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1 Earth Eagle

Earth eagle is a excellent bey that I like because it never lose and it has a great stamina and defensive power I don't like any other bey except Earth Eagle. I like this bey very much. Please Vote only for Earth Eagle.

Earth eagle is awesome. Me and my friends battle every weekend and earth eagle has never lost it just thrashes all the other beys

Earth eagle is so good because it has a great combination of specialties to make it near impossible to beat. It's wide 'earth' fusion wheel give it a solid defense and it's wide defense performance tip gives it a great amount of endurance. I recommend you get one.

Earth is good at battles

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2 Rock Leone

He is awesome. In school all my beys can never be defeated. Especially eagle and leone. I am the undefeated champion. My friend asked me who is stronger leone or eagle? I tried making them fight and within one second leone smashed eagle out of the stadium

My rock leone beat hell kerbeks and it also beat earth eagle. Also rock leone broke lightning ldrago.

It is the best. It can take out any bey, it has insane defense as well as attack its WD ball tip makes it unstable which is the reason for its massive attack, stamina and balance the best bey ever


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3 Galaxy Pegasus

I think that GALAXY PEGASUS is better than the original PEGASUS because I was playing against another guy and I won within 2 sec. Can you believe that.

Galaxy Pegasus is awesome I battled the best blader in my school and I whooped his butt with galaxy Pegasus he literally blew his bey into pieces! I challenged every other blader and I beat them all I recommend this bey for strong and experienced bladers everywhere!

He blew my rock leone out of my stadium damn it's strong

Pegasus is so cool it deafeats every other bey

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4 Hell Kerbecs

Hell kerbecs rocks but come on he deserves better he beats all of my other beyblades as well as earth eagle and he broke my meteo l drago so come on he deserves better

Hell Kerbecs stamina and spin track is very good cause the spin track isn't fully done and also because he bigger then the other Beys

Hell Kerbecs aces every time I battle he smashes up them all but only in boost mode

Hell kerbecs is good In school school because I never have been taken down and my stamina bet earth eagle 11 times.When I battled earth eagle for the first time I took him down

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5 Burn Fireblaze

Burn fire blaze is way more powerful then dark wolf in fact I never seen it lose against dark wolf and fireblaze can be trained up better than eagle which makes it the best bey out of all of these beys so please vote for fireblaze

I have burn fireblaze it attacks under the fusion wheel and it does not attack in the fusion wheel I do not know why do people vote dark bull and dark wolf up than burn fireblaze it can knock dark wolf and dark bull in one blow, this is very unfair

He rocks and beat all other beys at once so there
2nd is leone
3rd is Capricorn

I have a Burn Fireblaze. Recently got on my birthday. It keeps spinning even after my brother's Storm Pegases hits it around 20 times rapidly and after even 2 launches of the Pegases and my only 1 launch, I win. Burn Fireblaze is awesome.

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6 Meteo L Drago

Meteo l-drago is awesome because its attacks are good with the fusion wheel if its in barrage mode it can hit the beyblade back if it hits it because barrage mode is when meteo l-drago has the grip because that part is made out of rubber and it beat all my beys at once and I mean in twelve hits and I have earth eagle and virgo, rock leone, thermal Pisces, galaxy Pegasus, golden l-drago, counter leone the original one, gravity destroyer, dark wolf, burn fireblaze, storm Pegasus, and rock aries

This beyblade doesn't deserve 1st ranking but definitely deserves a better slot then 22nd! I mean for crying out loud. Its better than that, don't you get that people. You have no taste.

I think Meteo L-Drago is the Best like the Blade is a forbidden Blade people11.

I have Meteo L-Drago and it thrashed all of my brothers BeyBlades and this one time I nearly broke it.

In the cartoon world L-Drago is the Best and real life its the same so buy it people!.

It spins forever the beyblade right

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7 Earth Virgo

Best bey ever it has a tough metal that no other bey has and the spin track helps it spin longer and faster than any other bey can vote for it and buy it and you will see the awesome power that it has really tough bey and an awesome on vote for it is the best beyblade ever

Earth virgo is the best beyblade.
It has incredible stamina even better than flame sagitarrio
This is close to being the best
It broke my friends beyblade condition: NEW

Earth Virgo its awesome it could defeat l drago, legend Aries and even my fire blaze its best

Earth Virgo beats all of my beys and had a good fight in the show so it is great in real life and pretty good on the show!

