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21 Gummy Dragon

Gummy is the best dragon even it's a common dragon but necessary it's still hard, actually my gummy dragon is still 3 STARS!

Gummy dragons are awesome I win every tournament with it and it is the reason I have the bad box dragon

He is the best. He may be common but he still hits hard and tanks a ton

Mine is named Booblegum so yes he is blessed

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22 Hedgehog Dragon

It's a lower class hybrid and it's attacks suck, this dragon cannot even compete to be the best dragons. It's not as bad as it is but the Venom Dragon is way better,

This dragon should not be included on the strongest dragon list. It is only strong when it is level 40 with a three gold star against a level 4 High Fenrir dragon.

Why is the Hedgehog Dragon on here, it's simply not good for combat.

Whoever posted hedgehog dragon sucks not good at all and very easy to obtain

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23 High Nucleus Dragon

Most powerful tank ever. Ever since getting one of these, leagues and tournaments have been so easy. It has no weakness and makes up for its lacking attack by being a tank. By having pure as its primary element, it outranks the other high dragons. Again. No. Weakness. Why isn't this one #1

I have one - and he has NEVER EVER BEEN BEATEN - once, with him, I defeated a High Nucleus, High Tension and High Guardian dragon - without getting beaten!

Op! At level 25 it has 28 184 health at 0 stars!

I think so too. I have one and he has NEVER been defeated

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24 Abyss Dragon

It's a 4 element dragon

Great dragon worth the 144 hours it takes to get

This is the best dragon I saw in dragon city.

Abyss like hp lord and damage incredible

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25 Pure Dark Dragon

He is the best! I always beat and the 3 of the opponents dragon I have it trained and 26 and the opponents are 30 level and I won them

It is a two headed evil for all dragon in dragon city

Amazing strength and looks awesome

He is the best

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26 Pure Sea Dragon

Strongest Sea Dragon in the game. Second strongest is Leviathan.

Yep can agree, Leviathan is second only to Pure Sea

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27 Meteor Dragon

Awesome dragon and form strongest trio with elemental dragon and shaolin dragon

I've fought them but I'm not able 2 have 1 yet, they are tough, lots of life

Meteor dragon and elements dragon make an awesome team!

I have this dragon

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28 Pure Metal Dragon

It's so awesome and I really like the gleam on its scales because they look great with the pure symbol on its necklace

Strongest metal dragon ever and easily one of the strongest pure dragons. In terms of stats the top 10 should consist only of legendaries and pures, of which Pure Metal is the best.

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29 Blizzard Dragon

Best dragon I have has got 3 gold stars and at level 15 has health of around 8000. I have many battles with him defeating all 3 opponents. I love him

This is my first dragon that is powerful and it is best for starters. I like it!

It's always been my strongest dragon

Baloney this dragon sukc let's go with legacy or coolfire or gummy

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30 Metal Dragon
31 King Dragon

I've beaten king dragon every time I've come across him. He's not very popular as most people don't seem to use him so he may have an advantage as most people wont know how to deal with king dragon. I'd rate him 4/5 he's alright but has weaknesses.

He is the best because nobody can beat him

King? , I don't think so, my friend is on lv 42, and he sold it as soon as he got it cause it suck

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32 Pure Terra Dragon

2 level 25 Pure Terra dragons over 23000 HP, over 11000 non critical damage and over 20000 critical to opponents and a level 25 Rose dragon. None can be critically hit Cannot be critically hit by any other. Have never lost in combat against up to level 30 dragons EVER.

33 Kratus Dragon

He is most powerful one because he has war and pure

I have two brown star kratus and he is a monster

He is very strong. Not sure if he is as strong as Droconos dragon but very close

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34 Ace Dragon

It can defeat most dragons and has higher health and it can also defeat an apocalypse dragon

Strongest dragon in dragon city

35 Magnet Dragon

This dragon called magnet dragon is not the best but can hit almost all kinds of 2 element dragons except some.

36 Wyvern Dragon

I have got a wyvern dragon of level 18. It's so strong that even if all my dragon r knocked out I still win because of it. It also defeated a mirror dragon of level 25 with its trained moves. Thanks

No matter what the most powerful is wyyvern dragon it is very strong and takes out 2 or even 3 dragons in a combat

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37 Aztec Dragon
38 Mirage dragon

Why is this so overlooked?! Mirage dragon should definitely be among the top 5. It can critical hit against 8 elements. It can actually crit all of the 4 element dragons, which are all the rage nowadays. Also, it can learn the strongest nature and flame type attacks, as well as the second strongest ice and electric attacks.

KIng of some of the most awesome element I can defeat 3 legendary dragons with higher levels than mine dragon

Are you kidding me legendery dragon on number 1 I have defeated lv 40 3 legendary Dragons on just lv 30 mirage dragon

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39 High Tidal Dragon

I got one to level 20 fully trained and it cannot be killed 1 on 1 thus far. Keeping in mind that most dragons I face aren't of heroic rarity

It is really an awesome dragon. A high tidal dragon of level 19 without any star rating can easily outwit the opponents full team. It has an amazing combination of 4 elements(Water, Dark, Earth, Metal) which crit almost on all elements. Try using it in the beginning of your army and it shall withstand all enemy forces with its huge hitpoint and attack. It is category 10 Heroic dragon and can be trained to form a powerful opposition for others. - Akash2001

The only elements that it cannot crit is water, pure and legend. Only 20 dragons out of the 600+ dragons can crit it without getting crit.

40 Quartz Dragon

My quartz dragon is undefeated at level 30, he has beaten all 3 of my opponents dragons several times before, and by undefeated I mean I've never lost with him, not that he's never died, but he's never been beaten by the first dragon ever!

My Quartz dragon has been my favourite since I got him! He is rarely defeated and I'm only on level 22 and he's at level 15, but he beats dragons much more powerful than him! Should be further up the list!

It's good but not stronger than elements

My quartz dragon is level eight but still really strong! He is the leader of my team

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