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21 Kachi Kachi

Just look at the pic of its evolution

V 1 Comment
22 Holy Valkyrie Cat V 2 Comments
23 Super Galaxy Cosmo
24 Strike Unit R.E.I. cat
25 Samba Cat V 1 Comment
26 Op Cat

It is op

27 Surfer Cat
28 Crazed UFO cat
29 Lesser Demon cat

It does good damage, high hp, really fast recharge and good price

30 Wargod Yukimura

Fast, kills, but pricy.

So helpful against black enimies

31 Ultralan Pasalan

Really amazing super effective against all non metal enemies massive area damage evolved form of nekoluga

32 Radiant Aphrodite

Massive damage to aliens,long range and powerful strikes,
this is all you want in a cat.ITF chapter 1 moon doesn't stand a chance with this unit.Also can clear crazed/manic cat by it self! (and meat shields).Not only that,it also has a decent cool down for an uber.

33 Mighty Kat-a-Pult

This thing has a staggering 296,000 health when its level 30, easily making it the highest HP cat. It also has 70,000 damage, making its home in the top 15 or maybe even top 10. Moves slowly and has long range, but that's all right when you hear he's a great zombie killer. Sadly, he costs 6,500 cat money in battle, making him the second most expensive cat in the game. Still though, if your money is max, you still have 10,000 cat money to spend on other troops in battle.

34 Catornado

Best Critical Attacker Very Great against any metal!

35 Maximum the Fighter

He is more then a Red Slayer! He can kill Aliens And more(except metal)

36 Kat-A-Pult

I Think he is the Best looking cat/machine

37 Thundia

Best red killer

38 Biker Cat

Easily spammed not too expensive and has decent damage and health! Great for newbs

39 The White Rabbit/The Black Cat

You might be saying. THIS SUCKS THIS SUCKS! No, it really helped me out from the begining when I got it. It is really helpful sometimes and it can slow down alien and red cats. When alien and red enimies are tryng to guard the main enemy you can slow them down.

40 Jizo's Moving Castle V 1 Comment
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