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21 Scythe Kronos

I love him! He is the best he beat a lot, he beat storm pegasus too he beat Vari Ares you should make him #1. Earth eagle is so bad he beat fang leone too. That is my reason he should be first not 27th so... Make him good now! He makes a sonic like noise too you know that's a sign of a good Beyblade.

Scythe Kronos is a great beyblade it wins all the time. It beat Earth Virgo Storm Aquario Big Bang Pegaasus and L-drago Destroy.

Scythe Kronos beats Earth Eagle every single time as well as anybody else he faces. I'm serious, try anybody.

Scythe Kronos in my opinion is an okay bey

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22 Limited Edition Storm Pegasus

It has good looks and can bounce above its opponent's face

Pegasus should be #1 cause he can kick every other bey's @$$es. He's my only bey besides limited edition l drago and I have 45000 bey points MORE VOTES FOR HIM OR ELSE


It is so cool I want to buy it

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23 Rock Aries

rock Aries is good with the canceling attack and can cancel peoples attacks and I was vs him with um oh yeah right with original storm pegasus but it still can defeat storm pegasus so pegsus is pretty bad you think its all good because you know its jingas beyblade from the tv show so that I say rock Aries is the best and storm Pegasus sucks kind of and I do not like pegasus that much I think he sucks really bad and I think rock aries shouldn't be 7th I think it should be 2nd because it should be second because earth eagle should be first to because it has the best defense tip it is large and so if a beyblade attacks earth eagle could still stay

Rock aries is best it has stamina and balance I beat l drago poison serpent and galaxy pagasis in one battle so he really rocks and always won my classmates and I have twenty thousand bey points

When I used my Rock Aries against my friend's Rock Leone, Rock Aries won in 30 seconds. VOTE ARIES!

I love your rocker Aries

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24 Fang Leone

Fang Leone rocks! Come on, 25 place? Fang Leone isn't THAT bad. He rocks! He at least deserves to be 5th! Ok so maybe his tip isn't the best defense tip but he deserves better than this. Kyoya would be mad at you people!

He should be 2nd he chipped some metal off of ballset horgem
Come on 25th place your kidding me

I'm holding ths Beyblade metal fury in my hand, it's the best Beyblade I have! You should consder getting it! Leone should be 3rd place,2nd:l-drago destroy,1st:bigbang pegasus. Its one of the biggest Beyblade tops in the world! I recommend it!

Fang leone is not very good it defense is not very good

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25 Storm Aquario

Absolutely my best bey. It beat storm pegasis and lightning l-Drago at the same time.

I really didn't think that aquario was good but when my cousin battled with me he beat both my earth eagle and my rock leon that I thought they were invincible... its great because it recovers balance and has a great attack

Aquario crushed big bang Pegasus last night and it broke! Aqario is truly the best bey blade!

Its an excellent bey I also have one

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26 Gravity Perseus

He has gotta be the top ten man he is the best beyblade in the entire world he will beat any bey up there he can even beat earth eagle

Left spin counter mode = EPIC
Average defense brilliant attack

Epically beats every one of my Beybladess! Left and right rotating makes it AWESOME!

I have a limited addition one and it rocks in battle!

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27 Phantom Orion B:D

Phantom orion is the best bey it deserve to be part of the top ten and not at 33th place and it can spin for more than 7 minutes plus has even more balance and stamina than earth eagle and when hand spun it can act like a zombie. Oh and phantom and bd are top tier stamina parts and arguably the best in stamina

Phantom Orion Normally spins for 7 or 8 Mins and it can beat Every bey on this list and he looks awesome!

Guys there is this defense combo that is supposed to beat every bey. It was amazing, but when I spun it with my cousins orion it destroyed the defense combo like nothing. Get orion because it is the best. THIS BEY DESERVES MORE! Come on guys this is the best, I'm stuck here figuring out how to beat it. If its not the best bey, than tell me what is.

The best tip ever

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28 L-Drago Destroy

It's rubber part will increase stamina and it is good with the sharp performance tip it changes into! So it should be way up on ranking and not 26!

l drago destroy will destroy all of your beyblades so don't hate appreciate he will defeat fang leone and earth eagle so vote for him or else I will mess you up

L-Drago is a total beast. He's an attack type so he pack immense power. His whole flat part tip allows for rapid movement to strike any bey in the stadium. His rubber and metal frame gives massive smash attacks. His tip switches to a survival mode on it own when he begins to run out of spin. And being a left spin he steal power from every right spin bey in the arena. Without question, the best bey.

OP broke my rock leone - tying

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29 Rock Zurafa

Rock Zurafa is stronger than Ray Sticker, Sol blaze, Grand Cetus, Rock Pegasus, Storm Pegasus, and Storm fireblaze.

Rock Zurafa, s spin track is made out of rubber and it, s a defense type

I love Rock Zurafa you guys might hate it but I love it, it's so cool.

