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1 Ichigo Kurosaki Ichigo Kurosaki Ichigo Kurosaki is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

Ichigo defeated Aizen so he should be at least near the top 5 not only that he can defeat all the captains and everyone in the soul society. He is always getting beat up but he always finds a way to win. Coyote stark should be numer 6 because 1 he has a very obvious weakness and got defeated by a captain. So if coyote stark espada 1 and got taken out by a captain imagine what ichigo can do! If there is a way to put ichigo in the top 5 please bring him up.

He is the main character so its obvious he should be number 1 and he beat every single enemy he had

He is truly the strongest because the captains of the soul society were indeed strong and trained for years and had skills but ichigo didn't have a lot of training but manages to surpass most of them in no time. He also has hollow powers of his own, also every battle he's fought he becomes stronger and could have defeated Aizen if not for the hogocu's powers merging with his.

He defeated aizen who was stronger than haed captain

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2 Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto

Aizen said it himself Yamamoto would have beat him if it wasn't for wonderweis. Juha Bach only beat him using cheap tricks their is no way he would lose to Juha Bach. Also Yamamoto was blamed by mayuri kurotsuchi for not killing juha bach a 1000 years ago hinting he beat him before. Juha Bach even stated he is much weaker than what he was a 1000 years ago. The only people who may beat him are the royal guards. The only person capable of beating him is the SOUL KING himself.

Aizen stabbed him straight through the stomach and he didn't even flinch, he sacrificed an attack to be sure aizen won't trick him.badaas

Yamamoto is the Captain Commander of the entire Gotei 13. He's been around for 1000 years. His Shikai burns everything. His Bankai wipes everything out of existance, burning it all, having the power to destroy the entire Soul Society! - SuperSnake7

And yet... Yawch smashed him.

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3 Sosuke Aizen Sosuke Aizen

He's such a troll, but I love him. I don't even know why Ichigo is in the top ten. One minute he's getting his ass kicked and the next, he's randomly powered up out of nowhere. If it wasn't for him being the main character, he would have died way in the beginning during the Soul Society Arc when Aizen stopped his zanpakutou with one finger and then nearly cut him in half. Also, we all know if it wasn't for Urahara's surprise appearance, Aizen would have totally beat Ichigo.

Obliterating nearly the whole soul society. HOW THE HECK CAN YOU NOT CALL THAT STRONG?!

Aizen is the strongest. he defeated many captains without even breaking a sweat even ichigo had second thoughts on fighting him because he knew it was impossible to defeat him

Tell me this guy is not overpowering. He stopped ichigos bankai with one finger in season three! Although ichigo beats him in the end, he was the strongest person before the last season

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4 Kenpachi Zaraki

Zaraki Kenpachi IS the strongest in all of Soul Society. Look at it this way: In the beginning when he fought Ichigo, he could've killed him with not a sweat at all! The only reason for him losing to the main Character is because he loves to pro-lounge a good fight. He also took down Nnoitra, Espada 5. He even took down his own Clone who was apparently "stronger" with not much of a sweat, really. And he's the only one in the Anime I've seen do a one hit kill on TWO strong guys, stating the one boring. He also had three Quincy's dead on his back and the Zanpakuto through them, which not even Byakuya or any other Captains could deal with. Final, He did kill the first Kenpachi and heard his Zanpakuto speak for the very first time. What we might even know, is that he got a Shikai by now, maybe even Bankai. If not now, he will gain the rank for the strongest Shinigami/Bleach character after we learn about his Zanpakuto.

Dude this guy's INSANE, I don't know how he didn't at least make it into top five. He's already super overpowered as it is, but to make things even more insane, he won't ever stop fighting because he loves it so much. You cut him, he laughs. Definitely strong dontcha think?

