Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail

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Erza Scarlet is an S-Class Mage from the infamous magic guild Fairy Tail . Erza starts off as a lone wolf and stays loyal to following the rules. As the story develops Erza changes into loving mage strong and independent. As her terrible past haunts her she ignores her friends' calls that they want more.


Hello yes remember when she sliced a meteor with all her bones broken except for one arm, and remember when her enemy amplified her sense of pain by like 10 and striped her of her five senses so she couldn't see, hear, touch, taste or smell anything and she still took down her opponent? And remember her overpowered sword that can one-punch people? And remember that time where she was fighting 100 demons by herself, including one that was said to have S-class power (which is really strong) and still won? Remember the countless number of dark guilds she's taken out by herself? And that's not even all of it. I think she's surpassed 'strong' and gone to "overpowered god" at this point. - RebeccaDarking

And all that plot armor is exactly why Erza should be far lower in the list. - Goku02

And all that plot armor is exactly why Erza should be far lower in the list. - Goku02

Erza deserves to be on top she's strong powerful and has a great personality. Android 18 doesn't count she's only more powerful because she comes from a much more powerful anime universe but I don't judge based on that. I judge based on their fighting level in the universe in which they are in.

She may not have the greatest physical ability and strength, but she has been mentally strong throughout her heartbreaking childhood. She can defeat her enemies by finding their weaknesses and even if Android #18 outmatches her in strength, Erza has more passion and is a braver character than practically everyone on this list. - Cwawissa

People who are saying android 18 is more powerful well yes that's true but that's only because she comes from a more powerful anime universe. If they were both in the same anime I'm sure Erza could take her down.

This Goku02 guy really seems to hate on Erza for some unnecessary reason. I bet he spends all his night and day voting for Android 18 so that she remains top spot.

Erza is stronger than any female character in Naruto. She can easily take down Sakura or Tsunade.

Erza Scarlet is the strongest female character ever. The variety of armor she uses and the confidence she displays to backup her judgement is a treat to watch. She just doesn't go down even while facing an overwhelming enemy. Watch the battle against 100 monsters guys if not the entire anime. You will all acknowledge her as the strongest female there is.
Also, people need to understand how to rank characters... It is true that Yoruichi Shihoin and Android 18 are stronger. But they belong to more powerful anime universe. Plus, they don't have a significant role in their universe whereas Erza has time and again proven her worth. So, the bottom line is that you can't compare them in the following manner: Erza vs Android 18 and Erza vs Yoruichi. If that were the case, then the list would have been nothing but Bleach and DBZ or at the most Naruto characters... - Hellblazer94

Erza has super strong magic and she is one of the strongest in the fairly tail guild. She can kill a number of enemies at a time not to mention the fact that she's really smart and hot.

While many girls see Sailor Moon as a lead role in their lives, Erza is my lead role. She taught me to be strong, brave, loyal, to never give up and she showed me that any girl can be beautiful without being a delicate and lovey-dovey princess. If you can't find your knight in shiny armor, then turn into one!

I think Erza definitely deserves to be on this list. She is strong physically, mentally, and emotionally during her fights. She is very agile and observant. She never underestimates or over estimates her opponents abilities. She is even powerful without her magic.

"Erza Scarlet will always be one of or the strongest anime female protagonist. Her power is proven to be strong countless of times, with the confidence and skill sets to show it. During the Pandemonium she defeated 100 monsters without faultering a single step and showed great intelligence. There was also the time she fought Kyouka, one of the Nine Demon Gates, and beat her without her sense of sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste. Not stopping because of her love for her guild, Fairy Tail. She doesn't throw away a fight because Erza thinks it's dishonorable to her guild and everyone who has died for her. This was displayed through the countless times Erza was tested and she always remained victorious. This all earned her the title, "Titania, Erza Scarlet, Queen of the Fairies".

Really? Sakura is in front of Erza?

Of course, Erza deserves to be on top. Everyone is afraid of here and she is known as Titania, and soon to be one of the ten wizard saints. I think Mirajane should go on second. Fairy tail is a guild you shouldn't pick up a fight, so don't mess with fairy tail!

Erza is one of my top favourite Anime/Manga women. She deserves to be in the top ten, I think. She uses armor in the split of a second and is one of the best strategists in the manga. Zat is all, no?

Sakura doesn't deserve to be in here

I really like Erza but Dragon Ball z characters are on a whole different level than fairy tail can even come close to.

Erza is the strongest there is! She can win against Naruto, Natsu, Luffy, Ichigo and even Goku if you think about it. She deserves to be on the top of this list. After all she had been through she still became one of the strongest mages in the anime Fairy Tail. And most importantly she cares about her nakama and will do anything for them. N if someone hurts them no one could defeat her! She is Fairy Queen, Titania!

This comment speaks volumes about how overrated Erza is. Current Natsu would mop the floor with her. Luffy would crush her in 1 sec. Goku, Naruto and Ichigo wouldn't even bother to waste their strength on her. - Goku02

She is the best and most powerful yeah the best female and strong as well as she is kind and scary everyone is scared of her but mavis is more powerful than her

Erza I strong and passionate. She fughts for and alongside her comrades. She is strong with or without her power. Erza once said that she was always with her guild no matter where she went... Until she figured out that it was actually the other way around. She will kick ass with mirajane Day both badass #LOL.

Erza is one of the best anime and manga characters ever. She is great role model that every girl ( who sees what she does) would love.

She's overrated. Just because Fairy Tail is a mainstream anime that doesn't mean Erza is really supposed to be #1. Top ten, sure, but #1?! Man, I could name handfuls of characters that would take her spot in a swift.

What the? THE Erza Scarlet's not in top ten? Don't kid yourself. She is the definition of strength.

Do we even need to say something for her?

Once again, like every other character in fairy tail, is used for fan service. If there was armour for women they would have made their breasts smaller.

Strong. No doubt. Everyone who sees her would normally vote for her. I mean, she's the person who can scare the whole guild. Even natsu & gray.