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121 Ney Dragon

This dragon is a very powerful football also defeated a abyss dragon and appoclaypse dragon.i gained it by dragon cards.a ney dragon with one gold star is very powerful.

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122 Cruel Dragon V 4 Comments
123 Zodiac Capricorn

This should be number 3 in my opinion. I have it because I thought it was cool and I am a Capricorn but this does amazing in battle. It is level 23 with 2 gold stars, it is a life saver. My dragons are Pure Sea, Apocalypse, and Zodiac Capricorn. First my Pure Sea dragon starts and kills 1 or 2 dragons then dies. Then depending on the type, I send out either Apocalypse or my Zodiac Capricorn dragon. My team isn't that good with Terra elements but my Zodiac Capricorn just stomps on them. My Zodiac Capricorn dragon one-shot a level 20 Elements dragon that had 3 gold stars.

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124 Mummy Dragon

This dragon can beat; Legendary,Element, Pure! ITS VERY EASY to owned, and super easy to rank-up!

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125 Necromancer Dragon
126 Nocturnal Dragon

Powerful attacks just watch out for nature earth and light have at level 20 three gold stars its strongest attack does 8000 and it has 17000

127 Cosmic Dragon
128 Paradise Dragon

This dragon is so strong he is also so cool and has great moves he was hard to get.

129 Hot Metal Dragon

This dragon is one of the strongest dragons!

My level 40 dragon of that can't be beaten ever

It is stupidly biGgeR CuB Book BingO GUy cycle Cub VouCh Guv GoBi YvEtte burP

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130 Thief Dragon

He's adorable

131 Cold Star Dragon

Awesome fighter should be number 25

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