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1 Juvia

I think that she wasn't given enough credit, I mean seriously manipulating and controlling water is a strong magic. Water is everywhere she can easily control it, and there are several ways on using water, Maybe she could even control any liquid forms we don't know! because like what I said she doesn't have enough acknowledgement. For now I can say that Erza and Mira is stronger than her but I think If she fight seriously and use water magic like natsu's fire magic then she could definitely defeat both of them but that's just my opinion. Still I voted for her because she is strong as it is.

Juvia is not the strongest female mage in fairy tail. Erza is then second would be mirajane. Lucy is stronger than juvia as she beat her in the tower of heaven.

Juvia is one of the strongest mages because of her different attacks rage. Also when in high emotion she becomes extremely powerful like when she fought Meredy.

Juvia is a strong women who has a big heart for everything and she is always there for her friends and she will do anything for them. She already prove how strong and what she can do.

2 Erza Erza Erza Scarlet is an S-Class Mage from the infamous magic guild Fairy Tail. Erza starts off as a lone wolf and stays loyal to following the rules. As the story develops Erza changes into loving mage strong and independent. As her terrible past haunts her she ignores her Nakama's calls that they want help. more.

How the heck is Juvia above Erza, we all know erza is a lot stronger


How the hell is Juvia above Erza lmaooo she already smacked her one

Juvia has lost in a battle against Erza with another player against Erza so of course Erza is stronger then Juvia. Only when someone messes with her (Gray~Sama) is when Juvia would actually stand a chance against Erza but this is my opinion so if you disagree I don't care. So ya bye peeps!

3 Ultear

Ultear is the strongest for me due to the increasingly magical power that she has. As a child Ultear was sent to an extraction centre to take away her magical power because as a child she almost died having all of it. Even though they extracted more than 80% of her magical power she was almost able to defeat Natsu Dragneel. Ultear surprisingly used her magical power to take over the whole of the prison at force ( the one erza was kept in - Tower of Heaven) while she was at a young age not even 12 years old! She took and manipulated Jellal and everyone Erza Scarlet (the strongest you so call) loved. She did not want to do anything with Erza but to avoid her curiosity. Ultear had recently saved the while of Fairytail and The whole world by making everyone see the future so they can defeat future rogue. A person with 20% of her magical power left still completed the spell and was ALIVE! It was supposedly happen to kill the user but she apparently survived the impact but aged.

I honestly think that Ultear is the second most powerful female in Fairy Tail, only being surpassed by Mavis. I honestly think she would be able to defeat Erza, maybe not easily, but I think she would be able to.

Ultear is stronger than juvia and lucy

People think Erza is the best! what Ultear is way stronger than her and she is smarter. She would win against Erza

4 Mirajane Mirajane Mirajane Strauss is the elder sister of Lisanna and Elfman, who possesses “Take-Over” magic, which allows her to take shape of animals, other wizards, or her “Satan Soul” forms. Mirajane is also an S-Class wizard who was rivals with Erza Scarlet when they were both young, often challenging her more.

Okay, so this may sound bias because of my username, but here I go.
How come Mirajane is below Juvia? First of all, she's an S-Class wizard! She became one a year after Erza! She's one of Fairy Tail's "drawing cards" and earned the name "The She-Demon." She beat Freed (a possible candidate for the S-Class trials), Mary Hughes (with the help of Elfman and Lisanna), Racer (Sawyer, if you may), Jenny, Kamika, Seilah, Lamy, and Eclipse Pisces. She was on par with Erza when they were thirteen, and this list is saying that Juvia is stronger than Mirajane?! - MirajaneStrauss

I think it's official or something that Mirajane is stronger than erza but I'm not excactly sure...
And I'm sort of new to the fandom but my friend who's really into Fairytail admitted Mira is stronger tham erza due to her powers and the demons she was able to take control of I don't know how to explain it I'm sorry ;w;

She should be 2nd

Mirajane is stronger than erza. Some people say that they get annoyed when people say Mira is stronger than erza. They also say that if Mira is stronger than erza she would have got the title titania. But what the thing is mira didn't use her power after lisanna died. That's the only reason why she didn't get the title titania. At the same time people also say that if erza uses nakagami armour she could defeat Mira. But Mira also has a strong transformation which could let her enemies obey her ordera which is much more powerful than erza. Mira also could also easily defeat juvia.

