Top 10 Strongest Beyblade Metal Fusion Tops


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181 Bandid Goreim
182 Death Pegasus
183 Killer Gemios
184 Diablo Fireblaze

Diablo Fireblaze (attack mode) 125 WD has a lot of weight, has good defense, has good stamina and has a medium height. Its one of my best beyblades. Its a really good combination

185 Anubis
186 Orion

My Orion sent eagle out of the stadium

187 Jade Pices
188 Thermal Jupiter
189 Ultimate Pegasis
190 Hades Gil
191 Flame Leone

I beat Earth Eagle with Flame Leone

192 Death Libra

It is a good sync row bey

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193 Behemoth Golem
194 Flame Gemios

This Beyblade is kinda rare and hard to get but if you spin it It is so
Sharp like a Blade! My This Beyblade Defeated Dark bull Earth virgo storm pegasis and lightning l drago! Sometimes it will wobble and attack making it attack both the metal wheel and the clear wheel!

195 Shinobi Saramanda

He is meant to be in the top 50, he beats my poison serpent, hell Kerbecs and Fang Leone. Awesome!

196 Electro Tornado L-Drago V 1 Comment
197 Inferno Byxis
198 Pirate Orochi

I like it because it can defeat any of my other beys. Including galaxy pegasas

199 Archer Griffin

Best Beyblade, it beat samurai ifrit, ninja salamander, and twisted tempo

200 Energy Destructor

It defeats any bey with one hit and its speed is 456 mph it also destroy 442 beys in 13 hit (12 secs) I m saying a truth believe me and if you have option please vote

It is the best it has a very balaced tip it throw out galaxypegasus, strorm pegasus it also have 4 modes like bigbang pegasus but it is stronger because it has 33 modes and it also can do left spin and it also keep spining for 15 minuits an it is true it also make stop leon all ldrago an more 3333333 beys in 1 be and it is a true I battle it with my 66 friends!

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