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101 Meteo Eagle
102 Gravity Eagle

Oh! Try this one kids, you'll love it!. Great defense and balance. It can send him flying! Forget those cetus, pegasus, pisces everything. This one can do your homework.

103 Ray Zurafa
104 Kerbecs Blade Blast
105 Samurai Ifrit V 1 Comment
106 Diablo Pegasus V 1 Comment
107 Evil Pisces

Evil Pisces deserves better than this! He beats Earth Eagle almost every time! He is the best bey ever and deserves number one! He also beats Earth Virgo every time! Please vote for Evil Pisces!

Evil pisces should be higher than twisted tempo because my pisces always beats him. Thermal lacerta also sucks and galaxy pegasus even though I have him

Evil prices has beat poison pegasus galaxy pegasus earth vigro earth eagle ray striker flame byxis and many more so vote for him!

And don't forget to vote for him

Hello, I am in love with him. This Beyblade beat earth eagle.

108 Bakushin Susanoo

You have to vote for bakushin susano his tilted fusion wheel can make beys
Like earth wolf fly and also it can rip lightning l Drago apart with ease and because of the low fusion wheel it can avoid l dragons spin steeling also{susano is spelled wrong in the title) also he can demolish all the best above it and can do a dealdly smash attack. THAT BEY Literally Dissasembled my original Lightning L Drago!

V 1 Comment
109 Cyclone Herculeo

The best blade EVER! It beat Ray Striker in ONE hit! I also beat other kids at my school. You should really buy this one.

Cyclone herculeos it the awesomest bey it beat ray strike, cyber pegesus and it looked great doing it.

I want this Beyblade I really like cyclone need it bad

I have it it rocks

It beat all of my friends beyblades even when they used gun launchers

V 4 Comments
110 Dark Pegasus V 1 Comment
111 Thunder Leone

It's spin track is so cool

112 Storm Capricorn

It is the best bey From my collections. I have 70 beys. In this Capricorn always win. It have best stamina, Attack and balance power

The attack of the bey is awesome and the stamina is great. I defeated storm pegaus, white cutus with this bey ok.

113 Burn Striker

This is one of my favorite beys.
I have 27 beys and it beat all of them at the same time. Even hades kerbecs and diablo nemasis. And the best part was when my friends did a batle on of them had 50 bey and burn striker won the batle

V 1 Comment
114 Big Bang Takafumi

This bey is not real, but if it was, it would be the tallest Beyblade on earth! The spin track, 1403, may make the bey have terrible balance, but they bey would relate to Big Bang Pegasus. Overall, this bey is not too good since it was specially made for Takafumi Adachi. No one can ever buy this bey.

115 Spiral Capricorn

What is wrong with you guys this bey sucks its not strong at all it just broke when I battled

I love spiral capricorn is the best bey I ever had it spins so long the bey fighting it looses its staimina it spins very fast.

116 Earth Byxis
117 Dark Libra

This beyblade is AWESOME it beat gravity destroyer, hell kerbecs, earth eagle and l-drago destroy at once

118 Legend Night Virgo
119 Inferno Sagittario

This is the best stamina Bey from my collection.
Is very good against defense / attack / balance.

Let it rip!

I love how when it starts spinning out, it starts to attack the spin track and performance tip.

120 Thunder Libra
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