5 Mavis

She is way stronger than anyone in the guild and she knows so mich powerful magic like fairy glitter, fairy sphere and fairy law. Heck! She the one who created it!

1. Mavis
2. Irene
3. Brandish/Dimaria
4. Mirajane
5. Erza/Ultear

Mavis is stronger than erza but she isn't demonstrating her power or showing them and she is just a spirit she is not real mavis she was in the past erza is currently the strongest

She is the founder of fairy tail so its only fair

6 Lucy

Lucy gets stronger by the day she also has a lot of faith in her spirits and her guildmates which makes her even more powerful than ever, lucy has her downsides but that doesn't mean she gives up... When laxus put up the thunder palace everyone was fighting and she was willingly going to destroy the bulbs herself, and that brought everyone's spirit back together
lucy is also the most powerful celestial wizard out there... She inherited those powers from her mother

In many of the other comments, I mostly are that "oh, why is she not in the top ten, she is way better than Lucy" or "she almost killed her when they fought! " Now, I'm not glorifying the road she walks on but have you seen the progress that she has made through out the plot. From sticking inside a clock in fear to standing up to steel dragons and calling out Celestial Kings. All these within a year.
People judge her power based in the values of other magic.
Others can barely call out 2 spirits at a time while she had her whole 3 men crew... Of her strongest ones!
All this within a year!
Not only has she grown physically but also emotionally showing great strength in losing everything yet not losing hope. Some say others such as Ezra had a hard childhood, well this was happening to Lucy right NOW at the moment.
I usually won't add this on a review of physical strength but I did so because in Fairy Tail that is what we feed on for our strength.
If you had not realized ...more

She is a bad ass especially the fight brandish vs lucy she showed her power

Lucy has the magnificient Heartfilia genes, if she trained combat more she would seriously be a serious whooper. She has far more powerful magic than Erza and Mira, the Spatial Magic's Celestial Wizardry. She summoned the Spirit King, and has Star Dresses. She's acknowledged as the most powerful Celestial Spirit Mage by everyone, the characters who denied it have jelly issues.

7 Chelia

Most likely stonger than Mirajane, Kagura and Minerva. Possibly as strong/stronger than Erza.

Third Origin.

I think chelia should be above wendy. God slayers r more stronger than dragon slayers. Chelia and wendy match was ended up in a draw only because of time limit or else chelia will definitely win

Chelia can heal her self with her own magic

8 Meredy Meredy

Putting aside her Lost Magic which is by far one of the strongest powers Mashima has created, Meredy has shown that she can connect an entire continent with Lucy to provide her with an almost unlimited amount of ethernan, which is beyond awesome (the Spriggan 12 should get her into their files). Then think if as even a one person connected (like a very sick elderly) was dead of heartbreak while they were all connected how the manga ended!

She also deserves a higher place as she is from seven kin of purgatory

She might not be as strong as some of them, but dhe should get a spot above Chelia for sure at least.

Every time I click her costumized list I get “Top ten sexiest Fairy tail character” or something like that along the line lol she’s a decent underrated character

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9 Wendy

She got her Dragon Force when she was twelve-thirteen. Natsu was about eighteen when he got his Dragon Force. She had a draw against Cheila in the Grand Magic Games. To be honest, I'd even say she's stronger than Juvia or Lucy with Dragon Force. - MirajaneStrauss

For a little girl (well...sort of) Wendy is very strong she is 14 and has already surpassed Lucy and Juvia. She is very fast to.

She has mastered Dragon Force completely. She can achieve super human speed and strength with a simple enchantment. She can also heal those around her. All that, and she's only 12-13 - thatkayleegirl

For someone who hates fighting Wendy is very strong, she was able to master natural dragon force after she had an unnatural one, while natsu had at least 4 unnatural ones before he got his natural dragonforce, plus she is immune to most sickness and diseases and can enchant

10 Kagura

Stronger than Erza,and why Juvia is on first place? She is weaker than most characters here.

This list should be called: Most Popular Fairy Tail Girls and not most strongest. For example, she kicked Erza's butt before Erza unlocked her Plot Armor. She stood so long against Erza and was easily beating her at that time. She didn't even try, by killed the 13th Zodiac Key, Libra, and Pisces so easily, without breaking a sweat. Minerva herself admits in the Grand Magic Games that she wouldn't stand a chance against Kagura and Erza. Also, if it weren't for the time limit, she would've brutally defeated Lyon and won the partner match.

She can't be higher or stronger than Erza, Juvia or even Wendy.

