Top Ten Strongest Captains in 'Bleach' Anime

Out of the Thirteen Court Guard Division Captains, only the toughest and best ten will make the grade! Who are they? Vote and see! Be sure to give a logical answer!

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1 Kenpachi Zaraki - 11th Division Taicho Kenpachi Zaraki - 11th Division Taicho Kenpachi Zaraki is a fictional character and an antihero in the anime and manga series Bleach created by Tite Kubo.

Zaraki is the strongest. I saw in many episode he wiped out the opponent with pure skill and power cause he unable to use bankai or even had his own zanpakutou. So he always fight by his skill.

Common dude, he needs to restrain his powers from total carnage.
You can't complain about his procrastination habits, because when it comes to slaughtering he enjoys the thrill of it

It has to be Kenpachi or Shigekuni. I have seen Kenpachi fight more and his power has always been emphasized more than anyone. However it it was not Kenpachi, it would no doubt have to be Shigenkuni, I mean he took on two captains at once with ease during the events when Ichigo broke into the soul society to save Rukia

He is so awesome!

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2 Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai - 1st Division So-Taicho (Captain Commander)

The real question is who is the strongest capitan after him?
Because yamamoto is the strongest capitan and it's a fact because they even says that in the anime

He's Head-Captain. Stronger than 2 Captains put together. Even Kyoraku and Ukitake, the strongest captains can't beat him.

Dude... Clearly he's the strongest oO the only way people can say other wise clearly is because they are just delusional... Or don't want to face the truth. One of his attacks can destroy both the soul society and the world of the living. Plus he's the only one to even come close to harming aizen. Face the truth People.. He's the Top Dog. Wooh! Old Man Captain for the win!

Lol, his bankai would kill kenpachi easily!

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3 Byakuya Kuchiki - 6th Division Taicho Byakuya Kuchiki - 6th Division Taicho

The best selfless and noble character in the anime. Although he is shown to be a cold person yet he care for his subordinates and trust them

Relax but super deadly. Never faint like ichigo does. Kill many tough boss.

The best character in the anime although he keeps a lot to himself and that's why his zanpakuto spirit wears a mask but we can see from the way he protects rukia at all costs that he really does care about her the best taicho ever!

Learns his opponent and focuses on them. Bankai never fails, if it is for Rukia, then don't expect on him losing.

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4 Shunsui Kyouraku - 8th Division Taicho

he is one of the most experient taichos, was trained by yamma and for some reason we only get to see his SHIKAI nearly in the end. there is still to refer that he beated the 1st espada with his shikai...

I think that the series intended to make a big deal about this character. We only get to see a glimpse of his abilities, witch overwhelmed espada number one. I believe that if the series ever gets a second go they will make good use of him.

He was taught by Yamamoto. Killed 1# Espada. Last but not least is that he became the new head captain for crying out loud.

He didn't care about teaching Kenpachi, realize Aizen against Juha, fight against Yama then ichigo came to save rukia. So if it doesn't say about his power it says about his insanity at least

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5 Sosuke Aizen - 5th Division Taicho Sosuke Aizen - 5th Division Taicho

This extremely evil man. For the longest time, it seemed like there was no hope of anyone beating him. He wasn't just strong physically, no he had to be a genius too! He had the entire divisions turn against each other and killing their own. He gets my vote.

Aizen is the strongest because he's the smartest of all the captains and his power is exceeded by no one besides ichigo in their final fight. His pure skill alone was enough to shame the other captains while trying to retrieve rukia

If we're going off of Ichigo rescuing Rukia Then Aizen should be number 2, Because he was Stronger than everyone except Yamamoto at that time.

He is extremely strong with a large amount of spiritual energy and has a strong op hax zanpaktou when unleashed cannot be defeated.He's skills is above other captains and is the most intellectual person in the soul society.kyoka suigetsu is one the most dangerous shikari ability ever

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6 Toshiro Hitsugaya - 10th Division Taicho Toshiro Hitsugaya - 10th Division Taicho

Personally, I voted hitsugaya taicho (that's how he likes to be refereed as) not only because he's cute, intelligent, strong, cool etc. Its because he has somethings that other taichos don't have like he strives to be accurate, he has perseverance (don't know how to spell that word... ) and he does his duty exactly as it should be done. He also slashes back when things get tough and what's more, he's mature! He's not some sort of perverted person, he doesn't think himself too high and mighty for other soul reapers and he takes his job seriously. Hitsugaya taicho also became a captain because not just of natural talent though he definitely had that, but because he also was a hardworking person who sets their goal and goes straight for it without hesitation.

He is a genius )) as they call him a child prodigy, and he is like the youngest captain while the others more senior than him are just vice captains

Hitsugaya is simply the best (not in power, but hey... ). And as my favorite character from Bleach, it's inevitable that I would vote for him. In addition, it is more cute then gives his Extra Points...

I know it has no connection with the vote on the best captain but I view a video that showed the top 10 good guys from Bleach! And it was my first Hitsu'-kun! "... Second and third Ichigo Ulquiorra.

Here... Is for her that I would vote for him!

We know that captain toushiro is the youngest he can make his progress well soon when he turns to matured. when he turned at byakuya kuchiki's age, I think he is stronger to other captain,in other words, captain toushiro can be the strongest at all.😊😊😊😊😊

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7 Retsu Unohana - 4th Division Taicho Retsu Unohana - 4th Division Taicho

Other captains are scared of her, she hasn't shown her true capabilities yet, but she is the oldest captain and even shunsui, who is known as one of the best shingami fears her, so I think besides the head captain she is the strongest, and about kenpachi I feel he is a tad bit overrated I mean yeah he is physically bad ass but I mean Suei Fong (Spelling) shikai could easily kill him, he is to slow and couldn't block her, he would be dead

Though she is never seen in combat, nevertheless her combat stats are currently second amongst the current Taichos.

