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41 Plue
42 Happy

Considering the sheer number of insane battles that he has been in, and how often he comes out pretty much unscathed?... Happy must secretly be invincible... How else is that cat still alive?!?

Considering he's six, he's pretty strong

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43 Bickslow

He can literally take over your soul and yet he's the last one on this list? Hmm.. Interesting.

If he takes care your soul he should be one of the strongest because if you have a soul you can make anything for them to do

44 Bisca Connell Bisca Connell
45 Elfman

Well his dialogs are useless they are fun but all he says is "It's a man" that's his deepest quote, I don't see a top 10 mage who just says one quote.

He deserves At least #13. This guy is much more strong than given credit for.

To be a man you must be swift as a coursing river, with all the strength of a great typhoon.

Beat baccus

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