Mirajane Strauss

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Mirajane Strauss is the elder sister of Lisanna and Elfman, who possesses “Take-Over” magic, which allows her to take shape of animals, other wizards, or her “Satan Soul” forms. Mirajane is also an S-Class wizard who was rivals with Erza Scarlet when they were both young, often challenging her ...read more.


Mirajane is a skilled user of Take Over, a type of Magic which, as the name suggests, allows her to take over the powers and abilities of particular creatures she really "knows". She shares such Magic with her siblings Elfman and Lisanna, something which made them known as the "Take Over Siblings". The particular, signature form she employs is called Satan Soul. - MeowMix

Personally, Mira's the most powerful mage in FT. Her 'demons' which we hardly of, must be very destructive and powerful. I'm thinking the author's preparing something big for mira. Like revelations on how she met the demons thus taking over their abilities. And I'm sure we're about to see the other demons she has up her sleeve. I'm excited for their names.

Hiro should most definitely give Mirajane more fights.I consider Mira as one of the most strongest mages in Fairy Tail so it would be a waste to see her have so much potential but could not put her magic power to use.
Mira's "Satan Soul" is not to be mess with but it's no point giving her such strong and effective magic when she couldn't even put it to use.I feel that it's time Mirajane got out of her comfort zone and really start kicking ass!...Even if she's not the main character the least she deserves is to fight someone incredibly strong...someone on par with her without the help of any other mage.

Mirajane is a very skilled fighter, she might be even stronger than Erza! Unlike other S class' powers, Mirajane's powers can sometimes be very unstabled and causes lots of damage. It shows that she can be a very skilled fighter, but also knows which demon form to use. She can sometimes use other elements like lightning, for example, which we can rarely see any other mages uses. As we all know, Mira tried to endure her powers, but when it comes to serious fighting, she can really kick anyone's ass!

We don't know Mira's limit yet, but her take overs are already proving that she has the power to be a match for anyone. She isn't only a normal mage, she is a S-class wizard in Fairy Tail which I believe are all on Ten wizard saint levels. She might even take on Minerva with just her Halphas form.

Thing is Mirajane has never been portrayed going full out. They have shown her forms that have been banned but they never show what they are capable of. She is by far the strongest female wizard in Fairy Tail. Her drive was lost when she lost Lisanna and even though after Lisanna's return, things didn't return to what they used to be. When Laxus mentioned being most powerful, he never mentioned being stronger than Mirajane, he mentioned not getting her angry. She doesn't deserve number 12, she should be higher.

I really do think that Mira is strong but...hahaahaha! Do you Mira fans really think shes that strong, I admit she is beautiful,smart,kind and strong but the comments on this page about Mira make her sound way to overpowered. Oh, and is destroying a city really that important to show how "powerful" the character is then I guess Hiro should've got Erza, Laxus and Gildarts to destroy one too (just so u Mira fans won't get confused) Oh and about how Mira holds back during her fights because she could cause some damage and destruction, about this I seriously think all the members of the fairytail guild don't give it there all during their battles cause their specialty is destroying things and causing damage. And by the way holding back during a fight is an insult to the enemy, so I really wouldn't make a fuss about how Mira holds back. I know Mira has talent but open your eyes people Erza has more, I mean try to look at it from hiro's perspective I bet he made erza the best and the ...more

The author of Fairy Tail himself said that in a fight, Mirajane would totally win against Erza and Erza is #9 on this list. Something doesn't add up here.

I think Mirajane should be in the Top 10 because she and Erza are equally good. We also know that she has the potential to surpass Gildarts and Laxus. I've read the recent manga chapter about Mirajane being able to possess the curse Macro. It says that with Macro, you can control or manipulate living creatures or even corpses. Therefore, she can effortlessly ask Erza, Laxus, Gildarts, or even the most powerful mage to kill themselves if she wants to. I also think she should be awarded as one of the Ten Wizard Saints because she has a massive magic power can destroy a city. Seriously, Mirajane is so underrated. Hiro needs to give her a lot of fighting scenes because we doesn't even know what she has and how powerful she is. We also need to know her history like how did she got that kind of magic. So, yeah, I think she may able to surpass Laxus and Gildarts because she has a lot of potential. Erza on the other hand has the potential too but, nothing's special about her magic. We already ...more

Actually erza I stronger she was not able too defeat freed easily and if erza and Mira fought each other seriously then erza would cut down her Ina second erza is been chosen the guild master and after that she fought 100 monsters and despite that Mira is just a model

She is obviously the strongest, she is stronger than Erza she can turn into a god but, Makarov banned her from using it because she is to strong

Mirajane never showed us her full power, even so she could destroy her opponents, her satan soul is tremendously strong, she deserve a place in the ten wizard saints

Because she has three most powerful take-over. She is really a Demon Heiress. Among other fairy lady characters she has very kind but deep inside very powerful mage.

What an incredible power. I wish to see more of her demon take overs

Mira has still to show her true power and she said she was holding back when people are around so if she is did use her full power erza would not stand a chance

When I first saw Mira as She devil I was just completely speechless. I think Erza would beat her, but other from that she's totally the strongest girl in the guild. Just my opinion

She is a real demon, not like in some parody anime. Natsu might have the potential to become the strongest but Mira is one kick ass girl, she has less forms then Erza but shown that she is just as deadley.

She has 72 demon inside her and soon revealed

Mira and Erza are both equal strong. If they were to fight they would kill each other. Mira should be in the same rankings as Erza. And this is coming from an Erza fan so that is saying something.

I feel she's underdeveloped, and her character needs more story

Mirajane is so underrated she's ridiculously strong! Her Halphas form destroyed a city with ease and that's not her most powerful her demon sitri is insane. She is also said to be comparable to the ten wizard saints. She could defiantly take jura

We love you Mirajane! She is the most powerful of all... None knows her full power. She is cute and sexy and hot too. And she is wise peaceful and friendly!

Yes, I think she should be one of the Ten Magic Wizard Saints in Fairy Tail.

Mira due to her kindness she wont fight often but if something happens to her dear nes no one can stand her anger

She can use macro which can command anyone to kill themselves or to fight each other