Gray Fullbuster

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Gray Fullbuster a fairytail wizard is a kind sensitive person which can be mainly found in underwear or fighting a guildmate / friend brother Natsu Dragneel (which I am supersede dint make this list) anyway Gray has a habit of stripping which he found while training with his now unfortunately dead master more.


Gray is one of the strongest characters in the manga/anime his ice make magic gives him the freedom to adapt to any scenario. Due to his tragic back story he has a drive to become stronger and his love for his friends gives him the motivation to never give up in spite of the odds. And depending on whether or not you are up to date with the manga you will see him go through a major power boost.

Gray is a strong character with his ice mage he can make anything he can use projectiles physical and defensive magic all in one plus his backing story explains why he is a badass plus if he has lost to someone before when he battles them again he kicks there ass natsu can't do that he's lost more than twice in some fight he even got beaten by a giant jet pack chicken that gray had to take out for him

Creation magic = unlimited potential, badass without dragon or bloodline or bull plot power. Main character with side character fights but even so cool personality. Always caring about others (esp Erza, Lucy and Natsu) and when he is serious he can do anything. Freeze flames, create walls of ice, freeze stuff or shield people faster than anything, fight bare handed endure tons of beating and even yes, even talk back to Erza :). Too bad he is mostly used as a comical character.

I'm really dispointed not seeing gray at the top 5, the creator of this anime gave too much power to the main character, natsu, and not much to gray, which is supposed to be the closest character to natsu in terms of power, but unfortunately, when you watch the anime you'll find that natsu does everything and everybody is talking just about him, which makes you sometimes predict that he wil always win the fight, yes I agree natsu is the main character but it would be much more interesting if the author gave a little more attention to gray, it'll make the serious more interesting.

He should be at least 9 on this list. His creation speed and skill is pretty impressive, and he gained even more power after obtaining ice devil slayer magic (spoiler sorry). He can basically mould anything with his magic, and do cool (haha pun) things with his magic such as freeze flames, make walls and floors, craft weapons, etc. Gray is my favourite character lol

From the start Gray show that he has a strong power and being strong is not only based on your power, you can be stronger if you have a strong heart, and all of Gray's achievement is for Ul his master who taught him to be strong!

So many people under-estimate him here. His power his new magic was enough to beat people like Sting and Rogue (that isn't a over estimation either) and with his new magic he can probably equal the likes of Laxus who can easily paste Natsu into the ground! I don't have to mention how he only loses to Natsu in terms of endless magic and destructive magic, he trumps him everywhere else.

The guy has come up nicely, not just physically but in just about every other aspect. He has grown a lot as well as his power I'm sure he is on par if not above several of the people placed above him as of now he is defiantly in the top 6-8

*SPOILER ALERT* near the end of the series gray is granted the power of an ice devil slayer, though we haven't seen him use that power at all it should put him at least on par with natsu once again. He needs to be top 5 at the lowest.

Gray deserves to be in higher place. He and Natsu are totally equal. Natsu fights stronger opponents because that protagonist supposed to be, but, since child they are even. And as far as I know, Gray always win in their fight.

For me, he should be on top 10 or above. 3 dragon slayer can't beat the king of underworld but Gray easily froze and destroy the curse that was being cast by the king. They beat the king but Gray is the one who finished it.

He is proven to be Natsu's equal in power so why is Natsu 4th and Gray 13th that makes NO sense. So Natsu better come down with Gray or Gray needs to go higher. Cause Gray is clearly strong. Plus he's very intelligent.

He is easily on par with Natsu and even during the events of the lullaby arc he impresses all the guild masters with his weakest techniques before he obtains devil slaying magic

Gray at 11th place are you guys stupid if natsu is at 2nd place and gray's power is equal to natsu then gray should be in the top five also and by the way gray defeted as many powerful people as natsu did so what is he doing at 11th, if gray is at 11th the make natsu at 12th and mirajane at 2nd or 7th cause natsu and gray are equal in power! So what if natsu can use dragon slayer magic gray can (maybe) use ice devil slayer magic! Natsu at 2nd place where a real strong person should be like gildarts, laxus, erza, mira, mavis, jellal. so please put gray in the top ten like natsu!

RAGE OF THE ICE DEMON allows him to freeze even Natsu's flames. Now he can also eat ice which gives him even more power.

He got EVEN MORE power from his dad, and has been training for a year. There is no doubt that he is stronger than Natsu before the training now.

He is amazing at Ice-Make Magic and can use Ice Devil Slayer Magic that his father, Silver Fullbuster, taught him.

Gray is actually not that far away from Natsu's powers think about normal natsu vs gray, his ice could hold off natsu's power however even gray cannot beat natsu.

Gray deserves to be on higher spot. Ice devil slayer isn't ordinary. And he beat the king of underworld with natsu but he's the one who finishes off the king of underworld.

He's definitely stronger than erza now, unless hiro all of a sudden gives her ice repellent armor. Which he probably will, I don't know how or where erza is getting all these types of armors from.

Gray is an interesting charecter in general, his spells are all very unique and powerful at the same time. However what makes him strong is that he actually had to train his power unlike most wizards who are usually born with power.

He's strong as Natsu. However, Natsu is the one who fight the strongest opponent. That's why people think that he's stronger than Gray.

To my knowledge, he is the only one who can use devil slayer magic. And, imagine his power if he had the protection of clothes

I think Gray should be higher than Erza. But still not in the top 10. He's incredibly strong now but he's not taking down any of the others on the top 10 list (aside from Erza)

If he combines ice make magic and ice devil slaying magic he can be one of the strongest.