Erza is definitely a lot more stronger than Kagura. With her ability to requip, she can defeat her. And also, when Kagura almost beat Erza, she's already out of control and when Erza got more serious, she beat Kagura easily. Not to mention but she haven't use her strongest armor that time.

Juvia is stronger because she can make her body a water. So Kagura's sword won't affect her body. And she can make her stronger using her emotion.

Even Wendy is stronger. Specially when she used her dragon force to Kagura, no doubt she can win. Remember in Tartaros Arc? Wendy beat the strong man who protect the face and damage it that even many wizards including Kagura didn't.

Shes the strongest mermaid mage that's undeniably true she looks simple but mysterious she can beat erza effortlessly not that effortlessly she also use her enhanced skills but something of her is so mysterious and that was I love for her she has pride for herself and family but considered down to earth person shes very tough loyal and strong


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11 Cana

I mean come on. Cana has been nominated for S-class Mage like, 5 times! All Lucy can do for a while is summon a clock and some zodiac people. Cana's card magic is boss. Sure, Erza is still the strongest, I think Cana should be up in at least the top 5.

4th strongest female in the guild. That means, (seeing that there's only 2 people on this list that aren't in FT) she should be around 6 or 5. I think 10 is an understatement. I mean, she saved the guild, and she's the only one who can pull of Fairy Glitter. She isn't given enough credit especially since GILDARTS is her father.

She is the third strongest female, she can use fairy glitter and mavis said she has an incredible power!

If this list is ordered from strongest to least strongest, then Cana should get a higher ranking.

12 Yukino

Lucy is way stronger than her. I don't know if Yukino wil either get star dress or not but it's obvious that Lucy has already been stronger than her. Lucy summoned 3 spirits and the Spirit King! Which is way better than the legendary celestial spirit. Even if Yukino does have fighting skills, Lucy can easily defeat her with a star dress or her celestial spirits.

Lucy is way stronger than her at least. Afterall lucy got 10 gold keys. And she also have Aquarius & Loke's Keys.
Libra's power is not that strong compared to Aquarius or Loke..
And the 13th Gold Key (i forget it's name) got easily defeated by Kagura well it's not kagura's fault that yukino didn't used it from the start...

Yukino Aguria should be one of the strongest females in Fairytail. Although Lucy was stated as strong Lucy doesn't know how to use her power and the potential she has properly. Yukino has been able to summon the Legendary Key known as the Ethucis which is the strongest Celestial Gate key. It possesses all of the celestial spirits magical power not only that yukino has two other keys known as Libra the strongest Celestial key itself. Libra has Gravity magic the same magic that Natsu couldn't defeat while in the Fairytail island. During the Battle with Kagura Yukino first used two of her Celestial spirits Libra and Pisces. Kagura was able to defeat them but even though, Yukino had enough magical power to still summon Ethucis!
The Large beast wasn't able to defeat Kagura just because she had to use Large amounts of her Magical Power to summon the LEGENDARY CELESTIAL SPIRIT! She would have used Ethucis at the start but wasn't sure.

13 Lady Eileen

She's probably the strongest woman in Fairy Tail, imagine Erza's strength and then think of how Erza couldn't defeat Eileen at all and could barely harm her and the only reason Erza won was because Eileen killed herself out of guilt and love for her daughter and she is ALSO the maker of Dragon Magic so she should be first and ERZA should be second

Of course most of the people commenting here are anime lovers so they don't read the manga where it is well stated that she's the strongest women and she fought acnologia and impressed him with her peerless skills and she's the only person that can defeat august in an actual fight and SHE IS THE MOTHER OF ALL DRAGON SLAYERS AND SHE IS A DRAGON. You still think erza can beat her?

She's the strongest, but the reason people don't vote for her is because their not up to date with the manga

Lady Eileen claimed that she was the Dragon queen and she is one of the spriggan. She also is Erza's mother and since Erza is so strong like hell shouldn't her mom be like stronger?

14 Grandeeney

Come on people she's a firkin dragon. The dragons are OP as hell. As a dragon she could easily take on all other females in the entire series, they are just so over powered

I was going to select Erza but then I saw Grandeeney as an option. She's a dragon. She should be number 1.


15 Flare Corona Flare Corona

I admit she's strong, but Lucy would have kicked her butt if it wasn't for Flare's guild cheating. But I do feel sorry for Flare...

