Strongest Bleach Fraccions

The Top Ten

1 Choe Neng Poww

Defeated Ikkaku, held his own against Sajin until the latter released his bankai. His massive size would be tough for many fighter, - notbirdlandstew

2 Ggio Vega

Yes Soi Fon was toying with him. But he showcased impressive speed and he had a 2nd transformation that we don't know the extent of. He could be more powerful than showcased. - notbirdlandstew

3 Tres Bestias (Sung Sun, Mila Rose, and Apacci)

Together they're by far the strongest because they can summon Ayon. However, their strength individually is unknown so that's why they're not higher. - notbirdlandstew

4 Shawlong Koufang

Overwhelming Toshiro at 20% power. One the power seal was gone he was defeated easily however. - notbirdlandstew

5 Findorr Calius

His power was interesting, His mask acts as a power seal and he apparently could fight at the level of a captain with over 90% of his mask broken off. However, Shuhei was skeptical of that so his true power is a bit unknown. - notbirdlandstew

6 Charlotte Chuhlhourne

Impressive showing vs Yumichika. If not for Yumichika's hidden (and extremely powerful) shikai, he would've won with Rosa Blanca. - notbirdlandstew

7 Edrad Linoes

Nearly defeated Ikkaku even when the latter used his bankai. - notbirdlandstew

8 Tesra Lindocruz

Yes he overwhelmed Ichigo. But Ichigo was already beaten up from his fight with Grimmjow, so it really wasn't too impressive. - notbirdlandstew

9 Pesche and Dondochakka

Idiots? Yes. However they're Cero Sincretico was a surprising and impressive technique. - notbirdlandstew

10 Abirama Redder

Izuru was a really bad matchup for him. He might've put up a better fight against someone else. - notbirdlandstew

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