Top 10 Strongest Beyblade Metal Fusion Tops


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141 Thermal Orso

It is just as earth eagle and when it spins it appears as earth eagle but it is more stronger than it in attack and defense. So just take these parts and combine it and you will get the greatest blade. I and my friends made it with great research. So just try it and crush your opponents.

142 Counter Scorpio

I love this bey because I just got it and he always beats all my beys he looks so cool he is so cool my sisters who are very girl like want to use him I like it better than any thing ever.P. S vote for this sweet cool strong thing it will blow your mind like it did to me.

I have him he beat every othe Beyblade I own he even beat burn fireblaze, rock gasher, limited edition lightning ldrago, rock leone, storm leone, dark bull rock aries and many many more

143 Burn Wolf
144 Spiral Lyre

I think spiral lyre awesome because did you see his attack moves

145 Lightning Pegasus
146 White Lightning L Drago
147 Earth Leone

Best it got customized it can beat every beyblade even earth eagle so please rate you need earth eagle and rock leone rate please so try it out

148 Hyper Orso
149 Hell Beelzebub

Hades kerbecs has two modes and is very strong I say hey is one of the best

150 Galaxy Sagittario
151 Earth Pegasus

It has very high attack power and defense. It has beaten earth Virgo, storm Pegasus, rock Scorpio, rock Leon, dark cancer, meteo l drago, lightning l drago, poison serpent, flame libra,

152 Dark Aquario
153 Dark Leone
154 Tornado Leone
155 Pirates Orojya

He's got great attack and defense. He has a great performance
tip that can attack and has good stamina. HE IS SO AWESOME.

156 Spiral Fox

Really good bey! He can take earth eagle out of the stadium. You should really try this Beyblade!

Very good bey. It can outlast vulcan horoseus, withstand spiral lyre, and occasionally beat earth eagle. You should give this bey a try!

157 Earth Scorpio
158 Pegasus Jumper
159 Bakushin Susanow

Amazing attack, good stamina, huge fusion wheel, buy it now!

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160 Electro Pegasus

He beat kerbecs blade blast he is okay but he also beat bakushin shinsoo but bakushin sinsoo is kind of very very bad

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