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61 Blitz Unicorno

He is ranked number 1 metal wheel for attack by the wbo due to his unique shape I might get but if your into attack beys I highly recommend blitz unicorno

It has best attack of all Beyblades in existence.

I have this bey I beat my brothers rare Jade Jupiter in attack mode and in barrage mode it was a epic battle. You should buy this bey I got it in 4D be a bro.

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62 Hades Kerbecs

Hades kerbecs can beat all these Beyblades I use to have him I lost him he beat eart eagle please vote for me

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63 Ultimate Eagle
64 Kreis Cygnus

Its very good, with a special metal wheel and cool energy ring.

I always kill my other beys with it

His bey energy ring spins a different direction from the metal whell

Has beat phantom orion, flash saggitirio, diabo nemesis and many more

65 Killer Beafowl
66 Thermal Lacerta

Thermal lacerta is a amazing bey bey blade to do its amazing abilitys it can fend of attacks with its spin track also it is amazing in all levels it has great attack and stamina because it has hole flat iv only lost 4 times with lacerta. The best win I ever had with is is when I broke one of my oppoents dark bulls spin track what a great battle LACERTA FOR THE WIN

I don't understand why some beys it thrashed are higher, like cetus, ray gil, zurafa, befall, and pegasus

This is my first bey this is what got me into beyblading in my school iv'e beat 17 peaple is 2 min

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67 Dark Cancer

Dark cancer Is a good bey can you believe it he beats my other bey l drago cool
His height is tall

68 Evil Geminos

It is a very good bey with a unique fusion wheel one of the best in my opinion. It is also my zodiac sign. Go gemios

69 Fury Capricorn

His performance tip is the best he is a cool bey but I lost him so go buy him.

This bey is the best it has so much attack power thibey has earth eagle, flame fireblaze, rock orso, hell cerbax I even won a school tourement with fithy rounds and I won with fury capricrn

70 Poison Pegasus

Awesome bey! I beat an earth eagle. This bey can spin for at least 2 to 4 minutes.
My next battle is a flame serpent, wish me luck. Flame serpent is the 2nd best in my school. This bey should be #1.
Please vote for this bey.

Poison Pegasus is the best no matter what he's the reason I keep beating every one in my way and he is always going to be at the top he made me beat a ten person battle

Awesome bey made my legend coined leone explode In one hit!

Poison Pegasus sucks bad defense and bad balance

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71 Evil Befall

Evil befall looks cool and it's awesome that it can switch to attack mode and defense mode too. It also has good balance. OF COURSE EVIL BEFALL IS THE BEST Beyblade IN MY OPINION.

Evil befall is the best Beyblade

54! Are you really really serious about this. Ok evil befall not my 1st choice but UW145 and a poison wheel with a maybe diffrent performance tip. My team's name is Flashing Star.

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72 Infinity Libra

It's made out of all of the libra's pretty strong

It is very cool! Awestruck?

73 Tornado Pegasus

He spins for a long time and can beat dark wolf and others. Also, it has a nice looking blade.

He is so tall only another tornado bey can reach him he can just barley beat my earth eagle he can even beat tornado destroyer. He is so strong he will blow your mind.

Its super fast and it beet all of my beys and I have 10

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74 Super Twisted Tempo

He can control gravity. I think one of the strongest.

75 Nightmare Rex

Best bey ever but it wasn't added in one of the shows but I wish it was in show I hope that will happen soon.

That thing is A.M.A.Z.I.N. G it beat burn fireblaze, ultimate gravity destroyer and broke my ray striker please vote for this amazing bey

Dang awesome no questions asked

76 Ray Gil

It is so powerful once the rubber tip wears down and put a metal face on it it can defeat eagle if you know the special move shadow strike (made by me )

Ray gil is really awesome it spins really smoothly its attack is great it has beaten a lot of beys I have this bey and its the best

77 Fire Pegasus
78 Rock Scorpio

This bey is the best. I don't have a delude grip or anything like that but if I did I would have at least 100000 for how many times I've won with it as my only bey. It should be way up at number 1 for how good it is. Vote for scorpio as #1 or I will personally come to your house and spin him into your face and take all your points, if you are even good enough to have more than 2

I have rock scorpio and it is a awesome bey and it is better than my other bey

I have a bey that's almost lik this it's called counter Scorpio and if use the Scorpio piece with another combination it wil rule and rock Scorpio sounds awfully good don't under estimate Scorpio ps if you don't it will get mad at you so watch out

ROCK SCORPIO is my fave that's why I'm gonna buy it

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79 Galaxy Destroyer
80 Ray Unicorno

Hey guys! This is going to really impress you all! He defeated Earth Virgo, Rock Aries, Storm Pegasus, Meteor l Drago and most of my beys. It even defeated my favourite bey rock leone and galaxy pegasus in k.O. in just 7 seconds!

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