Top 10 Strongest Elements

in this list i will show 10 of the most strongest elements like fire wind lighning etc

The Top Ten

1 Fire

The reason why I'm put the fire in the number 1 is the fire has the most destructive power than the other elements and without fire we can't life with fire we can make fire ball flame trower etc - Haekalhakim

Its not the strongest.water can put it out

But there are some fire that can't extinguished by water like the inferno or the hellfire - Haekalhakim

2 Wind

The wind can slash your body into half! and with wind we can make tornado rasengan wind shuriken etc and wind can destroy thunder - Haekalhakim

3 Lightning

It a element with the most highest critical attack! lightning even can make fire with lightning we can make a storm we can move super fast and we can make a lightning strike - Haekalhakim

4 Earth

With earth we can make an earth golem earthquake sand tsunami a ball of rock etc the earth is strong again the water but weak again the lightning - Haekalhakim

5 Water

With water we can make a tsunami water ball we can call the water animal and without water all creature can die and with water we can make a giant water wave - Haekalhakim

6 Darkness

It the mist scary element! the darkness is a evil element but cool with darkness we csn summon a demon a shadow or other creepy creatures and with darkness we can kill someone without touch it - Haekalhakim

7 Light

It a good element with light we can summon a angel and other good crature with light we can make peace in the world plus with light we can make a holy sword and shield - Haekalhakim

8 Lava

Lava is a mix of fire and earth with lava we can make a sea of magma with lava we can make a super hot attack and with lava we can make a volcano eruption - Haekalhakim

9 Iron

Iron is one of the element with iron we can have a super metal body and we can make a plenty of weapons with iron plus we can make super strong iron shield - Haekalhakim

10 Sound

With sound we can make a soundwave and a shockwave with sound we can make the thing arround us vibrate and destroyed sound is a dangerous element - Haekalhakim

The Contenders

11 Osmium
12 Titanium
13 Ice
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