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21 Lille Barro Lille Barro

No need to explain, this guy is the best quincy ( without considerating haschwalth and yhwach ), his power is insane, still alive after being striked by shunsui's bankai, nearly-perfect spiritual weapon, strange but dope vollstandig, Kubo should put forward lille and the others

22 Arturo Plateado

To be honest I don't know anything about bleach my cousin showed me this website

He can become stronger by draining zanpakutous his potential is limitless he was so strong he had to be sealed up because they couldn't kill him just like aizen besides look at those wings

23 Hitsugaya Toshiro

He is smart while battles he is more stronger in this age itself then think about future

Severely overrated due to huge fan base, and is the weakest captain there is.

This dude is one of the strongest captains and should at least be in the top twenty. COME ON!

His Banzai is still at a minimum because he is young. Yet look how strong he is. Once he gets older, he will probably be one of the strongest Captain there is.

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24 Soul King

He should be the strongest because he is the one who invented the soul society

It's in the name soul KING

He is the soul king

25 Tenjiro Kirinji

Another member of the Royal Guard, I really think he's tied with Unohana. He taught her everything she knows about healing, and was fast enough to surprise Soifon, the fastest person in Soul Society, excluding Yoruichi. - SuperSnake7

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26 Kugo Ginjo V 1 Comment
27 Uryu Ishida Uryu Ishida Uryƫ Ishida is a fictional character and major figure in the anime and manga series Bleach created by Tite Kubo.

Antithesis is very strong and cool

He deaf eaters captin in the 3rd season and almost even killed him he should be top 10

Is Yhwach's heir,survived fighting all night long in BASE against haschbrown while the latter was using ALMIGHTY

So underrated... after the Quincy arc he practically could defeat and captain/espada/sternbringer
Think about it, he defeated Haschwalth, and his power practically makes him better then many of the various shinigami. Not to mention his strategic knowledge and the fact he's actually really well versed in all his weapons.

28 Ikkaku Madarame Ikkaku Madarame

He's bald... That's all. He should be the strongest -Keigo's Sister

-only non-captain to have a bankai

29 Askin Nakk Le Vaar

When I saw him, I already thank this guy was going to make some trouble and I was right, the character himself is one the best creations of tite kubo. His power is totally cheated, one single hit to defeat grimmjow and nearly kill the royal guard who invented zanpakuto, it's not luck if he's still alive, it's justified. like valkyrie we are waiting to see their vollstandig who could rank them at the top, even higher than lille

30 Bazz B V 1 Comment
31 Naruto Uzumachi

He is god. He slaughtered everyone in bleach

Naruto is better than every bleach character

He isn't even in bleach

Can solo Bleach universe without breaking a sweat

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32 Torshiro Hitsugaya

I didn't came here to fight, I came here to violently kill you!

Only "The Boss" Would say that

Peace out

33 Grimmjow Grimmjow

He defeated ichigo 2 times and is damn awesome

Grimmjow destroyed Ichigo round 1 and in round 2.

Deserves to be 30, after all the talk about being the strongest he got stomped by askin

What guys he should ast least be 20. If ichigo wasnt the posterboy of bleach he would have been stomped by grimmjow

34 Gerard Valkyrie Gerard Valkyrie

Obviously, I think he will be the last sternritter to be defeated, and the last is always the strongest. Come on guys "The miracle", his power ( still unknown ) could easily ( I think ) rank him at least in the top 20. He's gonna be the quincy's version of kenpachi

35 Shukuro Tsukishima

He almost defeated Byakuya Kuchiki, and lost only due to arrogance. The only person to make even Ichigo cry, And the master of psychological damage.

36 Kensei Muguruma

He is just awesome, his bankai is beast and he has the best hollowfication also he sent ichigo flying as a hollow while he was just normal

This is so disappointing he is not in the top 5, He is probably the strongest visored. Even shinji and the others were nervous while fighting kensei. He easily broke through hachi's kido. He is probably also faster than byakuya yoruichi and soi fon as he was able to catch upto wonderweiss to save mashiro in just a fraction of a second. Vote for him

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37 Barragan Luisenbarn

Did you guys forgot him? He should be in my opinion in the top ten. He can rot everything around him without effort!

Barragan has one of those powera that are almost unbeatable in about all the one on one battles, and his reign over time, especially old age makes him very scary.

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38 Baraggan Louisenbairn
39 Kurosaki Ichigo

At his peak (Getsuga) he was easily able to defeat Aizen Sosuke, a transcendental being at the time. His power grows exponentially, with the recent realization of his 'true' bankai.

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40 Kuchiki Rukia Kuchiki Rukia

She is severely underrated. She's probably the 7th strongest character by now

She is awesome have you guys forgotten. Sode no Shirayaki is great and powerful

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