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8 Dark Wolf

I have dark wolf and it's cool I beat every bey battle including poison serpent, cyber bull, dark bull, storm capricorn, l-drago, storm pegasus, rock aries, rock leon and every my bey I am telling you dark wolf is better from every bey and he have to be at the 1st place! PS. Vote for him, please!

My Dark Wolf beat all my beys: burn fireblaze, rock leone, golden l-drago, legend cyber pegasis, and storm aquario. It even KNOCKED MY ROCK LEONE OUT OF THE STADIUM IN ONE HIT! Dark Wolf is the BEST and I mean BEST bey ever!

I have a dark wolf and me and my friends did a fatal four way my bey blade is dark wolf and the others had this red bey blade, electric dragon and CEO lion I won all of them even I started first.
Dark wolf is the best

I have dark wolf it was the best bwyblade its tip was the best it can hit 5 beyblades in 1 time it can also beat pegasus and l Drago also

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9 Limited Edition Gold Lightning L'drago

This is really sweet bey because it has so random moves so it surely catches the enemy at some point and it can be modified by turning it 180 degrees.. It also hits really hard and has more stamina than limited edition storm pegasus, I have them both and its kinda weird but sometimes drago wins pegasus 3-0 and sometimes pegasus wins drago 3-0... Just.. Amazing bey!

This bey has probably the most attack power better even then pegasus. , finishes off beys in 1 or two hits... What you want more?

When it says "limited" that means that it won't last so it has to be the best and it is made of GOLD so it has to be the greatest

This beyblade was never in the show.You can't prove anything.This bey is very good but its just slightly stronger and gold.

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10 Original Storm Pegasus

Storm pegasus can beat the forbidden bey l drago also. Pegasus can defeat earth eagle also. Pegasus can win with its two special move called star blast attack and star brings air. If its uses it full power it can defeat all beys. Pegasus is the most powerful bey in the world.

Pegasus is an awesome bey, he defeated every bey I have battled at least once. Pegasus has the strongest attack power of ALL the beys! You have to act fast because Pegasus has low stamina. Pegasus can beat any bey if it hits the other bey a lot early in the battle. My Pegasus has defeated Lightning Drago and even beys like Burn Fire-blaze and Galaxy Pegasus! The only bey Pegasus has not defeated was Earth Eagle. I have one and when they battled Eagle won in the end but Pegasus fought hard with many hits and upper cuts. PEGASUS IS THE BEST BEY! GO PEGASUS!

Storm Pegasus, it's speed and attack are extreme. Its power is unmatched, even better than Earth Eagle. I have a Storm Pegasus and he is amazing. Pegasus has more strength and pretty much the only bey I have to win by stadium outs. If you want to get better, add Storm Pegasus to your arsenal. PEGASUS IS NUMBER ONE! GO PEGASUS!

Its look is grt

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11 Flame Libra

my bey knoked out burn fireblaze and flame saggitario in first round

Libra rocks if you don't have him you should get him as soon as you can you will be amazed at how many beys he can beat he's awesome the thing is when you get him and start using him you wont want to put him down

Libra rocks! it's stamina is AWESOME! it's my best bey!
if someone doesn't have it, then he MUST BUY IT!

Library can beat all of my Beyblades in one hit

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12 Big Bang Pegasus

Big Bang Pegasis is the best bey ever in the world! I know what I'm talking about because I have Big Bang Pegasis. He has 4 modes for attacking: upper mode, smash mode, assault mode, and barrage mode. He also has an F tip (F stands for Final Drive). It's both the spin track and the performance tip combined! It goes from SF (Semi-Flat) to RF (Rubber Flat). So move Big Bang Pegasis to the number 1 spot because clearly he does not deserve number 21 spot. (By the way the way this bey's name is spelled is Pegasis not Pegasus).

Big bang pegasus has less stamina but it can defeat any bey with few hits. Please vote for big bang

I think Big Bang Pegasus is speechless and all time favorite. Any one is afraid to face it. Go on

I have a Big bang pegasus and it broke a
dialbo nemesis! and a fantom orion! both of them in a touch!

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13 Cyber Pegasus

This thing is awesome I set it against 4 others and it STILL won. but you have to be careful because sometimes if you wear it out with powerful beys, it might lose its power. SAVE IT FOR IMPORTANT BATTLES.