It is way cooler than twisted tempo and should be no1

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30 Thermal Pisces

It's a very good Bey. I can beat most Beys with it and it has extreme stamina. Its tip is very useful and this is one of few beys I have not customized.

It's the best it can storm out any beys like earth eagle it is made up of stamina its spinning makes others uncomfortable at seeing

Thermal Pisces is the BEST. It beats storm Pegasus, storm aquario, earth virgo, and burn fireblaze. Everybody vote for this beyblade because it is number 1.

Thermal pisces rock to the core get him he'll beat your best bey

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31 Variares

Left and right spinning, EPIC! Left spinning Beyblades can steal spin and defeat everyone!

Variares is the best bey in the world. He can change modes while he is spinning. Vote for Variares .

I think he is the best because he is a left and right spinning bey a 2nd Beyblade the can do it. It is just like gravity persues. Vari Ares so cool and awesome so I think he should 1 of the top 20 best bey in 4d's

He is the strongest in battle changes mode whilst spining

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32 Black Sun Galaxy Pegasus (Limited Edition)

This is a really good bey I recommend you get one. It beat my earth eagle and galaxy pegasus it is really good plus it is almost the rarest bey so please vote here.

This is definitely the best Beyblade in history it can smoke anyone (plus it looks cool)


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33 Ray Striker

I love ray striker because he can beat poison serpent rock leone flame sagittario earth virgo dark wolf and evil pisces.

Ray striker can beat thermal pisces, galaxy Pegasus, and others because of all of his strength He also beat most of my other beys which I'm not telling you who, but out all my beys ray striker was the one bet that has dominated all of my other beys, so I say ray striker should be numera uno. BEY BLADE LET IT RIP!

Ray Unicorno, or Ray Striker, is the best Beyblade out there no matter what. It's performance tip allows it to last long time and to make it very aggresive. If you can rip the ripcord very hard, it'll be almost 4 minutes. It's attack stat is 12, but it's highly underestimated. It attack should belong in the 15 attacks, it can beat L Dragon, Pegasus, or Earth Eagle. If you aim toward the general direction of the wall, then it will spin at incredible speeds zipping around the stadium knocking every other Beyblade out. Other Beyblades don't stand a chance against this one.

I used mine so much I turned it to balance?

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34 Jade Jupiter

Awesome he's the best bey in the world get it now very rare anyone can have him now.

I love it because it is so cool. It can spin forever. Once it was battling galaxy pegasus right after it was riped it it hit pegasus and knocked it out of the stadium on the first hit!

He's the best Beyblade it has really good defense and get it now!

Beets every one of my beys

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35 Flame Serpent

Flame serpent has great attack and defense power its all ready beating every beyblade I've have act set flame byxis. In beyblade episode 19. Flame serpents performance tip is Clear White defense tip instead of a flat performance tip.

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36 Prototype Nemesis

Even though this bey sucks without his Stadium, if you have this stadium you will win every battle.

I have one that spins for five minutes.

It never stops spinning. Its truly the best Beyblade. If you don't believe... Not my problem. All I know, is that it's the best!

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37 Flame Sagittario

He is my all time favorite if you just take away his spin track you have to admit it isn't that bad please vote sagittario

Flame sagittario is the best bey blade eve! It defeated my earth eagle, hell kerbecs, flame libra, dark wolf, lightning l-drago and storm pegasus. It is a stamina type bey

Flame Sagittario has a good stamina.
The flame claws are defense.
The Beyblade won vs Rock leone, Hades Kerbecs and Flame Libra.

It is an excellent BEY. It deserves to be in the top five

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38 Wing Pegasus

I think wing pegasus is the best he beat rock leone in 2 second that was so so awesome god he should be number he beat the carp out of the sun of a gun

Good Beyblade he's to prototype nemesis in all roundsis a beast and are the best Beyblade in attack and have a good defense an a moderate stamina for me is the best Beyblade. IS the bes

He is the best I found him in a rock he beat all my beys I still haven't mastered its power yet

39 Counter Leone

Counter leone is the best it's defense and balance makes it good it beat my friends cyber pegasus and thermal pisces and dark bull sorry if I spelled any words wrong thanks and get leone and vote for leone

Counter leone is a superb bey because me and my friend battle every week and always my counter leone is win I recommended you to vote counter leone more and more

I love counter leone because me and my friends battle and my counter leone always wins against my friend Lucass Japanese rock leone and earth eagle

Counter leone has beet all my Beyblades vote for counter leone

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40 Vulcan Horuseus

This bey is the best beyblade in the entire world you should buy it I mean it the best beyblade ever good stamina

Vulcan horuseus is so strong that at a tornament in the finale round against earth eagle horuseus smashed eagle in one hit and bam eagle got sent flying into a wall and it made so big of a hole in the wall that eagle got stuck in the wall and it could't get out.

I love Vulcan horuseus because I have it and I have a rock leone. It is amazing because rock leone is way stronger and vulcan heruseus can smash it. Oh and I also think you should bye it because you will love it

It's the Best

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