Lucy Heartfilia

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Lucy Heartfilia is a wizard in the guild, Fairy Tail. Her magic is called celestial spirit magic which allows her to summon spirits from another world. She currently possesses fifteen celestial keys, which is an extraordinary number for a celestial mage. She gets along best with Team Natsu, containing more.


I choose her because she is a strong and intelligent mage maybe in the Grand Magic Games she is defeated during her fight by Flare but in the 4th day she prove that no matter if you lose then you bring it on...

But you have to remember that flare cheated to win otherwise lucy never would of lost

Lucy is one of the strongest characters she was able to summon all of her celestial spirits at once when opening only two could kill some wizards, her magic is incredibly rare and unlike everyone else she was kept in an environment where she couldn't train her magic not to mention she summoned three celestial spirits at the same time which is considered as a taboo technique and is the only person according to Marde Queer who summoned the celestial spirit king and was able to save everyone of fairy tail when they were captured. She is amazing

She's just so powerful. The fact that she nearly opened the gate of Leo, without even being in possession of his key makes her all the more powerful. Also, you've gotta remember that a Celestial Wizard's power is shown through how strong his/her Spirits are. And Lucy's Spirits are all ridiculously strong. There, Lucy is clearly a VERY strong wizard. It's just a shame we don't see more of her power sometimes.

You Know Guys If She Get Pick By The S-Class Mage Promotion Trial&The Grimoire Heart didn't Interrupt She's An S-Class Mage Ryt Now because She Figured Out The Location Of Mavis Vermillion's Grave With Relative Ease Through The Use Of The "Clues" Hidden In The Trial Setup, Being Apparently The Only Member of Fairy Tail To Achieve This

So Vote Vote Vote Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy may seem weak at first glance as she is targeted ad captured easily, she isn't as weak as she seems as for a celestial wizard she holds a great amount of magic power and is shown capable of doing things many other celestial wizards can such holding multiple gates up for a period of time. She also has a lot more to prove and will definitely reach a far way in strength at some time.

Is my favorite character in fairy tail because is very friendly and intelligent and impressive

Lucy should be WAY higher than where her rank is. She is very powerful when it comes to her spirits, her star dresses, unison raids, Urano Metria, heck even her whips. Her power matches Juvia or even Mira and Gray at this point. She beat Jackal! One of the Tataros members! She would've beaten Flare, if Raven Tail didn't cheat. Her willpower and her courage gives her strength. We all know Lucy isn't Erza or Laxus, but she has potential. The reason why Lucy was weaker to begin with was because she was stuck in a mansion her whole life. She mastered her magic quite well since then, though. She stood by her friends when they fought. I hate how people always talk about all the things that are wrong with her. I'm aware that she has those flaws, but focus on the good things about her power and her personality. Out of all of the Fairy Tail characters, I think Lucy tries the hardest to fight. I'm not saying that Natsu, Erza, Gray and the rest of them don't try hard, it's just my opinion. She ...more

Surprised that Lucy isn't in the top 10 O.o. She is extremely powerful and is remarkably the best Celestial Spirit Wizard. She now has the new ability to change forms and enhance her power according to the form. As shown in the anime, her Lucy Kick is extremely powerful and some even say that it is stronger than Fairy Law. With Lucy Kick, even Zeref doesn't stand a chance.

Uh, what? She defeated flare but why is flare higher than her? #114 what? She's the strongest celestial spirit mage! Whoever uploaded that picture of her is salty. She has star dresses, she summoned CSK, she has 9 gold keys! - parisinslame

Lucy is very powerful! And she is the main character of this story. Everything focuses on her! In the last battle I believe she will the one who face the final boss!

Lucy is also powerful she can summon her celestial spirits and she can use her star dress... and she is also beautiful, friendly, intelligent and many more

She can formed star dresser and I think she is one of the most powerful wizard while they last. And she conduct all powers gives by hibiki gates and I think she absorb all powers until/while they and.

Lucy has proven to be intelligent and strong, she may not be as strong physically as Erza but has the strongest mental capacity of the entire team.

Right now lucy is able to summon 4 celestial spirits, that means she is way stronger than any other celestial mage ever known. It means, even though her magic doesn't look very impressive, she has way lot of magic inside herself. And in tartaros she was the Queen whip and could defeat lot of people even without using her celestial spirits.

I choose her because she can cast a spell called gottfried and that spell is a forgotten magic

Seriously have you not read the manga

I think lucy is the mage will became the greatest celestial wizard like greater than her ancestor, anna heartfilia.

Just wait for the Celestial Spirit King form and how she'll save the whole fairy tail again.

Okay so many people look down on lucy because of her personality but lucy is so much stronger than most people think. I'm retty sure she is the strongest celestial wizard that exists

I choose Lucy because she is very lovely in her guild and she is power than juvia

Lucy should be higher up cause once she summoned all her spirits at once which not many celestial wizards can do.

I choose Lucy because she is lovely and friendly than us and she is powerful than juvia

Why is Lucy down at 74th place she should at least be like 12th or 10th

Lucy is very strong she should be at least in the top ten strongest on this list. She is very smart and she was gotten so much stronger.

She looks rather weak, but despite her appearance she is incredibly strong.