Strongest Fairy Tail Guilds


The Top Ten

1 Crime Sorcière Crime Sorcière

Love it.

For a guild consists of only 3 ( and later 7 ) members, Crime Sorcière is insanely powerful, because most of this guild's member is powerful especially Jellal and ( formerly ) Ultear. - Goku02

CS can't beat Fairy Tail, but if it had as many members as FT has, it would be able to beat FT. Not to mention every single CS member is ultra powerful. - Goku02


2 Fairy Tail Fairy Tail

The most crowded, most powerful and most destructive guild there is. - Goku02

Why is Crime Sorciere above Fairy Tail? It is a very powerful guild but it has very few members. Fairy Tail has three times as many guild members with the same caliber. There are also members in Fairy Tail that aren't that strong but are stronger than the average Mage. Fairy Tail is a power house.

3 Tartarus
4 Grimoire Heart
5 Oración Seis
6 Sabertooth Sabertooth

Just not minerva...

7 Reborn Oración Seis
8 Phantom Lord
9 Lamia Scale

I like chelia

10 Blue Pegasus

The Contenders

11 Mermaid Heel
12 Twilight Ogre
13 Quatro Cerberus
14 Raven Tail
15 Titan Nose
16 Orochi's Fin
17 Cait Shelter

All of this guild members are illusions except for the Master, Wendy and Carla. - Goku02

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