Burn Fireblaze


Burn fireblaze is the best bey of all times. According to me the best combination of burn fireblaze is energy ring-fireblaze, fusion wheel-burn, spintrack-hell kerbeces's spintrack in boost mode and any performance tip that gives you stamina more than 5 stars. I specially choose the spin track because it covers all the holes present in burn which makes it not weak against any powerful attack. Also burn fireblaze can also defeat earth eagle and rock leone actually it can defeat all stamina and defense tops. I used burn fireblaze's performance tip in a metal stadium to make it a bit flat so that it doesn't fall off balance if any attack types strike. You may ask that any attack type can defeat burn fireblaze because burn fireblaze has many holes in its fusion wheel but the spin track covers all the holes and making it to be able to resist all attacks. So in this combination no beyblade can defeat burn fireblaze. Please vote for this comment. Thank you for reading this fully.

I got Burn Fire-blaze recently. It has great stamina and can out spin most of my beys. Its pointed metal performance tip gives it the ultimate stamina! I have six beys, Storm Pegasus, Earth Eagle, Dark Libra, Rock Gasher and Storm Capricorn, and I had my Eagle battle my friend's Fire-blaze and Eagle lost. I could not believe it and I said I had a bad launch. Fire-blaze may not be number one but I think it should be at least ahead of Dark wolf. Fire blaze is a really good bey and it may be one of the few that can defeat Eagle. GO FIRE-BLAZE!

Burn-Fireblaze is my latest bey, and it is my only stamina type. Fire-blaze has amazing stamina but is prone to uppercuts from beys like Storm Pegasus and Lightning L-Drago. My Fire-blaze has beaten most of the beys it battles. It even did well against Earth Eagle! Fire blaze has the ULTIMATE stamina performance tip. Fire-blaze can defeat beys like Dark Bull, Flame Sagitario, Ray Striker, and Counter Leone. FIRE BLAZE IS THE BEST STAMINA BEY! GO FIRE_BLAZE!

Burn fire blaze is the best stamina type and attack type bey. Besides having stamina for 5 mins 15secs. MY burn fire blaze can beat many beys like Rock Leone, flame Libra, earth eagle and Pegasus sometimes. It can beat 5 to 6 beys at a time. I am requesting all bey blade fans to 'VOTE FIRE BLAZE THE IMMORTAL BEY BLADE EVER'

Burn Fireblaze has excellent stamina and defense due to it's metal sharp tip. Its burn wheel is like the rock wheel so once again gives it good defense. But the best part is when it battles. It outlasted all my beys and I battled the champion blader at my school(he has rock pegasus). In battle it may look like it has a hard time but believe me the outcome will surprise you.

Burn Fire-Blaze is really powerful. Its metal performance tip gives better traction and more stability. Mine has beaten tough beys like Dark Bull and Lightning L Drago. Its wide fusion wheel protects it from beys like Flame Saggitario and Earth Eagle. Fire-Blaze has AWESOME stamina and can beat most of the beys it battles. Fire-Blaze ROCKS! GO FIREBLAZE!

He is awesome so all of those other beys need to watch out. He is too powerful and will burn each and every one of those beys including l drago and Storm Pegasus

Really guys burn fireblaze can totally beat dark wolf actually it's better than all of these beys you should vote for fireblaze

I customized my Burn Fireblaze into Poison Fireblaze, and in so doing, I've created an absolutely amazing bey. Burn Fireblaze alone is fantastic, and I've won quite a few battles with him. Add the poison fusion wheel, and he just keeps getting better. I have one other little secret that goes along with it, but in the end, Burn Fireblaze reigns supreme!

It has the highest stamina of all beyblades, it can adapt to any location. I have fought it with, eight beyblades and is still won. This should have earned the right to be called Worlds greatest beyblade. I have learned this by fighting with it over two hundred times, and I am not lying.

Burn Fireblaze is the Best bey, but Nobody Know it. When I Play versus my friends I Knock all out. Fireblaze Knock Galaxy and Storm Pegasus in One Fight out the Arena. It have good Stamina and make One Hit to Other beys.
Burn Fireblaze is the Best BEYBLADE!

I think that Burn Fireblaze should be on the top ten most rarest beyblades list. Because its the only beyblade with the Burn fusion wheel in the whole beyblade T.V. series and I've haven't seen any other beyblade with this fusion wheel in the beyblade T.V. series at all.

I have this bey it is really strong can beat earth eagle, meteo L drago, earth virgo, dark wolf, rock scorpio, galaxy pegasus, made poison scorpio explode! And a bunch more I forgot though so if you want a Beyblade burn fireblaze or earth virgo are both good choices until the next battle 3 2 1 LET IT RIP

Quick strong stamina types this bey has amazing quality in battles it is the worlds greatest beyblade it can over come pieces evil pieces orosolo cyber Pegasus rock Leon unicorns flame Sagittario l drago earth eagle galaxy Pegasus and ldrago at once

Burn fireblaze beat earth eagle when I use them 5 : 0 because they rarely touched so it has to have more stamina

I've always beat eagle with fireblaze I battled a Pegasus and a striker and it pushed both into the out hole on the thunder Pegasus stage both at once fireblaze #1! If you put an rf instead of the ms on fireblaze it has the same strength as evil geminos

My most favorite bey is in fact Burn FireBlaze because, it was my first Beyblade, and the bey I've trained with the most, easily crushing all beys, up to and including, Earth Eagle. So Burn FireBlaze deserves a little more respect than fifth place.

I have burn fireblaze and it took out "earth eagle, storm pegasus and lightning l drago" at once

I have Burn Fireblaze/Pheonix. It have good stamina and defends. It is very strong bey ever. It can beat many Beyblade such as storm pegasus, meteo l-drago, flame libra, flame sagitarrio, galaxy pegasus, cyber pegasis, lightning l-drago, earth eagle rock leone, earth virgo, counter leone, gravity perseus, drak bull, dark wolf, posion serpent and big bang pegasis. when I fight with my flame libra they battle so long like 2 minutes. my flame libra has been defeated by burn fireblaze. that is the strongest bey

MY Burn FireBlaze is nye Unbeatable, it has unbelievable Stamina, the highest of any bey, no contest. None of my friends will battle me anymore simply because they're afraid of my Blade. I think I could win a tournament with my Burn Fireblaze.

Burn fireblaze should be number 1. I have never seen it loose not even to earth eagle! You are an idiot if you think this beyblade sucks and I think that this beyblade should be number 1 over all.

It very good stamina mate it rocks man its performance tip ms makes dents in the stadium which makes it very very good

Burn fireblaze is the best bey it has great stamina. IT has a metal tip with which I beat storm pegasus and earth eagle and dark bull burn fire blaze should be first. ITs an awesome Beyblade although it has a less spin time it spins smoothly

Very good power superb stamina it work 5 seconds and 27 and good balance and it strongest bey ever and it beat my earth eagle and evil gemios, storm pegasus, galaxy pegasus, cyber pegasus. Meteoldrago, and flame sagettario and libra

Burn fireblaze is the best beyblade. It has awesome stamina and attack power. It broke my friend's poison serpent and l drago and earth eagle. If it is trained better it can beat storm pegasus.