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101 Ino Yamanaka - Naruto Ino Yamanaka - Naruto

She is completely strong she even went inside of obito!

102 Saeko Busujima - Highschool of the Dead Saeko Busujima - Highschool of the Dead
103 Enma Ai - Jigoku Shoujo

She got thrown into a wall numerous times and set on fire, without even getting a scratch on her. She can instantly send someone to hell. She can manipulate you into sending someone to hell by going inside of your mind. She crawled out of hell and a god damn pit and set fire to an entire village. She can make you go insane and admit to your crimes, all without leaving a trace. She had enough willpower to get revenge. She literally beat the master of hell in one or two moves. All in all, Ai Enma is a badass.

She's the girl who takes people to hell in the anime, right? - MLPFan

104 Temari - Naruto Temari - Naruto

Temari would definitely be able to beat Sakura, Hinata, Ino, Tenten or any other girl. She was able to hit Madara when even Naruto couldn't do that and didn't get a little scratch, which makes her automatically a kage level ninja. This means she's even stronger than Tsunade or Mei. Honestly I belive that only Konan would be strong enough to beat her.

She Is Very Stronger!

105 Rize Kamishiro - Tokyo Ghoul Rize Kamishiro - Tokyo Ghoul

A trump card. Should be in top 20!


106 CC - Code Geass

This green headed girl is immortal so she is much stronger than she looks which is NOT in 90th place

107 Kaede - Elfen Lied

She killed too many people with her Telekinise. She's too powerful that she will put an end to human lives.

108 Weiss Schnee - RWBY Weiss Schnee - RWBY Weiss Schnee is a former student of Beacon Academy and one of the main protagonists of RWBY. Her weapon of choice is a Multi Action Dust Rapier (MADR) named Myrtenaster. more.

Watching her trailer on YouTube you'll understand it all. No words for her!

109 Sinon - Sword Art Online Sinon - Sword Art Online Shino Asada is a fictional character who appears in the Sword Art Online series of light novels by Reki Kawahara.

She starts out not strong but learns to grow strong, making her a more dynamic, real, character than some other strong girls that are only strong physically and the only thing they do is punching their boyfriends.

Awesome is how I describe her

Why is Lucy ranked higher than Sinon?
I mean, I like Lucy too, but she's a weakling compared to Sinon.

110 Missora Naomi - Death Note

Why is she even here she has the shinigami eyes and a death note and all but she doesn't have a brain so...:3

111 Orihime Inoue - Bleach Orihime Inoue - Bleach

No way. Nuh-uh. Orihime is pathetic. Sorry. - SkullKid101

112 Cassandra Aoi - Freezing

Cassandra is the strongest in the 'Freezing World.' She is part of five legendary Pandora and is considered the most capable of the bunch. She has the ability to create two sword-like cannons that can release particle beams so large, vast, and long which can go as far as several kilometres and destroy all vegetation in it's path. She also has the ability to regenerate limbs at will and speak to others minds. Cassandra isn't your typical female protagonist, such as Erza. She is a kind, though she cannot express it because her body is physically incapable of doing so and to others she seems quiet and rarely changes her expression, taking on the role of a cold-hearted killing machine. By far she is one of the strongest anime characters seen.
She deserves a spot in the Top Ten!

113 Meredy - Fairy Tail Meredy - Fairy Tail
114 Sailor Mars - Sailor Moon Sailor Mars - Sailor Moon Rei Hino, better known as Sailor Mars, is a fictional character in the Sailor Moon manga series written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.
115 Angel Omachi - Galaxy Cyclone Braiger
116 Holo - Spice and Wolf
117 Taiga Aisaka - Toradora! Taiga Aisaka - Toradora!
118 Risa - Lovely Complex
119 Carla - Fairy Tail
120 Macbeth - Fairy Tail
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