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101 Yukino Aguria

How can this be yukino is a celestial spirit wizard

She seem has the capability to beat Lucy because she summoned Pisces and Libra on her battle with Kagura, And she summoned the forbiden 13th gate that makes the skies dark like a living nightmare, But sadly opoiuchus was beaten easily even not showing its true potential

She knows hand to hand combat. The only thing Lucy knows is her Lucy Kick.

Yukino should be 1 behind lucy

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102 Coco (Earth Land)

Coco can be really tough if she wants also she is too fast for some people

Coco is fast she can surpass happy

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103 Happy

Can fly and is ridiculously strong. Surprised happy isn't number 1 or at least top 5. Is probably the youngest character and has taken S rank missions before. Half the age of natsu and saved them countless times!

Just think of how many times he saved Natsu and Lucy's butts.

Happy should be at the top with plue and a Ichiya they are all very strong and happy can withstand eating fish for longer periods of time now

Happy can go super Titan mode and defeated acnololgia in one hit! He is faster than the speed of light and has an army of flying cats! He should be #1 on this list or at least top 5

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104 Lisanna Strauss Lisanna Strauss

She already deeply cares for Natsu since they were kids and Lisanna has an awesome family.

She uses take over magic and is the sibling of Mirajane and Elfman

Lisanna shouldn't be in last place. Why is happy ahead of her?

Are you kidding me? Lisanna should be at the top ten! She's way more powerful than she looks! I can't believe HAPPY is higher than her she is so not weaker than a CAT! I can't believe she's number 114! GIve her some credit people geez!

Last place? Why the hell is Happy ahead of Lisanna?

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105 Romeo Conbolt


He shouldn't be this low ranked. He can use multiple kinds of fire, including his stinky one

WHAT?! He is easily stronger than TONS of these characters. This pisses me off.

That is NOT fair. H eshould be higher.

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106 Kageyama
107 Carla

Carla is strong, she can see the future. and she is mature like a lady-like

Daughter of the queen of Exceeds. She could see the future.

Give me a joke even Lisanna and her joke magic could beat Carla, if that is her real name cause they always say Charuru

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108 Aria

Wish we had seen more of him, he used drain which is an extremely powerful spell and he kicked natsu's ass.

He took away masters powers and was i=the strongest of the element 4 he should be high on this list

He more powerful then Juvia though...

Aria is the name of my sister so I think it should be up there because it is a good name

109 Levy McGarden Levy McGarden

She deserves to be at the top of the list! She's able to create anything she wants! She'd own most of the guys on the list.

I find her more higher than some people above.

A keen mind and the guts to face her fears, her magic can adapt to almost every situation. She wasn't nominated for S-class for nothing!

I can't move on when Carla and Happy is at top 120

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110 Jose Porla

One of the 10 wizards saints, don't forget how powerful he is.

111 Kyoki
112 Obra V 1 Comment
113 Sayla

Mira almost lost to her fellow demon Sayla! So why is Mira 11 and Sayla 66?

Should be much higher in ranking

Shes as strong as mirajane anf maybe stronger because sayla is a pure demon, she must be about top 10

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114 Halphas V 1 Comment
115 Satan Soul

Why is Satan Soul on 86 when its mirajane and mirajane is on 11?

Jeez, satan soul is already mirajane

Mirajane is already on the list

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116 Keith
117 Aquarius

She can stand out juvia using its powerful water cyclone and she belong to top 30

She can stand out juvia using its powerful water cyclone.

Aquarius can only be summoned on water and only control water so spite she may be a strong spirit she is no match vs anyone that face her off water

Hows she 104

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118 Max

There was that time when he fought Natsu and nearly won

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119 Pantherlily Pantherlily

You already had this

Stood toe to toe with the wolf Knights, and trained with gajeel. No puahover

120 Rufus Lore

The minstrel who sings in the red moon his memory magic is an ancient magic known to be a very powerful spell we all barely seen him since the grand magic games but I think he had me on the Night of Falling Stars!
A move that can hit juvia even her body was water

He is a powerful wizard powerful than gray fullbuster where mavis said that their are 0 percent gray would win againts rufus but he is one of the stars no need to argue

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