Top 10 Strongest Beyblade In Beyblade Metal Fusion

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21 Meteo L-Drago

It may not have good attack, but can win every battle as long the enemy does not have a WD EWD or D tip (bottom)

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22 Ray Striker

He beat rock Leone

23 Samurai Pegasis

It is the latest Pegasus and is the last Pegasus and is extremely good with the galaxy pegasis's tip (bottom) that is W105R2F

24 Galaxy Pegasus

It COULD beat burn Fireblaze.

It beat gravity destroyer

25 Flame Fireblaze
26 Big Bang Pegasus
27 Proto Nemesis

Never even stops if untouched

28 Flame Fireblaze C145 S

Awesome it is my Strongest bey ever even though I made it up. It sent Cosmin Pegasus L-drago Distructor Fang Leone Jade Jupiter Sythe Kronos DEath Quetzacoatl Out of the stadium at the SAME TIME PEOPLE please VOTE FOR #1

29 Basalt Horogium

My friend has it and I can only barely beat him

30 Phantom Orion B:D

He is the best people! Vote for home he spins up to 8 min!

31 Rock Orso
32 L Drago Destroy

It's the best beyblade I god in my whole intire Life!

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