Top 10 Strongest Beyblade In Beyblade Metal Fusion

The Top Ten

1 Burn Fireblaze

Burn fireblaze is the best because it's my best bey and I almost never lose with it.

It has really strong energy that could beat Earth Eagle.

It is the best Beyblade I have ever seen

This is the worst site which didn't mark diablo nemesis the first

2 Storm Pegasus

Storm Pegasus is so cool. Best one

I've went to all tenements and won with galaxy pegasus

Storm pegasus is so style-east and strong bey

Pegasus is very good...

3 Rock Leone

Rock Leone is very powerful and his special move is very awesome. Rock Leone Rocks.

Rock Leone because it is full of power and stamina and everything!

Its Rock Wheel is a very good wheel.

Rock Leone is awesome because of his special move and nobody can defeat rock leone!

His metal is the is the strongest no one can defeat him

4 Earth Eagle

Hey I Used this guy and it beat Burn Fireblaze and this guy should be 1st!

Well, the thing is, Earth Eagle did lose in several battles.

I have destroyed burn fire laze and phantom Orion so easily with this guy. He should be the 1'st!

Earth Eagle is the best! It Destroyed pegasaus easily with 3 attacks. And Burn Fireblaze's tip is TERRIBLE!

5 Lightning L-Drago

Ryuga is actually relatively weak this season (compared to himself in seasons 2 and 3). But his dark move is very good.

I like him for his special move

Way epic smash attack. It can KO almost every bey my friend has. If you handspin it to the left it'll steal the spin strength of other beyblades.

I like his dark power

6 Flame Libra

It has extraordinary stamina.

I think flame libra should be number 1.

Flame Libra is the best the same strength as lighting L-Drago and storm pegasis it beat seatorm egasis in the show rememer

7 Poison Serpent

It has good defense and attack which is really handy.

Serpent is awesome and should be 1st place

Very good at taking away opponents stamina with its poison fusion wheel.

It make me hurt

8 Dark Wolf Canyon
9 Flame Sagittario

Flame Sagittario is amazing in a stamina stadium. Statistics state that its C145 spin track is the highest used spin track in ALL of Beyblade tournaments.

Sagittarius has awesome stamina. It could beat cosmic Pegasus

10 Rock Aries

Rock aries defense is so good that it can withstand almost any attack

He's should beat a lot of Beyblades

It has Outstanding defense, stamina, and balance.

The Contenders

11 Earth Virgo

He is strong and Teru is cool

His defense is better then twisted tempos!

Earth Virgo is terrible

I love earth virgo

12 Twisted Tempo

This bey is the best ever twisted tempo shot phoenix out of the stadium

Its ok but I don't like it

Twisted tempo is the best ever me and my
Friend had a sleepover he brought his Beyblades and I knocked out all of his

It's the best

13 Cyber Pegesus

All your news is FAKE!

14 Gravity Destroyer

The most powerful beyblade ever

15 Rock Scorpio

It could even beat 3 Lightning L'Dragos.

16 Ray Unicorno
17 Samurai Ifraid

This the best Beyblade in the world I mean it has great attack and it took down all of my Beyblades with one hit and the balance is good too but attack is better you should get this bey

18 Meteo L-Drago

It has perfect attack stamina, defense, and attack

It has full stamina

It may not have good attack, but can win every battle as long the enemy does not have a WD EWD or D tip (bottom)

19 Galaxy Pegasus

It COULD beat burn Fireblaze.

It beat gravity destroyer

20 Twisted Byxis

It beat the hell out of burn fireblaze, galaxy peguses and Diablo nemesis

It has a great deafens and great stamida.

It coul beat dark wolf, sythe Kronos, burn fireblaze, meteo ldrago, Diablo nemesis
I chaned it's performance tip into rubber flat and it goes very fast

21 Dark Wolf

Dark wolf should be in 1st place always

22 Dark Libra
23 Ray Striker

He beat rock Leone

24 Diablo Nemesis

The best BEYBLADE ever

25 Samurai Pegasis

It is the latest Pegasus and is the last Pegasus and is extremely good with the galaxy pegasis's tip (bottom) that is W105R2F

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