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81 1st Wizard Saint

The strongest wizard saint obviously.

Even though the Gods of Ishval haven't been thoroughly introduced, it is stated that they are the strongest wizards in the continent. I hope there is an arc dedicated to them soon.

How can the 1st of the wizard saints be below any of the Erasion Sais? He is supposed to be pretty powerful I would say about 15- 20.

Already on this list, known as the God Serene

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82 Virgo

Virgo is a very strong spirit and I think she is way stronger than angle and she deserves a place in top 30

Even though she is spirit she is very strong and deserves a place in top 30

But she is magic it depends on the caster

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83 Ikaruga (Moonlight Sakura)

She deserves to be in top 20 because she can cut anything with her sword and over-whelmed erza when they fought

She is so fast with those sword. She can cut anything. She doesn't even have to use magic to fight. (I think)

Yeah, she is fast with those swords

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84 Arlock
85 Pander Lily

It's not Pander Lily, it's Panther Lily.
Anyway he should be better than 73!
He can lift such a big weapon, and change his battle form!

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86 Imitatia

She is the number two in the reborn oracion seis so imitatia should be on top 20 or above the list

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87 Rusty Rose Rusty Rose

This guy can turn his imagination to reality how could he be this low

88 Totomaru

He was in 1 or 2 episodes

89 Racer

There is also Jet who could possibly compare

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90 Future Rogue Cheney V 2 Comments
91 Anders
92 Lector

Why is lector stronger than lucy

Lector is pretty brave!

Why is he on this list?

Stronger than Orga? Ok

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93 Invel

Cause he hasn't done anything yet

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94 Ajeel Lamur

He is the "desert King! And one of the 12 shield. Common

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95 Seilah Seilah

She should be in the top 10 because she is able to cast macro on her and if she didn't fought mirajane in hell's core and fought the other guild mages she will win instantly and she can give them orders to attack their fellow mages

She can cast macro to her enemies so she should be in the top 10

She can order herself and her enemies she is way more stronger than mirajane. her macro gives order to the living and the dead and she is way to powerful to destroy the whole guild (ft) on her own

96 Plue

How is Lector stronger than PLUE? At least Plue was able to defeat a golem in the Daphne arc.

He can beat the person who cursed zeref without even going hardcore

He is the strongest spirit out of all of the,

How is plus stringer then elfman

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97 Torafuzar
98 Jiemma Jiemma

The creme de la creme of Fairy Tail characters. He is the absolute badass and is always prideful, which makes him an overlord. So tell me, why is that Lucy HEARTFILIA weakling in this list when this overlord isn't?

Apparently lector is more powerful

99 Warren Rocko V 1 Comment
100 Aria

Wish we had seen more of him, he used drain which is an extremely powerful spell and he kicked natsu's ass.

He took away masters powers and was i=the strongest of the element 4 he should be high on this list

He more powerful then Juvia though...

Aria is the name of my sister so I think it should be up there because it is a good name

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