Top 10 Strongest Fallout New Vegas Characters

Top 10 Strongest, and hardest enemies in Fallout New Vegas
The Top Ten
1 Gojira

Wait, what? - GehennaTheSecond

Godzilla, need I say more.

2 Legendary Bloatfly

Bloatflys are easy

3 Legendary Deathclaw
4 X-42 Giant Robo-Scorpion
5 Legate Lanius
6 Ulysses
7 Super Mutant Master
8 Mother Deathclaw
9 Legendary Cazador
10 Sentry Bot
The Contenders
11 Deathclaw Alpha Male

If a young deathclaw is hard imagine this

12 Giant Radscorpion

I keep dying to this thing

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