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41 Cana Alberona Cana Alberona

Cana is more deserving than lucy

She mastered one of the 3 fairy magic's easily

I think Lucy and Cana is tied but if Cana use the fairy glitter... ohh come on

This girl is kind of strong too...

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42 Larcade Dragneel

So powerful he could take out just about everyone in fairy tail he only stopped attacking cause zeroed told him to

Son of Mavis Vermilion And Zeref Dragneel. He stopped destroying everyone in fairy tail when his father Zeref told him to. He is said to be the only one that can kill Acnologia and is Pure Death and Life at the same time.

He should be number 1

Should be number 1

43 Dimaria Yesta

God soul + can stop time can defeat enemy before the fight even began

She can stop time!

She's so fast like eagle. and her sword is Backsword so AWESOME.

44 Frosch

Frosch can be anyone on this list he should be number 1 and you know it

Too OP for this list. - DADONALD

How is frosch 43

Frosch can beat Acnologia. All he had to do was slap him.

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45 Minerva Orland Minerva Orland

Well she is pretty strong, even though she didn't beat erza, she did give her a pretty hard time, almost killing erza. Minerva is also strong in brainpower.

Territory magic is one of the most powerful magic which is she using

Minerva. Some of them not appreciate the power of Minerva and they just vote Their favorite characters.. Tsss. Be fare she deserve in top 10. And she can command a powerful attack even Mavis Vermillion shock. The first master of fairytail..

ALRIGHT... Why is Minerva 39? I mean yes, Erza SLAYS! Erza is my favorite character! bUT STILL MINERVA DESERVES BETTER!

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46 Lyon Vastia Lyon Vastia

He is strong wizard like gray, he is kind, in the way he never leave his comrades alone and willing to sacrifice his life, just like in the episode when gray and Lyon fight Racer, he has the sense of being a leader on hid group, he has a mighty heart for sure not by just looking or perceiving through his appearance but to his actions

His moldings are faster to cast than Gray's and he's capable of using both static and dynamic ice moldings, can also mold with one hand.

Vote for Lyon-sama! You don't know how strong Lyon has! Lyon is super powerful than Gray, but he is not showing the true power of him.

Lyon is one of the most underrated characters in Fairy Tail, he was once regarded as the Emperor of Sub-Zero and currently the ACE of Lamia Scale!
The character database mention that he's equal to Erza Scarlet in terms of power when going all out though he's yet to be seen going all out after the 7 year timeskip (manga)

His power is so immense, it made Juvia (Who've seen both him and Gray fight) wonder just how strong he really is.

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47 Cobra

Cobra not only can "hear" anyone's thoughts, and memories but he can use one's voice as a weapon against others with sound magic. He would be able to know anyone's weaknesses which is a huge advantage in battle and hardly ever gets touched because of this ability. Natsu only struck him by pure instinct or the fact Igneel was within the fire dragon slayer. And Erza only beat him due to an ancient weapon that was not hers and him being distracted by Kinana's voice whom he thought as Cubellios. Her weapon equip magic didn't stand a chance against him and she must have used 8 or more transformations and still wasn't able to touch him.

Also remember he is a second generation dragon slayer like Laxus. His element is poison, that slowly kills his opponent once touched. The victim's body is filled with viruses and destroy's (rots) from within. If one is not healed, that person would die a slow death. Let's not also forget he killed Brain in a second's notice without the other ...more

Cobra defeated Natsu because he was about to kill him, before he got attacked by Brain

He also was as strong as Erza but got defeated because he was distracted (yeah it was his own fault after all but he was not weak)

He kept up with the Dragon like the other Dragon Slayer but was arrested and didn't train after all... So that proves his strength in my opinion

He can hear your thoughts. Natsu couldn't even hit him and only won through luck with his dragon roar.

He should be top 20 at the least. He is only hated because he's a jerk, but he's cool and him and Natsu we're pretty cool with each other when they fought at nirvana

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48 Erza Knightwalker Erza Knightwalker

She is actually really powerful, when erza scarlett was fighting her it took her a while to defeat her and her magic is similar to hers

Erza knightwalker is erza except she's the opposite of her, which is, mean, and evil.

Should be higher

Erza Scarlet and Erza Knightwalker has almost the same level of power..why is she here? she should be on the same rank as erza...

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49 Meredy Meredy

Her Sense Link Magic is really helpful, because if she links people's pain senses, then she could defeat many opponents at once.

Meredy is real strong. Her magic is Maguilty sense which attacks the opponent's pains directly. Juvia even had to punch herself just to beat Meredy. Her magic's quite unknown so we don't know the EXTENT of her magic. With just what she have shown? I think that's enough to be on top 20.

Come on people Meredy on number 42!? I think she is even stronger then Lucy and even to JUvia

Magulity sense is one of the most powerful magic. and she can also defeat group wizards very easily.

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50 Hyberion

Why? He has awesome magic and is 2 out of the top ten wizard saints. Actually now that God Senera is dead then I guess he is number one

51 Anna Heartfilia

12th strongest

52 Mard Geer Tartaros Mard Geer Tartaros

Oh come on not again!

This guy was beaten but he's bad ass

Got killed by gray

Should be higher

53 Chelia Blendy

She is stronger than wendy because she is a GOD slayer and wendy is a dragon slayer

She is so powerful for akid and evenly matched with wendy marvell and maybe a little more powerful than her

She is stronger then Wendy though...

She can self-heal and power-up by breathing. Hiro even had to make her zone out during her fight against Gray and Juvia to have an excuse as to why she was defeated.
Even in her battle against Wendy, she held back. She could have eaten Wendy's air attacks easily and she didn't even use her secret art against Gray or Juvia
Chelia too OP

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54 Wahl Icht

He almost blew up Magnolia! Should be in top 20 & he is about 90. what? - FairyTail

55 Kyouka

Erza defeated her and Kyouka was growing stronger by the minute but still the deaf, blind and extremely sensitive to pain (Even the wind hurt her I mean a breeze) Erza defeated her. One thing I have to say...Weakling

She should be in the top 20 list because she can increase the pain sensitivity to the max and in her etherious form her power increases by the second

I Think Kyoka Is powerful because Anything is for zeref she is so badass and she tourtered Erza Not even a fairytail wizard could do that!

56 Skiadrum

Rogue's dragon so should be more powerful than wendy and stuff

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57 Gemini

Duh it's Gemini you have markarav or hades or even Zeref and gemini can transform into them and get all their powers and knowledge of their weaknesses or opponents weaknesses! Plus Gemini would've killed Lucy if he hadn't listened to Lucy loving celestial spirits

Gemini can't turn into some of the stronger wizards.

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58 Angel

Super strong but needs a new hairdo

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59 Bacchus Groh

He is really strong. It kind of bothered me after he was classed by Ichiya, and Sting on the first it. Kind of showed the struggle elf man had to go through was kind of a waste.

His strength wasn't really displayed correctly as it was described by erza.

Bacchus is amazing he can even match erza the TITANIA there's no question he is strong

He was defeated my elf man and Jura, but he seems like a strong wizard and should be moved up

Fools I have had enough

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60 Jackal

That's true he beat natsu only cause natsu didn't know about his explode anything he touches thing and natsu beat him afterwards

He is the demon dude people get it right he should be way up

He defeated natsu then... Get rest

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