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41 Monstrous Dragon

My dragon is at level 26, and, beats most level 30's dragons including Legendary dragons.

Monstrous Dragons are one of the strongest dragon in the Drago City especially the Mud Dragon!

My dragon is at level 17 and is unbeatable

My 3 gold star 20 level monstrous dragon is unbeatable

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42 Quartz Dragon

My quartz dragon is undefeated at level 30, he has beaten all 3 of my opponents dragons several times before, and by undefeated I mean I've never lost with him, not that he's never died, but he's never been beaten by the first dragon ever!

My Quartz dragon has been my favourite since I got him! He is rarely defeated and I'm only on level 22 and he's at level 15, but he beats dragons much more powerful than him! Should be further up the list!

It's good but not stronger than elements

My quartz dragon is level eight but still really strong! He is the leader of my team

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43 Blue Dragon

With its combination of three elements it becomes one of the most challenging battle of the dragons in dragon city to defeat this dragon but it can be killed only by abyss, mirage, apocalypse, and pure dragons only.

Makes it's enemies to cinders with flame, sea and metal attacks

He's blue I hate blue and I beat it SO easily in battle

Wrong,wrong wrong

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44 Octopus Dragon

This dragon is amazing. At level 15 with no upgrades it is just amazing. I have yet to lose with it.

This dragon's attacks are simply ridiculous, I don't know why it's so strong, but it is.

Three gold star level 30 and he his by no doubt he is the best on my team

45 Poseidon Dragon

LOSER he only has water he's like a stronger version of sea dragon. REALLY?

He beats pretty much everything easily when upgraded but SUCKS against element dragon

Not a very good dragon but rare

It's crap

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46 Pure Tetra-Drive Dragon

Its attack power is 11000 plus it has this skill when another dragon kills this dragon it summon's it self back to the field and gain another 11000 attack power and does a critical each time it gets killed

Man this dragon has no weakness and every time it fights another dragon it's attack power when its level 20 triple gold star is 16370 attack power and its life is 28930

This dragon is an all elements dragon no one can beat it

What is pure tetra dragon

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47 Void Dragon

It is new and its elements are pure war dark and metal

My favourite for aesthetics

A nice and balanced dragon


48 Ice & Fire Dragon

Because it moves are very good to my advantage.

Double Power N Very Strong

49 Burning Dragon

Burn your dinner. Not cool enough? Go ahead and try burn them yourselves.

It is very big in attacks

50 Predator Dragon

He is strong Evans and he is my favorite Dragon of them all

It is very cool dragon

It can defeat most dragons and has hood health

I like this dragon because it looks like my favorite dinosaur Spinosaurus! But it still not as powerful as pure and legendary dragons. :(

51 Nirobi Dragon

I have this but no quite as powerful as Crystal dragon because the category is 3 meanwhile other legendary dragons are 5

Legend element

He is the best

He's a beast!

52 Midas Dragon

Every attack it does it is very critical

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53 Plankton Dragon

Even if it is 1,000 gems it's still awesome. Once I beat A. a Soccer Dragon that was on level 11.

My plankton drag is the only permanent member of my team, it may be weak to some things but when I use the right team it can win any fight. Mine is on level 15 and only has one bronze star but already has over 6000 hp!

Just breed it instead of the 1000 gem thing.

There is very few attacks that is critical for it.

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54 Steampunk Dragon

Why? He's badass and is Easier to get than armadillo, and it's better because he's NOT weak to metal. I use him to get rid of the metal then use elements dragon to OBLITERATE the rest. Steampunk dragon. enough said

55 Forge Dragon

Is my highest level dragon priests are gold decimate everything it goes again and only seems weak to dark so I win a lot

56 Mistletoe Dragon

It is damn weak

Awesome fighter defeated pedriadactal dragon in 2 hits I could never do that with my dragon plus he's cool looking

57 Golem Dragon

My golem dragon is level 16 and has three stars. If you work with it well it will work well with you to. I am surprised so many people like the Element dragon which I think does not make any sense. My golem is my 2nd best dragon (I think high spirits dragon is the best but no one thinks it is the best). And it has more than 13 000 health, super OP.

Level 15 has around 9900+ health with hypnosis attack doing 5000+ damage only weakness is war attacks

Golem dragons are amazing, I think they should be higher. I win almost every battle with my level fifteen Dragon named "Bonzo"

so weak

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58 Space Dragon

Lol.. I started playing Dragonfly recently with my son's and Space dragon came up on a special offer, so not having many dragons and not knowing much about the game I bought him because he looked cool.. Since then he's beaten my son's pure and legendary dragons and anything else they or friends can chuck at him.. My son's were so furious I had to buy them one each as well

Space and Quartz are the best. I added Quartz and now I vote for space. Both worth it.

Space is awesome because it is as good as the pure electric dragon

Space dragon is underrated.

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59 Eclipse Dragon

The eclipse dragon is a such good dragon he once deafited the legendary dragon in my dragon city

60 Bear Dragon

Just got him once at level 10 or higher he becomes really strong

Seriously mine died in first battle

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