Battle stats
Reiatsu: 100
Defence: 80
Mobility: 70
Kidou: 100
Wisdom: 100
Stamina: 90

Dude, her name even means "violent"... And the scariest part is, she looks like a sweet motherly lady, never raises her voice, and then allofasudden she lets her hair down and BAM - the bloodthirsty and notorious, most-wanted criminal Unohana Yachiru. She even scares the other captains, and the only other ones that induce that kind of fear into their fellow captains are Yamamoto and Kenpachi. She should at least be up there with them, not FIFTH!

Literally only died because of plot... She should have defeated Zaraki. - Goku02

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8 Juushiro Ukitake - 13th Division Taicho

Despite his tuberculosis, this Taicho ranks in the top five Taichos in the history of Soul Society.

Battle stats
Reiatsu: 90
Defence: 90
Mobility: 70
Kidou: 100
Wisdom: 100
Stamina: 40

If he wasn't sick...

I just think his character is cool

His sexiness us over 900000+ and he is kind and also a cinnamon roll.

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9 Kisuke Urahara - 12th Division Taicho Kisuke Urahara - 12th Division Taicho

He seems to be depicted as a wild card, which gives me the impression his full potential won't be revealed until it has to. Other soul reapers seem to regard him as some sort of legend among captains.

Aizen himself says he can subjugate soul king he definitely ranks in 1 or 2

Because he seems to know everything that makes his action more rational. It is his biggest edge. Though, former captain of squad two can be better.

He's Bankai, Guanyin Biraki Benihime Atarame is personaly my favorite out of all Bankai

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10 Ichimaru Gin - 3rd Division Taicho

Gin is stronger than a lot of these captains purely because of his zanpakto and experience. I would hate to have to face him. Mostly because I would be fangirling too much for me to attack... Same goes for Byakuya and Toshiro... - Animeartist23

I don't watch any fillers, but there is absolutely NOTHING in the main storyline that suggests Gin is weaker than shunsui, unohana, and ukitake. They all go into the same bin, with shunsui probably the strongest

Gin ichimaru is my favorite character, since he fought aizen. He died

Gin is the most underrated character in the series other than sunsui

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The Contenders

11 Sajin Kommamura - 7th Division Taicho

A devastatingly powerful bankai... Although having flaws is pretty powerful... Plus sajin's sheer durability is amazing shown by how he endured d no.99 kido from aizen! Amazing

Relying almost totally on brute strength with less-than-average speed and average swordsmanship skills as a Taicho, this Anthropomorphic canine ranks the lowest amongst Taichos.

Battle stats
Reiatsu: 100
Defence: 100
Mobility: 40
Kidou: 50
Wisdom: 80
Stamina: 100

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12 Soifon - 2nd Division Taicho (Omnitsukido Corps Commander)

Based purely around immeasurable speed and unmatched attack prowess, this Taicho is well-versed in the swift kill.

Battle stats
Reiatsu: 80
Defence: 60
Mobility: 100
Kidou: 60
Wisdom: 60
Stamina: 100

Shes so strong like the others she should be in top 5

That 2 hit kill doesn't work with everyone. Zaraki has more than enough reiatsu to forcibly remove the seal from her attack just like aizen did.

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13 Mayuri Kurotsuchi - 12th Division Taicho (Taicho of Research and Development) Mayuri Kurotsuchi - 12th Division Taicho (Taicho of Research and Development)

Relying more on wits and cunning, this Taicho focuses more on the art of deception to stand victorious.

Battle stats
Reiatsu: 70
Defence: 70
Mobility: 40
Kidou: 100
Wisdom: 100
Stamina: 50

Creepy but yet awesome guy! I don't think anyone can escape his poison and his bankai can eat people up and come out poisonous blade. The best!

A random alien freak who will literally dissect anything

He should be 6th. He replaces hurahara so it means that he is way stronger than people think

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14 Isshin Kurosaki - 10th Division

What the hell... Did you forget about Isshin kurosaki, the ex-captain of squad 10. He is one of the most strongest captains. He fought aizen without even releasing his shikai and defeated an arrancar with one strike.

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15 Yoruichi Shihoin - Former Captain of Squad 2 and Commander of the Stealth Force Yoruichi Shihoin - Former Captain of Squad 2 and Commander of the Stealth Force

An old lady who can whoop asses without even using a sword. Yoruichi is also the ex-general of squad 1. She is a very strong and powerful woman who can easily beat byakuya and other captains. She hasn't even gotten a scratch fighting 3 Squad Captains and 4 Vice Captains.

Cracked Aizen's armor with only her fists. She don't even need a sword. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Badass who will kill you without a sword

Come on, Yoruichi was a badass captain. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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16 Rukia Kuchiki - 13th Division Rukia Kuchiki - 13th Division

Funny how she is now Captain Commander, yet #17 on this list

You dumbasses, Rukia is not a captain.

Her bankai quite badass she is specialist in kido

Absolutely LOVE Hakka No Tagame

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17 Gin Ichimaru - Bleach Gin Ichimaru - Bleach

Weaker than byakyuya? r u mad? lol

18 Ichibei Hyosube

He can literally RENAME anything giving who/what he names the powers of what he names them/it
For instance he could rename ryujin jakka broccoli and destroy yamamoto

19 Ginrei Kuchiki - Bleach

This captain even though being mentioned in filler, was a part of the canon, and non canonically, he sealed Koga, who had aizens zanpakuto just smaller. Come on, that takes grade a badassery there.

20 Kensei Muguruma - 9th Division

Oh come on, this guy was badass! My vote goes to this guy as well, weakest, but still a captain, if he were to hollowfy against mask he could've really done some damage.

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