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121 Double Electric

High voltage I bet no one would like to get shocked by this dragon. The other thing is you get them for free. I just love the trainable attack like Tesla Ray wicked dragon

122 Deus Pet Dragon

Although he may be just like the flaming rock, he has a great range of flame and Terra attacks to send even maybe a little bit younger elements dragon flying. He cannot breed well, but is a great dragon whom you can always have in your top three. Great till level 20 (of you, not the dragon). He can be a good addition to your top three and has a great partnership with Elements and BigFace till level 20. Then maybe you should be fine with a Colossal, Legendary /Armadillo and Elements, but hey, that won't degrade this epic dragons posture.

I win every battle in my league wich is pretty cool considereding I am at level 7! 🐲

123 Ney Dragon

This dragon is a very powerful football also defeated a abyss dragon and appoclaypse dragon.i gained it by dragon cards.a ney dragon with one gold star is very powerful.

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124 Cosmic Dragon
125 Paradise Dragon

This dragon is so strong he is also so cool and has great moves he was hard to get.

126 Hot Metal Dragon

This dragon is one of the strongest dragons!

My level 40 dragon of that can't be beaten ever

It is stupidly biGgeR CuB Book BingO GUy cycle Cub VouCh Guv GoBi YvEtte burP

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127 Thief Dragon

He's adorable

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