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21 E.N.D.

I'm officially done with this list. E.N.D is the strongest demon Zeref has ever created with the power to bring even him down. Hell, even Acnologia fears E.N.D! The whole point of E.N.D was to help bring down Acnologia after killing Zeref. So a demon with the ability to kill both Zeref and possibly even Acnologia is #23? This list is obviously not made by facts. If it was he'd be #3 after Acnologia and Igneel.

Natsu is E.N.D. and even Zeref said that Natsu was the only person who could beat him and is Zeref's strongest demon.

Zeref's strongest demon should be in twelve this is kinda of Biased don't you think

It should be higher than Mard Geer

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22 Juvia Lockser Juvia Lockser Juvia Lockser is a Fairy Tail Mage . When Juvia was young she was abandoned by her parents because she was followed by the rain . Juvia lived in a orphanage but she never felt at home there she was mistreated by the children there because she was different from them,she was a Mage she had blue hair more.

Juvia is an extremely skilled user of Water Magic. It allows her to produce, control, and manipulate water. She can use the water in a variety of different ways, such as producing blades of water that can even slice through solid rock and metal, or forming waves of tremendous power and force to damage her opponents, or even trapping opponents in mini-prisons made of her water. Juvia also has the ability to turn into water, seemingly without thought, thus allowing both physical and magical attacks to pass through her without harming her. - MeowMix

If Gray where to say that this world and everything in it was the reason he hated life and was gonna commit suicide Juvia would destroy the world and everything in it. she is so powerful when they met Merdy and she was beating both Juvia and Erza easily... then she threatened gray that was her first mistake her second was thinking she could then stop Juvia even though she went from knocked out to ERZA saying I'll leave this to you because she knew she was no match but Juvia is when gray is threatened she even passes out but comes to just because of his voice then chases them NO LIMITS to her power so how is she 18 come on

I was a little disappointed that she didn't make at least ten on this list, due to showing of her powers, Juvia has become well rounded and strong since her first appearance (which was already outstanding) being able to deflect physical attacks, AND had have such a strong magic power already, should've gotten her on 10 or above on his list. (This is just my opinion though.)

She is the strongest in the guild if gray is in danger plus most attacks can't hurt her

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23 Zeref Dragneel Zeref Dragneel Zeref Dragneel is a character from the anime/manga series, Fairy Tail, created by Hiro Mashima. He debuted in chapter 200 of the manga, and episode 96 in the anime. In Fairy Tail, Zeref is considered to be the strongest, most evil Mage of all time, who possesses extremely dangerous, and powerful Magic. more.

Zeref is the strongest person in fairy tail he can kill anything he wants to kill and he is the one who taught Mavis magic! So why is he the 26 strongest?

Pfft seriously? Because THERE'S MUCH DIFFERENCE between Zeref DRAGNEEL and Zeref himself! *gasp* the LAST NAME CHANGES EVERYTHING PEOPLE!

He's already number one. Go away.

Wasn't he already number one?

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24 Bluenote Stinger

Natsu defeated him with one attack in the Avatar arc.

His black hole can suck in almost anything and can use his Gravity Magic to keep you on the ground where you can't get up.

He gave Gildarts trouble. 'enough said.

He fought pretty evenly with Gildarts, and although he did get taken out in one shot by Natsu he is one of the strongest characters in the series.

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25 Ankhseram

Ankhseram, where do I begin. First he is a omnipotent God. He gave Zeref the contradictory curse (which made Zeref immortal and have sway over life and death) because Zeref pissed him off and he wanted to piss off the world. He did that to Mavis 300 years later. He is the God of life and death and as such his power encompasses all living and dead things. Basically should be number one because he can't die, he can give people immortality and magic, and is omnipotent. Most likely is the one original magic.

He should be number 1 and is probably stronger than Zeref himself

He cursed zeref, and is most likely more powerful than him

He's not really a character...

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26 Ur

Ultear's mother, and the woman who taught Gray and Lyon all of their Magic, your was immensely powerful. Some even saw her as being capable of becoming one of the Ten Wizard Saints. Your had many powerful Ice-Make spells, which she passed down to Ultear. As a last resort, she could even use the Iced Shell.

Okay. Ultear's mother, Gray's teacher, and they're all ahead of her. Seriously...

She was close to becoming one of the ten wizard saints though...


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27 Eileen Belserion

To be fair this list was made long before she came around, so...that explains how underrated she is

Irene is the strongest woman in the 12 along with the strongest male member August. She should be higher. She stood up against Acnologia and that's an incredible feat!

Eileen should be number 3 customers she changed the contient in one hit by using a magic she has never used

A beautiful girl ^-^

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28 Wendy Marvell Wendy Marvell

I thinks Wendy is much stronger than Lucy and should be listed at a higher level

Wendy is cool with her wind and healing dragon slayer power

Wendy is a Dragon Slayer. She could be as strong as Natsu or Gajeel one day. Her power surely over ranks Lucy and she should be placed higher. Wendy is capable of healing and increasing the power of others. She is amazingly strong for only being 12 so imagine how powerful she'll be when she's older.

Wendy is only 13 years old and she has unlocked dragon force and was able to defeat Ezel, if that's not impressive, I don't know what is. She also has been an extremely helpful asset to team Natsu with her healing and support magic. She has become so much stronger, she was powerful before but she lacked confidence and often fainted after casting spells. Wendy has proven everyone wrong who thought she was weak or useless.

