Top Ten Strongest Creepypasta Characters


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1 Slender Man

In watched a video that was Slender Man vs Jeff the Killer and during the fight Jeff was faster than Slender Man and also got impaled by him a numerous amount of times and he was still moving as fast as when the fight began. But near the end Slender Man had Jeff by the neck not dead and some demon girl lit them both on fire I honestly thought they were both dead but only one was dead and the other up and walking for at the end of the video the demon girl (who has the appearance of a normal girl at that time) completed her assigned by some gut sitting at her desk lights went out then went back on and guess who was behind her Jeff the Killer. And that's all I can tell you I don't know how one died and the other and personally I like Jeff so I kind of went WOOHOO!

He can teleport, he's really fast, has tentacles, and can kill you just by looking at him. - nintendofan126

Immortality, can manipulate minds, has giant tendril things, can teleport. NOPE! Not strong at all! (lol sarcasm)

He's strong

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2 Zalgo Zalgo

This guy is the leader of creepypasta, how is he number11

Zalgo only has to sing a song to kill everyone

How is zalgo so low?!?!?!

Should be the first in my opinion, let's see...

He is an immortal god/manifestation/incarnation of death, horror, destruction, chaos and the apocalypse that has no beginning or end, an unstoppable entity possessing satan-like powers. He literally commands chaos and the forces of the apocalypse. He can end all of reality simply by speaking, he is completely and absolutely eternal and immortal to the point chopping of his limbs does nothing, he possesses nearly infinite power and god-like levels of strength, teleportation, pyrokinesis, high immunity to nearly anything you throw at him, he can create life out of literally nothing but sheer power, he rules over a eldritch plane, he possesses immense dark and light magic, he can corrupt and twist reality at a massive scale, he can shape shift, he has infinite amounts of knowledge over all things [literally knows the weaknesses of everyone and how to exploit them], he is immune to all forms of physical damage including being engulfed ...more

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3 Sonic.exe Sonic.exe

Sonic is as strong as Broly, who increases his power rapidly

Sonic Is not stroong!

Sonic exe reasons.

1) He's the leader of the X cult

2) His bloody eyes and sharp teeth

3) He can rip Knuckles, Tails and Eggman in half with bear strength alone.

4) He's stronger and faster but less durable however

5) His purist form as a spirit

6) The only ones I know could beat him is Error Sans, Nightmare from FNAF (who has Bill Cyher's moves except he can't die), Nightmare and Springtrap

Yep, he's powerful

4 Jeff the Killer Jeff the Killer Jeff the killer is a creepypasta usually accompanied by a picture of a white face looking in to the camera smiling in an unsettling manner . The creepypasta is also usually accompanied by the term "Go to sleep" .

How is he top 8, he can hold 16 gun shot

Why? Why is he number 8? Why?

I think that jeff the killer is the best and strongest creepypasta

Jeff the killer fought with slenderman and supposedly won the fight being the only one to walk away in the end I feel like he is the most powerful and the best and that he deserves to be in the first spot. and he defeated mr.creepypasta and got his wish and became immortal and I'm pretty sure that makes him really strong

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5 The Doctor
6 Eyeless Jack Eyeless Jack

Best character he's a demon that eats kidneys AWESOME!

He looks creepy

Eyeless Jack is my bff, thank u very much

Eyes jack is the best but I still keep slenderman in mind when I feel followed. 😀 And I act like evey thing is ok. Lolz

7 Hoodie

I wonder why he got top 3. Any reason?

Yaah why He got number 3!?

8 Ticci Toby

This is what I can say he is strong and can't feel any pain which makes him strong and he is the leader of the proxies

I think that tobys really strong and should be higher than number 8

9 Herobrine

I know he isn't scary at all...but he could possibly kill 100 ENDER dragons at once...

Herobrine is the strongest one EVER!

Why Herobrine Is 10 Only he's So Strong?

Hewobwine is the best creepypasta ever, he can kill anyone (except notch)

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10 Masky

The Newcomers

? Sexual Offenderman
? Laughing Jill

^Cute but deadly

^Laughing Jack's sister

^Not that strong

The Contenders

11 Tails Doll Tails Doll
12 Nightmare
13 Ben Drowned Ben Drowned

Dude these days everyone's always on their phone and internet so...he can go friken haunt you anytime

14 Glitchy Red
15 Smile Dog
16 Ao Oni
17 The Rake
18 Lucifer Morningstar AKA Satan
19 Jason Toymaker

He kills you if you betray him and seemingly can't be killed. He can turn you into a doll or get his toys to attack and kill you.
His catch phrase: "Now...let me fix you up."

20 Red

This beast can eat godzilla and has forms that make him nearly impossible to beat

21 Freddy Freddy Freddy Fazbear (originally known as Freddybear, as seen in the Kickstarter) is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.
22 Laughing Jack Laughing Jack

He has the ability to make his arms grow longer and he can form into a doll,let alone he also has claw for hands and he's a brutal killer he has no mercy.

he's sexy

23 Lazari

I think shes strong just like her dad zalgo

Well...she’s cute...and she’s deadly...and that is a very powerful combination...and she’s also the daughter of zalgo...(I think I’m not sure! )

24 Jane the Killer Jane the Killer
25 Suicide Mouse
26 Suicide Squidward
27 ¡Error! Sans

Error Sans is a genosidal perfectionist. Whatever isn't perfect, he considers a glitch. Everything a glitch to him is a dead corpse or another puppet. However, he thinks everything is a glitch that deserves to die or get possessed under his will. He's a dimension hopper and a puppet master. He greatly overwhelms Sans's health by 7000 percent and is much, much, much more powerful. His gaster grabbers are strings to grab and shatter souls. He can also teleport and is invincible to pain. He can kill with no mercy and is experienced with time and space around him. He is also a hypocrite, since he isn't perfect either. Since he has the glitches, his eye sockets fill up with error codes so he has to let down his guard down to delete them, leaving him venerable. But that doesn't matter since stated he has more than 7000 hp and has very high duration to last through many hits. Overall, he is extremely powerful and is a force to be reckoned with.

Well he isn't exactly creepypasta but is considered as one and whoever gave that long description, yes he is very powerful

Dude, this thing can kill just about every creepypasta charater (with the exceptions of Nightmare, Zalgo, Slenderman, and 66. And maybe Jeff the Killer) And how is Sonic EXE higher than him?


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28 Bonnie Bonnie


29 Candle Cove

Ok how I mean how haven’t you thought of skin taker he is a beast he took out 15 pirates and took there skin creepy ahhh

30 Barney.exe

He knows everything about everyone

31 Dark Devon

A ultimate god

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