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21 Loke Loke Loke is a recurring character in the anime show, Fairy Tail. He's a heroic, but flirtatious friend of Lucy.

Aquarius is stronger than Loke and the strongest celestial spirit. It's just that Loke was more popular. - Goku02

Some says that Aquarius is acknowledged as the Zodiac's Leader. But Aquarius is stronger than Loke..

It's strange they say loke was the strongest zodiac science he's the leader

Aah. We have the classic case of "aquarius is stronger than loke" disease. Well, I'll fix that (but just annoy those who disagree) ok, this what would happen in a fight: so basically aquarius is winning BUT they are very even. Then loke says something like "I will defeat you, and prove my undying love for lucy! Love will prevail! " (or something cheesy like that that gets us all facepalming) and loke will basically unleash some amazing new magic (they always do that in fairy tail) and win, then use some other weird pickup line (such as) hey lucy! Are you sure you're name isn't wifi, because I'm picking up a connection! " … I dunno. I'm gonna end this here, before it gets any weirder...

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22 Warrod Sequen

Look at Natsu now back to him now back to Natsu now back to him. He is one of the four gods of Ishval. He is a tree. He is THE tree. END OF DISCUSSION.

23 Minerva Orland Minerva Orland

I don't know her though.

She's not even in fairytail she is in sabertooth

Because she is the strongest member in sabertooth
do you know?

24 Acnologia

Moat powerful dragon but killed

This is the super power in fairy tail be he killed

25 Yury Dreyar
26 Levy McGarden Levy McGarden

She is so smart she deserves an upgrade

She loves anna

She is quite strong along with her smart brain. she one of the strongest mage I think in the ft. withou t her ft have no brain - liong

27 Anna

She is strongest in mermaid heel

She is very strong
The rank 1 in the ten wizards saint
The ice dragon slayer

She can defeat zeref and acnologia

She is pabebe

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28 Jura Neekis

Not a Fairy Tail member, he is a Lamia Scale member. He is strong, but not really that strong...

No way higher at least number 4

This dude is one of the TEN WIZARD SAINTS for crying out loud HOW IS NOT CLOSE TO THE TOP

Jura is very strong the 100 lucy heartfilla

29 Rogue Cheney Rogue Cheney

Rogue is a shadow DRAGON SLAYER for crying out loud. He could whipe the floor with Lisanna, Loke and a lot of others, how is he so low on this list?! This guy is really strong and is someone you can't just over look

30 Plue

Plue is cute and charming. No wonder why he is ranked 35

31 Lisanna Strauss Lisanna Strauss

Her magic is a joke and not even Natsu takes her seriously but she is very kind and we know the power of the friendship is the strongest of all, right erza?

Her magic is pathetic... She is not that strong and acts like "I'm Natsu's wife today, tomorrow, and for-ever! ". She is weak and I trust Elfman is stronger than her, but why is her rank even higher!?

Her magic is not a joke more than Mira's or Elfman's. come on

Wht the hell she is her? she is weak she didn't win in any battles and always her brother and sister save her did she win in any battles? or did she did something usefull even happt lily and carla are more usefull than her I do not I understand why she her - akanichan

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32 Aquarius (Gate of the Water Bearer)

She is so much more powerful than Loki/Leo. She has to be like on par with Erza

33 Virgo

First of all, she is a spirit
Second, she is not a Fairy Tail member
She is strong really...

34 Kagura

Kagura is strong.. She even defeated Yukino of Sabertooth which is the most powerful guild before the tenrou team came back.

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35 Pantherlily Pantherlily

He almost beat Gajeel

36 Elfman

Well his dialogs are useless they are fun but all he says is "It's a man" that's his deepest quote, I don't see a top 10 mage who just says one quote.

He deserves At least #13. This guy is much more strong than given credit for.

To be a man you must be swift as a coursing river, with all the strength of a great typhoon.

Beat baccus

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37 Evergreen

She should not be #31, She took out a few of the strongest members before she was in the guild, Although Erza took her out she still has some cool/strong tricks such as her fairy dust and her medusa power.

Erza took her out and so she deserves 32

Evergreen can turn people to stop just by looking them in the eyes which means she's stronger than lisana

38 Bickslow

He can literally take over your soul and yet he's the last one on this list? Hmm.. Interesting.

If he takes care your soul he should be one of the strongest because if you have a soul you can make anything for them to do

39 Romeo V 1 Comment
40 Happy

Considering the sheer number of insane battles that he has been in, and how often he comes out pretty much unscathed?... Happy must secretly be invincible... How else is that cat still alive?!?

Considering he's six, he's pretty strong

He beat them all in a race.

He is cute and funny

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