He defeated the first Kenpachi when he was just a kid who didn't even know his own swords name. - Shaantar

He is the most powerful. he can beat 2 captains in bankai with just his zanpakuto in sealed form

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5 Kisuke Urahara Kisuke Urahara

Kisuke Urahara is extremely powerful. I only ranked him eighth because we haven't seen his full power. Without a doubt the most intelligent person in the entire series, and a master of Kido second only to Unohana, Kisuke Urahara is immensely powerful. - SuperSnake7

Shouldn't vote because we haven't seen him at his best. We know he can fight without breaking a sweat, he made it to captain easily, but he is the smartest character and most deceiving. He seems to pull all the strings and always comes out on top.

While I vote for him, I don't think we can put him or Ichigo on this poll for one reason. They haven't shown or reached their full potential. Let's be honest, Kisuke is known to be a master at everything and Ichigo is still very young and inexperienced. Kisuke hasn't even shown his bankai yet, and he only used his shikai against Aizen and managed to claim victory by setting up a plan that would have used Ichigo to weaken Aizen shows that he's also a pure genius. While I may be wrong, this is my opinion on this badass man.

Kisuke would have defeated Aizen if it wasn't for the Hogyoku, Which Kisuke created, Basically Kisuke created what could have destroyed everyone in Bleach if it wasn't for HIS sealing technique. He trolled the entire series.
With prep time he is legit unstoppable, without his troll, He is still as fast as Yoruichi, as experience as Shunsui, as strong as Isshin, SMARTER than Mayuri, Better at Kido than Hachi (Who defeated Barragan) I mean come on this guy is just a Beast. Ulquiorra didn't want to fight him and Ulq was probably stronger than Starkk at his 2nd ressurection.

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6 Yhwach

Should be at least number 2! With Ichigo being number 1 because... well...Plot armor

This guy has some of the most broken abilities in all of fiction. - ImJustSaiyan

Isn't he like op?

He demolished Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto sliced him in half and then went toe-to-toe with Ichigo Kurasaki and gives him a run for his money.

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7 Shunsui Kyoraku Shunsui Kyoraku

Shunsui Kyoraku is probably the third strongest person in Soul Society. The first student taught by Yamamoto, he's one of the strongest Shinigami alive. He defeated Coyote Starrk, the first Espada and arguably the strongest, with only his Shikai, whereas Soifon, Hitsugaya, Ichigo and Byakuya had to go into Bankai to defeat their Espada opponents, with the first two still not being able to beat their foes. - SuperSnake7

Just the most mysterious Captain, and almost the strongest.

Ukitake did nothing but absorb a few ceros and Love and Rose dealt no damage onto Stark even though they got a few hits in... Starks hierro was that strong. Kyoraku was the only one who dealt significant damage.

The strongest without no power stealing or anything. he is funny but also deadly
his bankai can kill yama old man or aizen

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8 Byakuya Kuchiki

Senbonzakura has the potential to destroy a building with just one swing. Besides, it's hinted all throughout the series that he's on equal strenght with Kenpachi Zaraki, differences are their intellect. I bet these two will form the future "Elite of the Elite" like Shunsui, Unohana and Ukitake do right now.

Besides, he has an army of squealing fangirls

God he should be first because of his immense speed and attitude!

He is strong and his fast and deadly

His Speed, intellect, fighting skills/tactics, kido, spiritual pressure, all some of the highest in the soul society, behind only Yamamoto and Kenpatchi
Senbonzakura is my personal favorite Zanpakto in Bleach. It has an incredible Bankai and a vast aray of different attacks and
abilities as well as being the most stylish Bankai in the series.
And on just coolness alone, BK is the coldest dude in Bleach.

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9 Retsu/Yachiru Unohana

Unohana is one of the founding members of the Gotei 13, the first Kenpachi. She's the only person Kenpachi ever admired. She's strong enough to make even Shunsui and Ukitake scared. Being the most diabolical criminal in Soul Society's history, the inventor of "the art of killing" and being the greatest Kido Master in Soul Society's history makes Unohana truly someone to be feared. - SuperSnake7

Smart. Well-rounded powers, able to heal and hurt. Psychotic, but still intelligent. Power is being well-endowed in every aspect, and Unohana knows her stuff.

