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41 Flame Byxis

I've beaten evey beyblade so far with this blade. It all ready beaten my earth eagle 5 times just with tiny little hits and throwing it off balance. It all ready beaten my rock leone, dark bull fury capicorn, hades kerbecs lighting l-drago, storm pegasus, earth virgo, evil befall, poison serpent, poison lacerta, rock orso, thunder libra, galaxy pegasus, ray stiker, rock griffe, thermal lacerta and last thermal gemios.

This bey has INCREDIBLE stamina and agility I have never seen before it has beaten Galaxy Pegasus, Ray Striker and Dark Wolf SEVERAL TIMES

This is a good Beyblade it has good balance he should be in second of this stupid list!


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42 Burn Phoenix

I always love phoenix because I can beat anybody even the most powerful Beyblade if you wanna fight let's do it

It is a very good stamina bey
I have burn phoenix that can beat all ldrago leone and even pegasis in 1 hit

43 Rock Orso

I like my rock orso because he dives down at the tips

Bought my rock orso last week beats my friends storm pegasus, leon the lion and earth eagle every time

I personally favor all Beyblade with the fusion wheel of Rock, but when I first battled with my Rock Orso, I knew it could take down every other Rock Bey within seconds.

Orso's a beast! He beat my friends hell kerbecs... Earth eagle... And beat lynx.. I couldn't have asked for a better bey

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44 Grand Capricorn

The bey who defeated masamune kadoya beyblade AKA Ray Striker and AKA Ray Unicorn

Grand Capricorn is extreme. It hits so badly that the opponent gets badly beaten.

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45 Cosmic Pegasus

Cosmic Pegasus is like the best beyblade in the world why because Rock Leone or Earth Eagle never beat this beyblade because this bey has amazing attack and this bey's fusion wheel can make the other bey in the penalty pockets I'm not lying watch the BeybladeGeeks and that will and even you people say Hasbro sucks but in BeyWheelz they made Light Luancher 2 so be happy people and don't say this language to Hasbro so stop being mean to people Hasbro is awesome you people are the worst and who created this list

So rong this bey beat my galaxy pegasus, cyber pegasus, rock pegasus, and earth eagle whoever put cosmic pegasus in 56 is a ding dong

This is awesome it gave my rock zurafa a stadium out in 1 single hit.

What a beyond it beats my friend 2beys by spinning only one times in final drive mode

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46 Rock Pegasus

He is pretty awesome you must admit he gets under his opponents plus he has good attack defense vote for rock pegasus!

Rock pegasus rocks. It's low spin track helps it to hit beys on the spin track and make them lose balance.

He is my first bey When I ripped him he spun for like 2 min.

When I got rock pegasus. I won every battle and he was my favorite and still is please buy him and vote for him

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47 Ultimate Gravity Destroyer Attack

This Beyblade is very cool. It is the ultimate of gravity destroyer

I got this guy and he is a beast. The other beys have no chances against him. You hear me I could fight every Bey here and I will still smoke you. B.E.A.S.T.


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48 Phantom Orion

Phantom Orion is the beast at everything. Every time I used It never ever lost in a battle. Also it has the greatest amount of stamina, and attack, it is so awesome.

Phantom orion is the best, it has many stamina on it and when I battled it with my 43 beys it won! He should be in 1st place

Phantom Orion is beast! Its excellent stamina and balance makes it the bey to beat. No one can beat it! Not even Earth Eagle. I recommend you get this Beyblade

Mine has never lost

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49 Grand Cetus

Good defense type. Kills poison Scorpio, really good bey. I've seen it and it rocks. If you try hard enough you might be able to beat burn fire-blaze.


Grand Cetus is a baws! I have pwned everyone I've played with this lethal weapon, I prefer the blue one though.

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50 Sol Blaze

Sol Blaze is awesome I am going to buy on Christmas it can beat so much beyblades at once it can Dark Wolf, Flame Sagatatario, Burn Fireblaze, Dark Bull and Big Bang Pegisis all at the same time.

This beyblade is so awesome. It beat my little brothers basalt horogium in 2 hits.

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51 Dark Gasher

Dark gasher is more then powerful from other Beyblades he wins with galaxy pegasus, meteo ldago and earth eagle so I like him.

52 Galaxy Striker

I like him because he beat every one o my beyblades incluiding jade jupiter

53 Lightning L-Drago

Lightning L-Drago is should be no. 1 because it was my first bey and my friend has Poison Serpent and Grand Capricorn and I vs him when he put both of his beys in and I still owned him up with just Lightning L-Drago hitting them both in about 2-3 shots each.

It spins to the left and it can defeat all 20 beys that I have so it is the best

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54 Murcury Anubis

Love its special move brave impact want it so bad

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55 Earth Wolf

Earth wolf is awesome! Out of the eight beys I have (burn fireblaze, galaxy pegasus, meteo L drago, lightning l drago, inferno sagatario, gravity destroyer, rock leone, and of coarse earth wolf) earth wolf is the best, it beat all my Beyblades when I tested it out on my duo launcher which can launch two Beyblades at once it beat all my Beyblades, it has immense attack and it's fusion wheel gives it high stamina. Please vote for this bey.

It is beast! It can beat earth virgo earth eagle and it crushes the fudging diddley out of HADES KERBECS IT IS THE BEST OUT OF THIS WORLD AWESOMEST Beyblade IN THE WHOLE HISTORY OF BeybladeS

Is nice I beat earthvirgo, counter leone, rock surafa, sonic leone, flame bull, and gravity destroyer.

Earth wolf is a incredible bey its got fantastic defense and great balance

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56 Death Quetzalcoatl

This is the best bey with a thunder leone performance tip because it can be the first bey ripped and still beat hades kerbecs and thermal pisces with the thunder leone p tip

This is the most powerful bey ever. Because it is a heavy bey. It has a rubbery base tip. It is the rdf-rubbery defense flat. It is good for combo. That's why it is so powerful. Please use this bey.

This bey has amazing stamina and I think this bey is number 1.

So cool mix between death queztlqoutl and varieres fave bey ever

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57 Night Virgo

He's my best bey... He has beat every bey I own... WHICH THAT IS 47 BeybladeS

It is the best bey it can beat any beylike cosmic pegasus it makes him fly of the stage

58 Storm Aries

It has a special ability of jumping and spinning very fast so it had even beaten rock leone

59 Torch Gemios

This Beyblade beating galaxy pegasus it bating l drago even it beating storm pegasus

60 Vulcan Serpent

So awesome, breaks Beyblades

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