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161 Samurai Pegasis

This bey blade defeats all my other beyblades it is absolutely the best bey blade ever.

It is awesome. It is the top legendary bey in
Beyblade shogun steel

It has all the legendry bladers pwer it's a bey of shougun steel pleas vote for it

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162 Jade Pegasis
163 Calamity Raven
164 Legend Thunder Libra

This bey beats all of the other beys at my school. He is so cool. He beat 3 beys at ones

165 Inferno Gasher
166 Bakushin Beelzeb
167 Storm Pisces
168 Diablo L-drago

Its awesome you can spin it to left and you can change to attack mode and ultimate balance mode. It defeated rock leone earth eagle galaxy pegasus. Even it can defeat vulcan horuseus

169 Galaxy Virgo
170 Legend Midnight Bull

This guy is awesome he has all the best parts for any type. That's why he's a balance type. He is so awesome and you should definitely get him.

171 Cyber Aquario
172 Rock Capricorn
173 Legend Cyber Pegasus
174 Galaxy Pisces

It is the worst bey in the world

175 Poison Virgo
176 Rey Serpent

He has bet earth eagle twisted tempo and 27 other beys

177 L Drago Cyclone Destroyer

L DRAGO spins for sometime but it have very power

My l drago spins sometimes but it have much power

178 Ultimate Meteo L Drago Assault

It is th coolest bey I ever had in terms of look

179 Storm Scorpio

This bey is awesome no matter what it beats all my other beys including spiral capricorn and earth eagle, rock leone, galaxey pegasus, and ALL MY L DRAGOS

180 Legend Midnight Serpent
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