I have cyber pegasus he beat the original l drago and counter leone. He's good

Cyber is the best Beyblade I tried it an saw it can beat 5 blades at once the 5 Beyblades where lighting ldrago, earth eagle, rock leone, flame saggitario, anD DARK WOLF

Really good bey, probably the best

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14 Dark Bull

Dark bull rocks! And can defeat many beys like libra, wolf and phoenix in seconds. It has a lot of defense and balance...

Laugh out loud I have a dark bull and I put actual razors in it and it cut through all my best beys

Dark bull is the best! It beat all my friends Beyblades and my brother it is wicked.

Cool bey bra

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15 Twisted Tempo

I have a lot of beys I have battled all of them in separate and all of them combined and it won I have beat every body in my neighbor hood and I won go buy it now

It's the most defensive beyblade I have ever seen its defense is so good that even eagle, libra etc are saying "we can't fight more"

So good beat burn fierblaze, ray gil, and evil gemios at the same time. Go buy it right now.

It is way to heavy to be beaten by any non customized bey. It is the ultimate defense bey

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16 Poison Serpent

When I used my friend's poison serpent, it broke my rival's exclusive storm pegasis! LITERALLY!

It's the strongest bey in the world because it crushed my earth eagle and hit my lightning l-drago flying out of the stadium in a stadium out in a few seconds

Its my favorite beyblade and its spin fast and its spin in a long time. I say it one of the best buy it! Its a part of the dark nebulosa

good bey

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17 Gravity Destroyer

Its great cause it's a combination of stamina and defense. It takes a little practice and then when its tip is rough it becomes ultimately strong

Man he is awesome. He can defeat my earth eagle and rock leone in one hit in counter mode! This bey should be first.

Gravity destroyer is the ultimate bey, and I think it's stronger than the heaviest Cetus. My destroyer is my strongest bey. Destroyer sure looks beautiful, more than Evil Befall, and he looks strong, I'd admit it. There may be beys better than him, but Destroyer's a champion in my book. He should be in At least 2nd place, and I feel like a winner with it. I feel like Julian Konzern!

It's so cool it can spin like left and right

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18 Basalt Horogium

Basalt Horogium is the best bey. Its better than earth eagle and hell kerbecs combined. Its heavy fusion wheel provides incredible balance,
Stability, and defense. That means great stamina.

The best so far. The three things that matter the most are the tip, the ring and track. You need weight to your Beyblade so it doesn't get pushed around in battle and loose its balance. You also need your tracks info. Its important you know how tall it is, so the offending bey doesn't get under you. And the ring is important to. You need an attack with ridges, a defense with a tall, round ring, a stamina with a blalanced, light ring.
Basalt horogoium is great in all catagories. Oh yeah, its tip is the best defense tip out there.

ARE YOU GUYS STUPID?!?! BASALT IS THE BEST UNCUSTOMIZED BEY. Get an eagle and a basalt. See what happens. Yeah. Exactly. That's what I thought. It can beat all beys. All of the above too. K? Yeah.

I have beaten everyone I have gone against. Basalt is the best.

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19 Original Lightning L'drago

L drago can beat galaxy pegagsus and meteo l drago just one shot and I love l drago

I don't know why they call this bey 'ldrago'. I would like to hug anybody who
Calls it lightning fire dragon "the best Beyblade". Its worth to call it that.
Its such good! I also don't know why earth eagle is the best. According to me it cannot even win burn fireblaze and l drago sent earth eagle flying in just
2 or 3 shots. Ldrago is the best bey ever

Lightning L'drago rocks I don't know why someone would buy Storm Pegasus, it should be called Storm PUKEasus or Storm SUCKasus I haven't beaten anyone so far because I just got him and I haven't battled yet, but when I do I will beat everyone


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20 Diablo Nemesis

This Beyblade is absolutely the best! Why people would choose all the Beyblades that rank higher than this, I don't know. This bey is even more ultimate when in Ultimate Balance Mode! Thumbs up for Diablo Nemesis!

Diablo Nemesis should be the number one beyblade on list because it the strongest beyblade ever. I seen a video on youtube it won against 20 beyblades at Once and is no lie.

This bey is the strongest ever. It can win again any bey. IT can make other bey begging for their own lost. This is that bey that every child wants. I can say it can break other Beyblades like anything. It is the heaviest bey and its fusion wheel weighs about 52grams it can beat all the top ten bey in the above list.

Diablo nemesis has 3 faces on it's fusion.Who would think about another bey that has a better shape than that! It is the heaviest bey on earth as well.🙄

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