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101 Firebird Dragon

My one, Blaze, is very good. Try to beat her if you dare. They're easy to breed, and it's worth it. Besides looking flippin amazing!

I have one and it is my strongest dragon in Dragon city oh my God it is three gold stars I dare you to tryme in battle by the way it's name is Pomona

102 Troglodyte Dragon

Basically... Everybody talks about having terra and sea as a defense.. Well if you have this dragon... You can easily defeat them... It has a good hitpoint and attack... It has terra as defense.. A hard element to defeat and it has fire.. Terra and metal for heavy damage..., it's one of my favorite as you can see... It can critical hit against almost all the dragons of this list... You should get your hand on one this... It will change your life in dragon city...

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103 Ney Dragon

This dragon is a very powerful football also defeated a abyss dragon and appoclaypse dragon.i gained it by dragon cards.a ney dragon with one gold star is very powerful.

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104 Titan Dragon

Titan is not best than cruel.but good than others in this wrong list

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105 Earth Dragon V 1 Comment
106 Dark Angel Dragon

I think it is the best dragon of all because when you train its all attacks with 3 gold stars it could not be defeated

Dark Angel is cool looking and I have won many battles leading off with this dragon. The hypno attack usually wipes out my opponents on the first shot.

Cool dragon can do good crits and normals although I don't understand why it has the element dark in it.

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107 Moon Dragon

One of ghetto best. Train it and It will lead the game on. Keep away from metal dragons

I don't think it is that good. It should be a common, because it is very weak for a rare. - niutanya

108 Cosmic Dragon

Cosmo dragon can generate live

109 Cold Star Dragon

Awesome fighter should be number 25

110 Aztec Emperor Dragon

Great dragon level 20 has 14000 health and can do 7000 with one attack not critical 14500 with critical been using it almost the whole time I've had the game

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111 Sunrise Dragon

One of my favorites. Use him in battle all the time.

This dragon has 3 elements Flame, Terra, Electric.

It's attacks's are stunning and can reach a very high attack level.
Just saying it is a new dragon and is not breedable.

112 Third Birthday Dragon

New Dragon, which is a gift on Dragon city's third birthday. You can no longer get it, but this dragon is very good

I'm really upset I didn't get him he is so strong

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113 Sea Dragon

My sea dragon in the tournament's beat the petroleum dragon and mud dragon. Petroleum dragon was on level 12 mud dragon was on level 10 my sea dragon was on level 7 he defeated those dragons in 1 hit each even my double terra could not defeat them my double terra dragon was on level 10 but my sea dragon did it by himself it was amazing!

My sea dragon is on level 15 and he took out two legendary dragons

114 Rainbow Dragon

This dragon is terrible even the Terra Dragon is closer to the being the best dragon

115 Mystic Tribe Dragon

This dragon defeats all terra and sea dragons

116 Magnetic Dragon

I think the magnetic dragon should deserve to be the 17 best dragon on this website.

Super DRagon itis most of dragons are loser to it as he maks critical

117 Star Dragon

He is the second strongest dragon in the team I love him he is lev.8!

He looks cool and is pretty strong

I really like the star dragon

It is a more powerful dragon

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118 Krait Dragon
119 Mardi Gras Dragon

I love this dragon because two of its attacks are so rare to get its bee hive and out of time

120 Atlas Dragon

He's awesome he is varying the earth in the game he's cool looking and very powerful

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