He can create a black baem that can absorb energy from any living creature until nothing is left by becoming very powerful.

94 Diagon

The Most powerful villain and has powerful mystic powers is a bit like shuma Gorath

95 Ultimate Aggregor

He deserves to be the best even if he is a villain

96 Stinkfly V 1 Comment
97 Rumble V 1 Comment
98 Shadow

If there's someone Cald shadow he can be a shadow in places And he can strech as a shadow he can hont people it would be awesome for someone cald shadow thanks people

99 Ultimate Four Arms

Never will exist I've seen the hall series of ultimate alien and did not see it.

Not real

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