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1 Slender Man

I don't know what to say now damnit

He is unstoppable

In watched a video that was Slender Man vs Jeff the Killer and during the fight Jeff was faster than Slender Man and also got impaled by him a numerous amount of times and he was still moving as fast as when the fight began. But near the end Slender Man had Jeff by the neck not dead and some demon girl lit them both on fire I honestly thought they were both dead but only one was dead and the other up and walking for at the end of the video the demon girl (who has the appearance of a normal girl at that time) completed her assigned by some gut sitting at her desk lights went out then went back on and guess who was behind her Jeff the Killer. And that's all I can tell you I don't know how one died and the other and personally I like Jeff so I kind of went WOOHOO!

Do you even have to ask?

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2 Sonic.exe Sonic.exe

He is very creepy

He can kill people on command.

He is fast and can kill even his own friends and besides who does that of course Sonic.EXE


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3 Zalgo Zalgo

Lord zalgo is almighty and can not be beat

He's basically the devil. As much as I want to defend my favorite characters there's no way in hell they can beat Zalgo.

Bro he can kill anyone by singing a song and I don't think duct tape will keep that mouth shut

This guy is the leader of creepypasta, how is he number11

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4 Jeff the Killer Jeff the Killer Jeff the Killer is a creepypasta usually accompanied by a picture of a white face looking in to the camera smiling in an unsettling manner. The creepypasta is also usually accompanied by the term "Go to sleep".

He is my favorite creepypasta by date honsetly let him kill me

Beacause he is powerful and smiley scared face

Jeff the killer is in my opinion the best creepypasta and in top five coolest looking

Jeff the killer killed over 300 people in 3 months before slender man found him, and even though he found Jeff, he didn't win the fight, because he still got away. Jeff the killer also killed Jane the killer, after he killed her parents. He killed his own parents, and almost killed Lui, his own brother, but he fought back, but he also was the one who put an end to Mr. Creepypasta, which makes him immortal. I should know, I was at the party...

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5 The Doctor
6 Ticci Toby

I just thing he's strong I don't know why

He has a cool outfit and makes me want to buy it

Because he’s my favorite character

This is what I can say he is strong and can't feel any pain which makes him strong and he is the leader of the proxies

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7 Eyeless Jack Eyeless Jack

He is my favorite and he should be 1st I think

This is me!

my bae

Unknown true strength, but in some stories he killed an entire cult of about 150 odd people. Slaughtered all of them, and seeing as he has a ravaging hunger for organs, as I see it, he should deserve a much higher position on this list.

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8 Hoodie

I wonder why he got top 3. Any reason?

Yaah why He got number 3!?

9 Herobrine

I'm his sister I should know

Strongest creepypasta dude... like ever!

Haha this a meme

I am herobrine

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10 Masky


Masky in my favrioute one

He's so cute

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11 Ben Drowned Ben Drowned BEN Drowned is a creepypasta character created by Jadusable. BEN is said to have died by drowing and haunts a Majora's Mask cartridge.

BEN Drowned Can hack Your Phoebe Or whatever, people are always on the internet so he could possibly kill like everyone

I think Ben Drowned should be number 5 or up because he is very powerful everybody’s on the internet so he can scare u anytime

Dude these days everyone's always on their phone and internet so...he can go friken haunt you anytime

Dude, BEN DROWNED is my number 1 favorite CREEPYPASTA, he can burn you alive!,he can even haunt your phone, tablet, computor, he's amazing!

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12 Tails Doll Tails Doll
13 Nightmare
14 Glitchy Red
15 Laughing Jack Laughing Jack

He should be in top 10 strongest

I love him and he is a brutal killer and so cute he just gives me chills and he is like ten foot tall I would be terrified if I was face to face with this guy

I love him

He's a babe

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16 Lazari

Lazari is the best never underestimate people you find in the woods

She's better than all the other Creepypastas

Lazari is a powerful entity like her father zalgo and her demon lazarus is the 7th dauther wich means her demon can end the world

I think shes strong just like her dad zalgo

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17 Smile Dog Smile Dog

Smile dog can kill you just for not sharing his picture.It is a terrifying thing.Itt is the only Creepypasta to scare me.Also it’s powers extent is not fully known so it might be capable of more than we know.

18 Clockwork Clockwork

She broke out of a hospital dodged bullets and scared police then she killed her family she is overpowered CreepyPasta and can kill her victims in any way she can

She broke out of hospital restraints, killed a doctor with a bed, dodged two bullets then killed two cops, escaped the hospital, went home, and killed her mother, father, and brother before making her escape...yeah she's pretty strong

All I can say is... ticci tobyxclockwork

19 The Rake The Rake

He should be in top 3

This thing was able to survive many bullets in the gut or a Knife in the head and reamains still at large meanwhile Slenderman is a Nancy

20 Sexual Offenderman

lol - XxembermasterxX

21 Lucifer Morningstar AKA Satan
22 Freddy Freddy Freddy Fazbear (originally known as Freddybear, as seen in the Kickstarter) is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.

