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81 Poison Zurafa

It's to awesome it can beat lots of my beys and my beys are strong

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82 Guardian L Drago

I have a Guardian L Drago and it has THE BEST ATTACK, STAMINA, defense in my opinion Guardian L Drago is the best and when I tried it it knocked out 3 Beyblades in 2 attacks in the absorb mode. The three Beyblades were- Storm Pegasus, Poison serpent and my Flame Libra who are my 3 best Beyblades till I got Guardian L Drago. So EVERYONE VOTE FOR Guardian L Drago!

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83 Beat Lynx

Beat lynx is so strong it sent my kronos Jupiter ice titan lions and pegasus out at the same time

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84 Diablo Nemisis

What! Diablo is the best bey in the even defeated phantom orion the ex-champion of beys!

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85 Fusion Hades

The most boss Beyblade. It can beat Diablo nemisis and phantom Orion.

I have him and he beat kerbeks. He should be in the top 10 instead of ninety!

This beyrocks it is the best it will beat diablo nemesis and it has two awesome modes
It looks so cool it is the best bey ever in the whole world it just can't be beat it is the best best best and it csannot lose

86 Midnight Bull
87 Storm Fireblaze
88 Omega Dragonis
89 Storm Pegasus

I like his colour it is short I have it I have beaten the earth eagle in a attack it dashes the earth eagle in its tip and I have won it

Storm Pegasus is more likely to be the Beyblade that is crap it sucks like hell you other voters suck

I like him because he is very good
Blue, little but is very strong
Please vote for storm Pegasus
Jacques van den heuvel Pretoria moregloed

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90 L-Drago Destructor

I have it it is so good it can smash all my beys it has two modes they are absorb mode and attack mode. I wonder why it's standing in this position it should be no1

One bey of the three beys that can beat diablo nemesis this should actually come to the third place

It is a very awesome bey

91 Thunder Wolf
92 Thermal Virgo
93 Earth Kerbecs

Big awesome battle earth kerbecs and twisted tempo

94 Escolpio
95 Grand Ketos
96 Poison Scorpio

He is awesome I like him because he gives rapid attacks
And he is mixed with all types he is always winning.

Dude he is awesome if you mix his tip with storm fireblaze
and he looks awesome.

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97 Dark Orso

So awesome! It IS invincible! It beat hell kerbecs, basalt horogium, poison serpent, AND earth eagle in one hit!

98 Ultimate Pisces
99 Flash Sagittario

This is my favourite bey and is the best bey in the whole world

Vote for this bey everyone please

The flash fusion wheel in attack mode is one of the best at attack. It rocks

Really AWESOME! It has a very tall spin track and dosen t even budge if any bey attacks its spin track! Please vote! He is undefeated!

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100 Ultimate Fireblaze
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