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61 Neinhart

Whatt. Nine heart is sprig an how can you say that can you give him some respect

62 Bickslow

Good good good good good good good good good good good

63 Hibiki Lates

His powers are Archive and he is the one that transferred Urano Metria to Lucy. Although he held that power know has actually seen him use Urano Metria

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64 Bisca Connell Bisca Connell

The guns she has are amazing I also think requisite are awesome to

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65 Zancrow

Your kidding me. he's STRONG THAN 68% OF THE PEOPLE IN FRONT.

Hate this dude, but it's true.

Laugh out loud zancrow would have wiped the floor with both makarov and natsu if natsu didn't empty his magic container and miraculusly was able to eat his flames laugh out loud he is stronger than 70% of the guys here

Come on. Mashima had to kill this guy? Come ON. One of the only guys to..well, spoilers.

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66 Flare Corona Flare Corona

Unique magical ability... Turning her hair to a weapon

She is so great

She can make her hair to flames!


67 Jian
68 Rogue Cheney (Future) Rogue Cheney (Future)

I mean, if this guy is on the list, he should be above current rogue and sting.

...because present Rogue is better then future Rogue. Make sense right?

He should totally be highly.

69 Roubaul V 1 Comment
70 Bradman / Bloodman V 1 Comment
71 Wolfheim
72 Jacob Lessio

Made the guild members disappear in one move

73 Milliana

I mean she's a crazy cay lady right? she could fight enemy's with the power of cats right!? heheheheheheheheheheheh I'm going to go die in that hole over there goodbye.

74 Juliet Sun
75 Brain
76 Evergreen

Oh come on, higher than 50

Member of fairy tail



77 1st Wizard Saint

The strongest wizard saint obviously.

Even though the Gods of Ishval haven't been thoroughly introduced, it is stated that they are the strongest wizards in the continent. I hope there is an arc dedicated to them soon.

How can the 1st of the wizard saints be below any of the Erasion Sais? He is supposed to be pretty powerful I would say about 15- 20.

Already on this list, known as the God Serene

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78 Virgo

Virgo is a very strong spirit and I think she is way stronger than angle and she deserves a place in top 30

Even though she is spirit she is very strong and deserves a place in top 30

But she is magic it depends on the caster

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79 Ikaruga (Moonlight Sakura)

She deserves to be in top 20 because she can cut anything with her sword and over-whelmed erza when they fought

She is so fast with those sword. She can cut anything. She doesn't even have to use magic to fight. (I think)

Yeah, she is fast with those swords

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80 Arlock
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