Um... this is no Creepypasta... he's got his own series that has nothing to do with Creepypasta...

He has his own game

23 Jane the Killer Jane the Killer Jane the killer is the main character of the creepypasta story Jane the Killer: The real Story. She is know to be a rival to the creepypasta Jeff the Killer.

Power can come in many ways, Jane's power comes through revenge.

24 Sally Williams

Shes a cute girl who can kill you.Reminds me of rose with it's thorns..

25 Homicidal Liu
26 Ao Oni

Bro, this blu headed sucka got his ankles broke...

27 Jason Toymaker

He kills you if you betray him and seemingly can't be killed. He can turn you into a doll or get his toys to attack and kill you.
His catch phrase: "Now...let me fix you up."

28 Laughing Jill

^Cute but deadly

^Laughing Jack's sister

^Not that strong

29 The Crooked Man

Crooked man found a crooked pencil, and he walks and he find a crooked stick, and he walks and he found a crooked house.

There was a Crooked Man, who walked a Crooked mile...

He Sounds OP As Hell.. he's ALREADY DEAD but.. he has a game.. if I'm correct. so he shouldent be on the list

30 Mario.exe

Dat boi

31 Red

This beast can eat godzilla and has forms that make him nearly impossible to beat

32 Barney.exe

He knows everything about everyone

33 Dark Devon

A ultimate god

34 Sonic Frost
35 Thomas.Exe

Stop scarfing Thomas fans u just hate Thomas don’t u

36 Candle Cove

Ok how I mean how haven’t you thought of skin taker he is a beast he took out 15 pirates and took there skin creepy ahhh

37 The Harbinger Experiment Dude

The guy from that thing

38 The Midnight Man
39 Surrender

He is the little brother of slendy himself. Mess with time you get eyeless Jack slendy and an angry Sally after you

40 Bloody Mary

Well I not sure but if u do the this she comes this is want u have to do

In the bathroom light a candle lights out I say bloody Mary bloody Mary bloody Mary!

41 Nina the Killer

She is inlove with Jeff the Killer,her two bffs died,she became insane kinda like Jeff and Jane,a group of bullies cut chris's arm Nina's brother,Claduia the bully groups leader killed her bestfriends.Nina killed Claduia with a crowbar.her catchprase is "Go to sleep,my prince~"

42 Rap Rat

Rap rat A.K.A aparat is a demon that could never be caught or killed and may be a huge challenge for someone like Slenderman to take down

43 Bloody Painter
44 Suicide Mouse

Wow how strong - Grenandhisday

45 Suicide Squidward
46 ¡Error! Sans

He is my favorite

Error Sans is a genosidal perfectionist. Whatever isn't perfect, he considers a glitch. Everything a glitch to him is a dead corpse or another puppet. However, he thinks everything is a glitch that deserves to die or get possessed under his will. He's a dimension hopper and a puppet master. He greatly overwhelms Sans's health by 7000 percent and is much, much, much more powerful. His gaster grabbers are strings to grab and shatter souls. He can also teleport and is invincible to pain. He can kill with no mercy and is experienced with time and space around him. He is also a hypocrite, since he isn't perfect either. Since he has the glitches, his eye sockets fill up with error codes so he has to let down his guard down to delete them, leaving him venerable. But that doesn't matter since stated he has more than 7000 hp and has very high duration to last through many hits. Overall, he is extremely powerful and is a force to be reckoned with.

Well he isn't exactly creepypasta but is considered as one and whoever gave that long description, yes he is very powerful

Dude, this thing can kill just about every creepypasta charater (with the exceptions of Nightmare, Zalgo, Slenderman, and 66. And maybe Jeff the Killer) And how is Sonic EXE higher than him?

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47 Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.


48 The Skin Taker

He is the only creepypasta ever to actually scare me.

49 Jack the Ripper Jack the Ripper "Jack the Ripper" was the alias of an unknown serial killer in Whitechapel, London who brutally murdered 5 women (mainly prostitutes) between August and November of 1888. To this day, he has remained a mysterious and popular phenomena among serial killers and popular media.

He's wrong and he's murdered thousands of people and was never found personally he should be on top

50 The Spooky Cent

The cent was the born with a nerve disease which fried his nervous system and granted magically dark magic power time and space which allows him to trap unsuspecting victims into a cutscene for eternity

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