I love unohana, she was always my favorite character even before her reveal of being a crazed serial killer, but she is extremely powerful, being the first kenpachi and all. Besides being sweet and motherly she is sensible versatile and has enormous amounts of reishi, I don't think kubo should have killed her of for zaraki's spotlight... she had such good development going on :(

Too damn powerful.. maybe in a straight fight.. she will obliterate everyone.. evenn yamamoto

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10 Aizen

Who the hell put this guy on here twice?

In the end he is immortal making him a god, he can be defeated but not killed as shown when he was hit by ichigo's mugetsu at full power. His zanpakto its self made the whole soul society it self fear him saying "that he can not beaten by any of the captains".

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11 Coyote Starrk

Coyote Starrk is the strongest Espada, who fought four captains. He took down two ex-Captain Visoreds at the same time, and proved to be an equal to Shunsui. According to him, Shunsui would've had to use Bankai to stop Starrk if not for Ukitake. - SuperSnake7

Hi lost only because he do not want to fight really.

I thought he had more potential than he showed.

Bad ass cowboy

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12 Ulquiorra Cifer

Dude. He killed ichigo. And would be the number 1 espada if aizen seen his second form. Come on now

How isn't he in the top ten if ulquiorra is so strong

How id he, Ulquiorra, ULQUIORRA CIFER, THE ULQUIORRA CIFER, not, NOT, in the top 10?! I... Can't believe it?! Are you kidding me?! You must be insane?!

Best character

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13 Jugram Haschwalth Jugram Haschwalth V 1 Comment
14 Ichibei Hyosube

Everything black that exists iin this world bends to his whim.

15 Oetsu Nimaiya

Oetsu Nimaiya is a member of the recently revealed Royal Guard. He's the inventor of the Zanpakuto. If that doesn't scream that he's one of the strongest, I don't know what does. - SuperSnake7

This guy should be in the top 6. Took down 2 of the quincies with no trouble.

Severely overrated, and is of no real use. He sliced only thtough element of surprise, and later just got stomped not one but two times.

16 Renji Abarai Renji Abarai

His monkey is a beast, that's all. And I'm a troll.

Giant snake sword duh

He's surpassed aizen

He has the coolest bankai and he is so deal with it!

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17 Yoruichi Shihoin Yoruichi Shihoin

I actually agree with most of this list surprisingly its spot on except I believe that Yoruichi should be somewhere in the top 10 just not sure where.

Yoruichi is definitely stronger than any eight out of ten captains... She cracked Aizen heiro with her fist and no weapon

Mysterious, and with abilities no one else has anything similar to.

She has nice big boobs

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18 Shinji Hirako

Shinji is the leader of the Visoreds. If not for the fact that we really haven't seen a lot from him, I would've put him at about Tenjiro's position. He manipulates the senses in a way that makes sword fighting impossible, and would confuse even the greatest swordsmen, like Yamamoto and Kenpachi. - SuperSnake7

We haven't even seen his bankai, nor have we seen him combine his mask with any of his sword abilities. Aizen made him seem weak, but you guys all forget that Aizen is the biggest troll with the biggest HAX ability. On any other opponent, Shinji's shikai itself would have been enough to crush ANY opponent, captain or not. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of your senses is inverted. It'd be insanely hard just to walk forward. You might think you're walking forward, but for all we know you're walking backwards. You can't coordinate attacks, defense, timings, anything!

Shinji is actualy the strongest, IF and that's a big IF, its in the game and not in the series. In the game his Vanguard form really is op as f

What in the world he should be in the top ten. He almost defeated Aizen. The power of his zanpakuto sakanade is flat out amazing

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19 Isshin Kurosaki

With a flick of his fingers he sent Aizen flying... Plus he hasn't even recovered all his lost shinigami powers yet, the guy is terrifying

We barely know anything of his powers! I have a feeling he is so strong, imagine when we see his bankai

How is Isshin kurosaki even so low the guy could take Izzen at full power without releasing shikai never mind bankai. He sould be at least 5th.

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20 Juushirou Ukitake

Come on guys... He is one of the first captains, on par with kyoraku... Should be at least in top 10

Dude is sick never needs his bankai I think he would be the head captain if he wasnt so ill

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