Her hair. End of story

Shes so strong you know. She has hair that are flamez and sury a lot more powerful than virgo yukino meredy chelia and sherry. She must be in the top 10

16 Ul Milkovich

I was so sad when she died she is so strong too

17 Minerva

I think Minerva is stronger than Lucy. When they fought, Minerva nearly killed Lucy

How the hell is Minerva not in the top 10! ARE YOU DUMB.!

Minerva is definitely more stronger than lucy. Any given day

She was defeated by erza THRICE

18 Brandish Myu

She is hot and strong.. AND SHE HAS GREEN HAIR!

She's one of the 12, let her be at least in top 8

She is a match to brandish so they can at least in rank8

I’d rank her 3rd but she should at least be in the top 5

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19 Dimaria Yesta

Impossible for her to weaker than any girl not named Eileen

Can basically turn into a god. Need I say more?

Definitely 2nd strongest. No debate watch her rank skyrocket once people see her in the anime

She is the guardian of time

20 Kyôka
21 Meledy

She is already ranked #7. I don't understand why this is here, the only thing it does is misspell her name.

She should be number eight! She can attack if anyone feels pain

When Juvia and Meledy fought, Meledy could slide her swords through Juvia even though Juvia's body is made of water!

She grew up alongside Ultear, she should be strong

She has feelings for others after Juvia told Meledy about how Juvia loves Gray

Why is she below Lucy?

22 Irene Belserion Irene Belserion

She is without a doubt number one

Probably stronger than Brandish and Dimaria, who are no doubt respectively the 2nd and 3rd strongest girls in the series

Hmm I think she should be in top 5 because ya know the episode when she touches Erza's sword it dissappears?

Okay, I'm serious on this one. Most people don't read the manga so they don't know but seriously- Irene is up there. My opinion says she should be higher than Erza.

23 Natsu Dragneel Natsu Dragneel Natsu Dragneel is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild.Natsu is carefree and reckless in nature, and, despite his consistent brawls with the other members of Fairy Tail, he is a fiercely loyal and protective friend. He is willing to go down fighting for his friends, regardless of how futile it might seem. more.

Strongest girl ever


Natsu is a boy what is he doing in this list

Natsu is not a girl!

24 Sherry

She can has the magic to manipulate she should be rank10

And pangit nya

25 Lisanna

If u read the manga she has become so strong to the point where she is called one of the monstrous six, she may not be stronger than others but on her own rights she is sealing with ajeel

Yeah, she deserves more screen time.

26 Levy

She is not the strongest but her briliant brain can be a hazard to her opponent. she is the smartest girl I think after mavis though don't wanna admit it. - liong

She was in the s-class trials when Lucy wasn't! How is she #36?

She was in s class trials when lucy wasn't how is she 36

27 Angel

Way better tan most of the girls

28 Seilah Seilah

She can control people

She is stronger among the nine demon gates she shoushoulder place rank 6 because she can command the people to kill their self

She makes rules by just saying them... and she shares one body with Mira, that should make her near the top ryt?

Seihlah is a match to dimaria when she release her limiter she can be a to god soul chronos it will be a epic battle.👿

29 Carla

Uh she is always helping Wendy and team... and she is helping the team... she can see the future and she can be human...well she is stronger than some mage's in fairy tail

Carla can see the future! She could beat Lucy any day.

30 Ikaruga (Moonlight Sakura)

She's not be in 21 she's pretty strong

Who the hell made this

She is so fast with her hands and she can cut anything fastly

31 Imitatia
32 Aquarius

Aquarius is the same as juvia

33 Milliana

She's really strong.

I mean come ON! She got 365 on the Magic Power Finder (MPF) she should at least be #21

34 Ikaruga Ikaruga
35 Sorano / Angel Sorano / Angel

She is a truly angel

She uses Angel magic.

36 Virgo

The fact that Lucy is higher on this list than Virgo just boggles my mind. If you've seen the battle they had in the eclipse celestial spirit arc, Lucy got taken down by Virgo like a wimp.

Even though virgo is a spirit she is very strong and deserves to be in the list

37 Coordinator

She beet mirajane

38 Sherria Blendy Sherria Blendy

She Deserves to be in the top 10

39 Mary
40 Evergreen Evergreen

Eto... She's ok I guess

41 Anna

You are all stupid
Anna is the titania

42 Libra

Not too strong

43 Layla Heartfilia

Don't forget she was a wizard to she should be in top 10 or 20

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