Top Ten Strongest Farm Animals


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1 Bull

big bull

2 Turkey
3 Chicken Chicken The chicken is a type of domesticated fowl, a subspecies of the red junglefowl. It is one of the most common and widespread domestic animals, with a population of more than 19 billion as of 2011.

Strong - Spiritualsavedboy

4 Horse Horse The horse is one of two extant subspecies of Equus ferus. It is an odd-toed ungulate mammal belonging to the taxonomic family Equidae, and can be tamed, bred, and trained, as a mount.

Why are these flimsy little birds over this large beautiful animal! Someone please explain this to me before I have a meltdown and die. Horses could step on these birds so why aren't they second!

HORSE SHOULD BE SECOND! Please tell me why chicken and Turkey are higher whoever made the list.

Turkey and CHICKEN over HORSE?! That's just wrong! Horses should be number 2!

Horse should be second

5 Cow Cow
6 Goats Goats The domestic goat is a subspecies of goat domesticated from the wild goat of southwest Asia and Eastern Europe.
7 Pigs
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