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29 Kagura Mikazuchi Kagura Mikazuchi

Actually when some other wizards in other guilds Get their second Origin they can totally defeat Fairy tail but I'm not telling that fairy tail is Weak but there are some mages in other guilds that can beat them like Kagura. Remember she can control the gravity and much stronger than Libra.

As Far the story goes Kagura Mikzuchi is the Strongest Swordswoman She can fight Without using magics but using his Fighting skills

For me She must belong in the top 15 strongest mages

For me Kagura mikazuchi is belong in the top 10 because she has a great speed and has a great sword that can cut erza down

Please vote kagura because she deserve in the top 10

A Unsheathed sword that can cut a strong defense armor from erza is not a small thing. She is extraordinary in terms of speed and strength she can easily destroy minerva if she didn't overwhelm her anger. She deserves to be in top 15

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30 Zero

Sealed within Brain for his thirst for the destruction of everything he was unsealed after the six prayers had fallen. However he was beaten by Natsu after eating the flames of guilt be Jellal.

Incredibly devastating magic. His spell, genesis zero rips people's souls out of existance

Zero should be above Warrod

I think he should be way higher then this list says, Natsu needed help from jellal to beat him and he
Still had trouble beating him, I would place him in the top 10-15 at least... Natsu almost lost to this guy from his Ultimate spell... Genesis Zero... which is Devastating to deal with...

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31 Warrod Sequen

Even though Warrod is the 4th Wizard Saint, he himself stated that it is just a title and that he wields no powerful offensive capabilities.

Nononononono he's so powerful though

I don't more of Warrod, but I think he's strong because it is clearly stated that he was the one of the founder of the Fairytail's guil.

Warrod was one of the founding members of Fairy Tail. At one point, he was seen relaxing with his eyes closed when he was approached by Precht and an unidentified Mage, with the latter asking him whether he was spacing out again. Noticing the finished guild building, the three of them, along with Mavis, took a souvenir photo, commemorating the birth of the Fairy Tail Guild. [2]
After his retirement, Warrod traveled to the deserts around the world in an attempt to afforest them with his Green Magic. At one point, he reached the Sun Village just to find out that it had been frozen. [7]

32 Silver Fullbuster

Silver is Gray's Dad and he's a demon replacement for Zeref's Demons surely he is stronger than 31 he should be in the 19th spot

He reminds me of coyote starrk in bleach.

Surely Silver should be in the top 20.

Come on he should be a little higher on the list!

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33 Rogue Cheney Rogue Cheney

Rogue Cheney is one of the twin dragon slayers in the Sabertooth Guild. Not only is he strong, he was ranked higher than Sting in Sorcerers Weekly

Turn into an untouchable shadow and attack. Go into Dragon Force by your own will. Should be way higher up.

Why is Rogue all the way down here? He should definitely be higher up!

No offense Rogue should be higher than Kagura.

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34 Freed Justine Freed Justine

His power is almost limitless. Think of what you could do if you could create rules for your enemies who have no choice to abide by them. If that wasn't enough there's his added demon power AND his ability to fly

The top character here is Zeref, and while I do very much agree that he is extremely powerful, Freed could simply apply a rule to him that nullifies the use of his magic! (By no means am I saying Freed is stronger than Zeref, only that he would put up a good fight! I think he should be right behind Gildarts Clive)

He can literally do anything. He could even write a tune to give himself a different magic. He should be at least top ten.

Freed can do anything with his magic. even turn into a monster and he has spell death

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35 Celestial Spirit King

This dude is the fairy tale equivalent of a god. I'm not sure I'd give anyone in fairy tale even odds against him. Seems like some weak thinking here. Even if he's not normally allowed on the same plane of existence as the others he's definitely top tier.

Only celestial spirit wizard with a golden key can summon the celestial spirit king, but once u call this big guy, u need to sacrifice a golden key, it will be broken into pieces... Lucy sacrificed Aquarius to summon the CSK. The CSK can stop time in the human I think its very unique, his sword is also powerful...

OH wow. Loki is higher than the KING of Celestial Spirits 0_0

Does anyone know what this guy can actually do if not he shouldn't be on this list

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37 Loki the Leon

Loki is one of the strongest of Lucy's Celestial Spirits, next to Aquarius, but she has a disadvantage because she can only be summoned from water..

He is strong he helped Lucy beat that freaky doll person... Celestial gate key zodiac leader

I like he. I wish he like me to

I read a fanfic and a million people died and (expect the unexpected) he died too. In the story Natsu with END awakened burned him to death and blahblahblah anyway you can read that fanfic. It is so awesome and I loved it. The fanfic's name is " That Smile Hurts". Read it. Its awesome.

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38 Midnight

The one who's control the brains/dreams control the world

How did Midnight came over here? He must be in top 20 something. Vote Wisely People!

Guys he is very strong

Its midnight.

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39 Sting Eucliffe

He is like, an equivalent of Natsu. A user of dragon slayer magic. One of the top five in Sabertooth. Now the Sabertooth guild master. How can Natsu be all the way up there while Sting is number 25? Moreover, he can activate white drive (a technique that ups attacking power) AND dragon force - using his own will! He is capable of so much. Definitely better than Cana and lucy. How can people not see that.

On the other hand, he is hot as well

Sting, along with Rogue, didn't kill a Dragon, it's a memory manipulation... Also, Natsu could beat Sting and Rogue easily even though they're in Dragon Drive...

Literally destroyed the Grand Magic Games Arena and can use very strong White Dragon Slayer Magic and can go into Dragon Force by his own will.

He's the best

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40 Master V 1 Comment
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