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41 Jin Karlya
42 Goku

Yeah why is he even in the list. Since your are talking about Goku he can even beat Naruto

He is even stronger then ichigo

He is the strongest in dragon ball and you say Naruto you nuts

He could've been in their universe. Goku beats all - Got6steelers

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43 Komamura Sajin

What he should at least be near the top tens! He just threw tousen! Listen he can kill yamamoto...ever tried burning ground? He is the most underrated captain of all time! Also his new bankai is badass!

44 Captain Teemo

He was there from the beginning to the end, you never saw him, he was just watching and waiting for a time to strike with deadly darts.

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45 Jerome Guizbatt
46 Uchiha Madara

This guy is more best than ichigo

He is no match. Why is he even in the list

47 Kon

He's a teddy bear, what doesn't scream OP about that?

Why is Kon even here

Why Kon out of all people


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48 Kaname Tosen

Can beat many guys on this list even though he is blind

Awesome has devil arms bro. Should be like in the 30s

49 Gremmy Thoumeaux Gremmy Thoumeaux

Has the ability to make illusion reality. Despite losing for the sake of plot progression, he has undoubtedly the most powerful ability. All he has to do is imagine your death and it becomes reality. Even if there is someone possibly stronger he could just imagine himself more powerful/imagine they were weak.

The most powerful person if he uses his power correctly. He is like a god, and can bend reality. He could've wished kenpachi dead if not for his wish to actually win

50 Mayuri Kurotsuchi Mayuri Kurotsuchi
51 BG9

What did I miss in bleach?! Who's this!?

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52 Ogichi Ikasoruk

He also has instantaneous healing, hollow powers as well as a more instictive fighting style, if only Ichigo wouldn't reject him...

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53 Kurosaki Hiruzen
54 Don Kanonji
55 Tousen Kaname

Although we didn't get to see too much of him and he was defeated quite easily by kenpachi, he has still proven to be an amazing swordsman and his bankais power is kinda ridiculous if u think about it I mean to knock out 4 of the opponents senses completely is, to say the least, scary!

56 Kouga Kuchiki

Kouga is on the same level as byakuya without his sword. His sword is probably the strongest sword on to of that fact. Need I say more.

Kouga could easily have killed Yamamoto with his sword not even if Yamamoto went bankai if he could even get his sword to considering muramasas abilities op asf

Power!... Goes to him, he's probably a strong soul reaper who can posses unique abilities. He also wanted to be the king of the new world.. If he have to... Ithink he would be on the top.. Gosh he fought with byakuya at full power... He haven't using all.. If only muramasa was with him.. He'd stomp any shinigami even the head captain himself.

57 Szayelaporro Granz
58 Ryuken Ishida
59 Tessai Tsukibishi

He should be on this list as one of if not the greatest Kido user in the show. Master of every single spell and incantation he is 2nd to none when it comes to destructive and restricting abilities.

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60 Orihime Inoue Orihime Inoue
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