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121 Rufus Lore

The minstrel who sings in the red moon his memory magic is an ancient magic known to be a very powerful spell we all barely seen him since the grand magic games but I think he had me on the Night of Falling Stars!
A move that can hit juvia even her body was water

He is a powerful wizard powerful than gray fullbuster where mavis said that their are 0 percent gray would win againts rufus but he is one of the stars no need to argue

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122 Orga Nanagear V 2 Comments
123 Brandish Myu

This is one of the future top 10 strongest character! Though much people have only seen the anime and not the manga. She can literally turn Fiore into nothingness. She even turn an island into the size of a fist!

Brandish U? already 65. (not Myu)

124 Rahkeid

Well we don't even know what he can do yet...

Only one that can defeat acnologia which was stated in the manga by himself and zeref

125 Lady Eileen

She is called the strongest woman alive what more can you ask for she crushed mirajane instantly, and mother of Ezra, but who's the father?

Suz but she is stronger than any contenders on the list, she's just new but she can summon the Universe One (if you only read the manga) which is also known as World Reconstruction Magic which allows you to alter and remake the landscape. basically she can teleport anything anywhere across the globe. Just read the manga and you'll understand!

She should be in the top ten because she could kick erza's ass

Strongest female besides Mavis

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126 Irene

Irene is the strongest woman but she can't beat Mavis because she don't have fairy heart magic

Overwhelmingly strong

Amazing enchantress,

She is op

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127 Keyes
128 Ezel
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