Top Ten Strongest Dragon Ball Series Female Characters

Well, I don't want to add non-canon characters like Zangya but there are few female fighters in DB(Z) so...

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1 Vados Vados

Clearly the strongest. She's the 2nd strongest character in Dragon Ball series at the moment, only surpassed by Zeno. - Goku02

Currently the strongest in Dragon Ball series. She should be at the top.

She would defeat all of the Z fighters including Goku and Vegeta with a flick of the wrist. Hands down strongest woman in all anime.

She's beautiful and powerful. - Pan1234

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2 Android 18 Android 18

She is strongest female as of DBZ. In DBS She is only surpassed by Vados - P-51IsDaBest

She beat up 3 Super Saiyans overall, of course she'll be in the top 3.

Strongest in the canon series.

Beautiful and cunning best of the women

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3 Pan Pan Pan (パン, Pan) is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. She is the granddaughter of Earth's savior, Goku and the world champion, Mr. Satan. Pan's heritage is primarily Earthling, being the offspring of the Saiyan-Earthling hybrid Gohan and the Earthling more.

Strongest granddaughter of the strongest grandpa. - Goku02

The grand daughter of Goku and quarter Saiyan, she can fly around the world in 1 minute.

The best, the cutest, and the smartest of all. Her family is full of badass warriors, unlike her stupid friend Bulla Brief's.

Love her so much. Yes, she was bad in GT but there's no denying that she's one of the strongest females in the franchise.

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4 Arale Norimaki Arale Norimaki

She has appeared once in Dragon Ball, and she reappeared in Dragon Ball Super. - Goku02

Her stomping her foot can destroy the Sun! Respect.

She trashed SSB Vegeta around with ease.

One Punch Girl. - tententen

5 Zangya Zangya

Strongest in the movies.

Sinc Super came around the new females have overshadowed her but she’s still very powerful. She’s the most powerful in DBZ alone, maybe only surpassed by the female Supreme Kai

6 Western Supreme Kai Western Supreme Kai

Strongest in the canon manga

7 Bulma Bulma Bulma is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. Bulma is the most significant female character in the series.

But she cannot fight!

Bulma doesn't fight but she is a genius and helped the fighters several times. Plus, ver personality is very strong!

This list doesn't seem fair since Bulma is not a fighter; voting for her anyway. - VegeBulYes

I HAVE TO add Bulma because she's one of the main protagonists! The point is adding EVERY female character here and list them in the order from the strongest to the weakest one. If I hadn't added her somebody else would have anyway. And nobody will look down on Bulma because she's weak physically, they'll look up to her because of her intelligence. Why do you insist that she has to be first in every list there is anyway? Every great character has weaknesses. And Bulma's the second anime character I've known. I've known her for about a decade and she's one of my favourite characters ( not just anime, fictional characters overall ). I even consider her as one of my childhood friends! I love almost all of Dragon Ball characters, and Bulma's in my top 5. But I don't see anything wrong about her being weak physically, I like her anyway. - Goku02

Bulma is cool and smart but she’s really weak physically. - tententen

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8 Oceanus Shenron Oceanus Shenron

Strongest non-canon female.

9 Launch Launch

Blonde Launch is a badass.

That Ms. Jemela Bacchus's favorite
character at dragonball. The yellow
blonde hair lady is Jemela Bacchus's
favorite character at dragonball, Launch.

10 Bulla Bulla

She is pathetically weak considering the fact that she's half Saiyan, and brings shame on Vegeta's family.

She's a normal 3-year-old kid with no superpowers, yet she's considered the strongest just because she is Vegeta's daughter? I agree that she has lots of potential as a half Saiyan, but that's just so unfair.

Bulla wasn't able to fight. Plus she was just 3 years old at the end of DBZ. She shouldn't be this high on the list. - Goku02

She did wreck Vegeta's pride. - TheDarkOne_221b

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The Contenders

11 Kefla Kefla

I hate Kefla but yea she's strong... Why is Kale not on this list she is stronger than Caulifla. And why is Kefla not above Caulifla? - Pan1234

She is awesome

Kefla only beat by unmastered Ultra Instinct Goku. She should be above Android 18, if not for the hate she gets lol...


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12 Mai Mai

What Mai at #6 this is crap. She's weak!

Mai higher than Oceanus Shenron, Western Supreme Kai, Pan, Arale, Chi-Chi, Videl,...? What's wrong with you voters? - aneyeforaneye

She should be above the weakling Pan.

13 Selipa / Fasha Selipa / Fasha

She's a Saiyan and a member of Bardock's team. - Goku02

Badass Saiyan warrior

Strongest pure blooded female Saiyan so far.

14 Chi Chi Chi Chi

I hate Chi Chi but she's quite strong. - Goku02

She's the strongest female human, but she's annoying and pushy.

I like that bad? She really strong and soarta kinda reminds me of my mom. - Pan1234

Hey Chi Chi might be a annoying women and incredibly. But with the abilty of were able to ust puch Goku and make him fly a bit when they were little does show here physical strength is awesome. So yea I wouldn't want to do Hand on hand combat with her.

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15 Marcarita Marcarita

Why is she below Caulifla? - Pan1234

Being the Angel of Universe 11, she's supposed to be at least around Whis's and Vados's levels. - Goku02

16 Brianne de Chateau Brianne de Chateau

Strongest fighter from her whole universe

17 Colonel Violet Colonel Violet

Quite strong military girl.

18 Kale

Kale is fine.., Female broly - Pan1234

19 Helles Helles

Why is she not above Kale or Caulifla? - Pan1234

20 Caulifla Caulifla

She’s got a Saiyan’s fighting spirits! - tententen

21 Towa Towa
22 Martinu
23 Android 21

Android 21 should be above Caulifla. - Pan1234

24 Gine

She's Goku's mother, a Saiyan and a former member of Bardock's team. - Goku02

Mother of the greatest hero the Earth has ever witnessed.

25 Cus Cus
26 Sanka

She fought well against the extremely buffed Android 17

27 Videl Videl

Independent, strong-willed and caring. Go Videl!

Second strongest female human. - Goku02

Videl is strong and cool. - Pan1234

28 Panchy
29 Princess Snake
30 Ranfan Ranfan

I remember her. She was cool.

Meh. She's quite strong, but not remarkably so.

31 Marron Marron

Having the strongest human on Earth as a father and the strongest female in the canon series as a mother, she's weak too.

32 Hasky Hasky
33 Annin Annin
34 Future Mai Future Mai
35 Yurin
36 Hop
37 Sorrel
38 Cocotte
39 Suu
40 Bikaru
41 Lilibeu
42 Vikal
43 Monna
44 Hopp Hopp
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