Earth Eagle


Earth Eagle has to be the best. It beat all the strongest beybladers in my school. I prefer earth eagle over some silly old leone or some dumb Fireblaze. Earth Eagle has to be the strongest bey on earth. That is why they call it earth eagle. If I had to choose earth eagle over all the beys in the world I would pick earth eagle. People say it is bad but they're jealous cause I beat every one with my earth eagle. My Earth eagle can defeat even other peoples earth eagle. I have a secret to make earth eagle spin longer. Lighting ldrego's rip cord is very long just use that instead of the short one. Finally put a whole lot of bleach and wood cleaner on your bey than leave it in hot water. Later

P.S. Earth Eagle rocks.

I think earth eagle is the best bey for me. It has wide defense tips and lots of stamina. It beat my Lightning L drago even when I use Dark bull's tip. I think everyone should choose earth eagle as the strongest bey.

A Beyblade that has good stamina, attack, defense, balance. It can control every Beyblade. But I can not understand that why it is balance type Beyblade because it has everything good. Earth eagle is an excellent Beyblade. So buy that Beyblade. The best Beyblade the amazing bey

This is a great bey trust me its energy ring is balanced so it gives good stamina, the fusion wheel is balanced but also very thick so that adds stamina AND defense! The spin track is the second highest, so it adds a bit of stamina because it lets your beyblade wobble for a long time, and the performance tip, wide defense, allows the beyblade to have extra stamina, because it lets the bey, after it used all its stamina, to wobble, when most beys would be out! The performance tip also allows your beyblade to get hit very hard without loosing any stamina! Earth eagle rocks!

Earth Eagle has a great stamina, defense, balance and attack power. It smashes all of my beys. It can defeat Rock leone and galaxy pegusus too. When I got Earth Eagle no one can beat me. Then I became a undefeated blader. Everyone looses to me. It can defeat phantom orion in one hit. It is a balance type bey. It has extra thick fusion wheel. Its fusion wheel can cut through the air. So, Earth Eagle can get a lot of stamina. No bey can stadium out the Earth Eagle. I like Earth Eagle very much because it is the best bey I have.

When I battled earth eagle vs rock scorpio earth eagle practically killed him using his great stamina and balance but it was a very close battle if rock scorpio ever gets on this list vote for him because he has won almost every beyblade I have except earth eagle of course.

Earth eagle is the best it creamed all of my beys. (and broke a few) Me and my brother both have one and they rock and roll. All the l dragos vs. earth eagle the battle is simple earth eagle wins duh. All the beys suck compared to earth eagle. The closest to beating him is burn fireblaze. Some one said "Earth eagle suck compared to my rock leon that stupid bey" I think he's dreaming or is just stupid, rock leon is not even close. Earth eagle always wins duh. No bey can beat earth eagle.

I've never lost with earth eagle that's why I'm the best blader in my school but earth eagle evolves in too earth aquila witch is much more sharper so it is stronger then earth eagle for one reason earth eagle is a very high bey blade so it damages the energy ring and earth aquila is the same size but does way more damage. Eg. My earth eagle ripped apart dark cancers energy ring. SO BUY EARTH EAGLE!

Earth Eagle is an amazing bey. Its defense is awesome and it has great stamina. Its unique feature is the WD performance tip, this gives it the ultimate defense. Mine has beaten every bey it has battled, and it has never lost. (Although mine has never battled Rock Leone. I have had Eagle long enough to know its weakness. Its high profile spin track leaves it vulnerable to uppercuts from beys like Storm Pegasus and L Drago. GO EAGLE!

I have an Earth Eagle as well as Storm Pegasus, they're both strong beys. I had them battle, and although Pegasus lost, it did a lot of powerful hits and uppercuts. So far Eagle has not lost a battle, but my brothers Earth Virgo gave it a run for its money. I recommend that you get you get Pegasus or Eagle, or both, both are fantastic beys. GO EAGLE AND PEGASUS!

It has a rare combination of defense and stamina I am the undefeated champ at school I put him on a burn fireblaze 1 hit and good bye it went I personally think if you won't to get really strong think about earth eagle 145 WD it is awesome get earth eagle it is your best bet for a bey

Earth Eagle is the best! He has attack, defense, stamina, and balance. He beat all my other beys which were Rock Leone, Earth Virgo, Rock Orso, Flame Aries, Rock Scorpio, Cyber Pegasus, Storm Pegasus, Galaxy Pegasus, Dark Bull, Rock Aquario, and Galicsy Ldrago. His most awesome win was on a playdate with my friend Daniel with him using my Rock Scorpio. Eagle body slammed Scorpio on the wall which was only one hit to claim victory. Eagle is so the very best in all beyblade!

Best bey because it is from the first season from the metal fight series but still it beats diablo nemesis which is the final boss of beyblade metal fight series season 3. Earth eagle has very good stamina, defense & super balance bad stamina I am not saying that its the best stamina and defense type but it has very good stamina and defense very very very god bey probably the best but it is outclassed by hades kerbecs, phantom orion and sometimes twisted tempo and scythe cronrs it is the best because it does compare to the beyblade of season3

Earth Eagle rocks! My friend always comes over after school and we battle, every bey to every bey! My Earth Eagle beat all my friends Beyblades, even Hades Kerbecs. Its probably the awesome stamina and defense! I don't have the purple energy ring though, I have the grey energy ring. But Earth Eagle rocks! Vote Eagle!

Earth Eagle is undefeated. It's number 1 oh, Try to beat the Rock Leone, Storm Pegasus and Lightning L-Drago. You can't beat the awesome power of Eagle

Earth eagle's the best bey. No attack type can throw it out of the stadium because of its superb defense. Go Earth Eagle!

Earth eagle is my first Beyblade I bought and it was very powerful it has not lose at any match

My earth eagle is my best I have a twisted tempo and my eagle beat it! If you master earth eagle it could become your best bey. Eagle is a? Type bey but has great stamina, great defense, and great balance, and great attack... So I guess he, s pretty good. If you have an earth eagle fight hard and become a powerful blader! GO EAGLE!

EARTH EAGLE rocks, and it's truly awesome. It can last longer because of the tip.

It is the best bey I have seen in the world, the stamina is too powerful it can damage all the bey blades...

The earth eagle is the best blayblade ever you can by and see what will happen to your friends blayblades

Yes earth eagle is best bey. In real also. Its good balance type tip.

Its very powerful and special for me. It has a great stamina and defense it can beat any bey.

I like Earth eagle because he is very strong and his moves are very awesome.I also have Earth eagle.I am Earth eagle"s Fan.Earth eagle is stronger than other beys.I always win contests with Earth eagle.In my collection Earth eagle is my favorite bey.I never lose in contests with Earth eagle.I never use all of my beys I only like to use Earth eagle.

no one can beat me with earth eagle I'm the leader of my dads neighborhood and my neighborhood